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A Big ********* To Obsidian and LA

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What he's talking about is the polish that Bioware puts into their games.  I have played every single Bioware game at least 2 or 3 times through and every single game has been well-polished at RELEASE.  Sure, there were patches to fix a few things but nothing like the problems we've seen in KotOR II.


i didnt want to get into an obsidian vs. bioware thing, but....


funny thing is i couldnt even play kotor1 until the second patch. and i couldnt play nwn right out of the box either.


so if i went to biowares forums and stated my problems as fact, does that make it any more valid? nope. and neither does his comments.


Hey, hey! Don't be so cranky about Bioware! I was able to play KotOR 1 at ~12 fps about 15 minutes a time before crashing (windows complaining something about my 2,5 gb swapfile not being enough for this behemoth). That's until the second patch when Ati support got better and the memory leaks got taken care of.

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*sigh* Everyone in this thread is a troll.


Anyone who thinks that KOTOR was as buggy as KOTOR2 is drunk.


People who think automatically that BIo would have no doubt done better than Obsidian are trolls. They might have; they might now have. We will never know.


Anyone who thinks that the reason why KOTOR was less buggy than KOTOR2 is because they had more time is stupid. Afterall, Obsidian had an already made engine, characters ready to go, story to cover, game play made while BIO started from scratch*. There's a reason why KOTOR1 had more time to be made than KOTOR2.


The random loot in this game is retarded. It's the worst I have seen in ANY game. Any game. Not since I was 10 years old,a nd dmed my first D&D camapign have I seen such poor loot tables.


Anyone whod ares bash Handmaiden in any way needs to be punished Handmaiden. She isa weosme, and I don't see how she degrades women. Afterall, a woman who can take care of herself in a fight is always a positive role model to me. not to mention she is honourable, trustworthy, and brave. All good qualities for young ladies to admire.



That is all.



P.S. People should really stop making exues for Obsidian while giving them ALL the credit for KOTOR2 and ignroing all of LA's positive contributions. Lame.



1) Kotor 1 had a lot of glitches. Once, I had to delete my game because of a Canderous and Jagi glitch. Not even autosave worked. Maybe K2 had more glithces, maybe it doesn't. I have experienced many gliches in K1 but there is a paucity in the number of bugs in TSL.


2) The Random Loot System is much better than the K1 system. RLS doubles replay value but there are fatuous people who do not realize that the K1 system was boring; dull. 1st game: Jedi Master Robes. 2nd game: Jedi Master Robes. 3rd game: Jedi Master Robes. Such things should change so that players can have fun whenever they are about to open a footlocker or a plasteel cylinder. I exalt Obsidian's effort in making the game fun in an 18 months' time.


P.S: The RLS is good but that's just my opinion.


P.P.S: Volourn, I have read some of your posts and there is a "QUOTE" option.

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Having a character that has to take offf her clothes to fight?  Look at the underwear that the other women characters wear with their clothes off.  Compare it to handmaiden's.  Clearly, this is gratuitous suggestivity, that is thrust in there to make up for a shallow character, i.e. B-movie material, not star wars material.


Ha! That's funny. Yeah, B-movie material, like when Amidala's clothing gets ripped in episode 2 for no particular reason. Characterization, plot--nothing calls for it at all; it's just a way to show more of Ms. Portman's skin. "Star Wars material" indeed.

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Bah! He insulted Handmaiden's ub3r n3kk!d skillz. Get 'im!

icon_mad.gif There's gonna be blood!


Anyone whod ares bash Handmaiden in any way needs to be punished Handmaiden. She isa weosme, and I don't see how she degrades women. Afterall, a woman who can take care of herself in a fight is always a positive role model to me. not to mention she is honourable, trustworthy, and brave. All good qualities for young ladies to admire.

Not to mention she enjoys being beaten on a regular basis. What more could you ask for in a woman? ^_^

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The bikini that Leia was wearing developed the character of jabba the hut and told something about the way jabba treated people.  What does the underwear like that do for handmaiden - especially when none of the other characters have that?.  That she likes to look sexy while fighting?  That seems pretty out of the blue to me = coverup of a shallow character IMHO.


Look what bobashek said. And to say again what have been said already numerous times in this thread: She

This post is not to be enjoyed, discussed, or referenced on company time.

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The funny thing is, KOTOR actually LOADS and RUNS faster on my computer than KOTOR does. And KOTOR crashes WAY more often.


And whne you say OE did bad planning and wanting too much, well, I'm not going to argue there; regardless, it was obvious to me, now, theat they deserves more time, bad planning or otherwise; they did a very good job of this game, considering the fact that LA cut their time short, from feb to dec.

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i don't care for bioware. But KOTOR was twenty times more highly polished than this game.


