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  1. Great game Vice City. The 80's tracks are timeless stuff
  2. Well after Gothic 3, I'm back to playing City of Heroes/ Villians MMO again.
  3. Heh? Nines Rodriguez is anything but what u'v mentioned up there. Pretty civilized cat if you ask me.
  4. Failed in allot of aspects? Lolz you know b4 I was defending this game, thinking that the same devs who made Gothic 1 would at least make a worthy successor. How is it that the first game in the series has more story & plotline than its steroid jazzed descendant? It
  5. Chose Gamespot as they give balanced reviews of games. Well most of the time. For instance when every other US game site was shoving dung on Gothic 3 and gagging over Oblivion like whores, Gamespot went against this trend. In so doing they were able to look at Gothic 3 objectively and review it accordingly. Plus I've been a fan of their's for almost 6yrs. They also provide very good crpg walkthroughs, like Desslocks Baldur's Gate walkthrough etc.
  6. Interesting. Definitely one to look forward to. Providing J.E actually has the time to finish it.
  7. More of the same old stale stuff being force fed to us by Bethesda. A mediocre addon, for an even more second-rate game. People will always be gullible. Bethesda spends more time and money on hyping this tripe than actually making a good game and ppl swallow it all, hook line and sinker. Smh. Radient AI my foot.
  8. LOL no <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No? Is there currently something better available from ATI than the X1950 Chip? Read this, you jerk: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Isn't calling someone "jerk" merely over dissent of opinion considerably harsh? Jeez.
  9. So the mighty Brujah are no more in the requiem WoD? Sad indeed, for the world has lost the noblest of vampyr from fabled Carthage. :'(
  10. Crushes them? I suppose you would be right if Gothic 3 and indeed the entire Gothic series was centered around parties the way DnD is. Gothic has always been based on a single player character, it's not DnD. So expectations for parties DnD style are vain.
  11. You can't trust all these so called review sites to deliver a valid and unbiased verdict of Gothic 3. Pick up the game and see what it's about for yourself.
  12. Mines an old one had it from my uni days. Apparantly its magna carta a korean game
  13. Ah well its most likely a windows RunDLL32.EXE issue, some thing in the registery corrupted or broken. Happens to me with different software sometimes. So its nothing to do with NWN2 imo. Hmm where is a all this venom coming from? lolz a month ago you could be seen on bio boards vindicating nwn2 against its n00b detractors <a task I've only just begun recently myself, couldn't stand idly in the face of clueless n00bs>
  14. Lmao, I must be dreaming. Never thought I'd see the day when magical Volo would endorse G3 over NWN2 The way he was going on about G3 on release you'd be forgiven for thinking he hated the game cause of the bugs alone. Best npc Khelgar? Ok I think the lovable dwarf deserves it. Though a close 2nd imo would be the enigmatic Ammon Jerro. I think crpg of the year should go to NWN2 easy. The industry cats need to get their collective heads out of their behinds and recognize greatness when it graces their presence. All this politics in games is just wack. Oblivion best crpg of 2006
  15. That's because the game wasn't very hard. :whistle: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmm at least I didn't puke in disgust the way I did when I was playing the original NWN, the battle encounters in that game lacked any real challenge and any visceral touch. Anyone remember just how easy it woz to down the dragons in that game? I have some love for NWN, but after BG2? Boy was I disappointed with Bio. Obsidian redeemed the NWN franchise with this good sequel. 3 cheers for Ammon Jarro. Agree battles could be more challenging.
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