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  1. uhm no. the official forums are for people with the game in general in my case I feel it's the developers that failed to deliver so yeah I will post here and no I don't want my money back cause I did play the game and before I posted I saw you talk a lot in the forums are you an obsidian employee? lol
  2. That's because I tried over and over to like the game I want the immersion I felt playing the first one I tried really hard but I can't stand it kept trying to play the game over and over thinking maybe i just needed a break or to be open to change but it wasn't that it's the game something is way off with it felt the same way with kotor 2 but was only really disappointed with NWN2 at least i tried not whine after 10 minutes
  3. I was addicted to NWN1 played thru the single player campaign countless of times with different builds, different alignment, different genders etc. enjoyed the expansions immensely as well even played before picking up my copy of NWN2 so you can imagine my excitement when NWN2 was announced pre-ordered it as soon as I can and was outside EB before it opened after a few hours I finally got my copy of NWN2 rushed home opened the box watched excitingly as it installs few minutes later I get to play create my wizard then 20 minutes later I wanted to uninstall the game. What have you done to the g
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