"So much anger. It's just a game."

It's just my money.


My handmaiden comment was more about how gratuitous it was to add a character like this to the game. I'm not commenting on the depiction of all women. It just degraded the quality of the game.


the randomness is broken. If the item description says only one exists, should 3 pop up??? Either remove the item description, or fix the dropping of these items. Clearly, bug testing was not a priority.


All you people blame LucasArts. It's a combination of both. Obsidian clearly had terrible planning - which is why they could not meet the deadline. They attempted too much, and ended up with a buggy, bad game. LucasArts is to be faulted for giving an impossible timeframe for the game.


The number of bugs is much worse in this game than Kotor 1.


before posting something like this, look about the forum

there are tons of posts just like this, yours wasnt neccesary

use this as a lesson and check forums in the future BEFORE buying a game. i enjoyed the game, im not complaining, but im not posting another "bravo, obsidian" thread because there are already several

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I have one comment only, about Handmaiden.


The true test of yourself in battle is not to wear armor or use weapons, but to use what the Gods gave you. Armor and weapons can give you protection that would otherwise not be there, forcing you to rely on them instead of yourself. I have not seen these actual scenes in the game, as I have not played as a male PC yet, but from what I understand there is no "sexual innuendo" there if I recall the male PC is in his underwear as well correct? You want something "sexual" to complain about? Complain about the dancer outift with it's lovely gold boots. (God how those boots made me laugh! ) :lol:

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1) The number of bugs in this game is insane. Insane.

2) No effort was made to fix the bugs that are on the Xbox.  You just ported it directly to PC.

3) While effort is put into the storyline at the beginning of the game, any props for that are destroyed by the game's ending.

4) Handmaiden is a really degrading depiction of females.  It's really just gratuitous, and adds to the feeling that you put little effort to completing the game.  I liken this to a B movie.  And Star Wars is clearly not a B movie.

5) The dialogues themselves have bugs.  how is that even possible?  Did you play your final product at all?

6) The random item drop system is a good idea.  Yet somehow you manage to mess it up.  Items that are unique pop up several times??? A five year old game like Diablo II got even this right.

7) Finally, you left the cut-game content in the actual final game.  What were you thinking?  This is really the most direct display of how little effort you put into the game, for whatever reason.  Bottom line is, Obsidian, you did not get the job done.  Are you trying to rub it in by leaving the better, yet unfinished, parts in the game?


Oh how I wish this game was in Bioware's hands.


1) Its not that there were lots of bugs, its that the bugs that were there were so common and blatant, the QA guys must have been blind and deaf to have missed them.

2) They fixed bugs, they just fixed the wrong ones. They fixed the infinite XP and infinite Influence bugs, but not the dialogue skipping or Atton not being where he's sposed to be bugs.

3) I disagree. While the ending is crap, the rest of the game more than makes up for it. I do wish that

They had made it less obvious that Kreia was a Sith lord.


4)Um... no.

5)I agree with this. The dialogue skipping bug is so common, I have no idea how they missed that. It happens probably 2-3 times every hour of play.

6) The only problem I have with it is finding jedi robes EVERYWHERE. Why are there jedi robes in bins on Peragus?

7) I'm actually glad they did this. The guys at Holowan Labs are working on finishing the HK factory that got cut but was almost finished. If you're not going to finish it, leave it there for someone who will.


I doubt Bioware would have done any better, the story for sure wouldn't have been as good.

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Its amazing how even if you are a dyed in the wool supporter you can only really say that the game is marginally good

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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The game is great but the ending sucks.


I mean - sure there was little time so I guess I can't complain about no npc-quests (like with juhani or jolee in KOTOR1) or non - finished quests (asassin droid factory). I could live with it - the game has a great plot, the idea of a Jedi who has lost connection to the Force and has to lisen to the echoes of it is brilliant but ....


... the council wanted to exile the Exile?? Disconnect from the force someone who is already disconnected ?


... Kreia sends a wookie to kill Mira because she "can find what shouldn't be found", Mira wins says that she has to find the EXILE .., and that's it? She went on a drink or something?


... what happened to the rest of the crew? They couldn't be unconsious because somebody had to pilot the Ebon Hawk later on right?AND all of them had to survive 'cause Kreia sees their future right?


.. the "true" sith who are "much more powerfull, fearfull ..." etc " ... then you could ever imagine"? And nobody ever heard of them?



The first part of the game is even better than KOTOR 1 but the end is horrible. I don't know who is resposible for that but I hope that KOTOR 3 will be much better.




Could adnybody thell me what will be fixed in the patch?

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I'm going to lock this thread because it's a tangled mess of flames, spoilers, bug issues and other assorted miscellany.

Bypassing the profanity filter, particularly in a thread title, is also seriously frowned upon.


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