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  1. I don't know if this is a right place to put this but... When will be the patch downloadable? Will it only fix bugs or will it also add the animation and put in the new/old (depends how you look at it) endings/dialogues? PS. This is not supposed an attack on the game so devs ... please answer me ----------Edit--------------- PS2(no ... not the console ...) Not to be off topic - I *suggest* you say when the patch will be
  2. I don't that that vast knowledge so I can't argue - but neverthenless from what I know the Church did not as much as they should have done and in that they are similar to the jedi Council. Remember that the Jedi - eventually - went on the war and fought Malak and Revan.
  3. Well I did - they meditate, think about moral and ethical problems plus they belive in the afterlife (there is no death - there is the Force). I'd say that makes them a religious group . PS QAnd they wear robes too -----------------------------Edit------------------- That'll probbably sound damn stupid but what's a huckleberry ? (English is not my first language)
  4. Good one . I agree I just wonder - have you read it somewhere or do you know it from that film with Bruce Willis ?
  5. Yeah but Switzerland is a country and the Church is an organisation of "moral and ethical leaders" that are supposed to show us the "paths we are to take if we are to live like the Lord ment us to". I'd say they differ from Switzerland
  6. That's what I'm talking about - I don't mean that they should fight or anything like that - but they didn't even say anything. Thats the similarity to the Council - they didn't do a thing, they acted as if there were no problem.
  7. --------------------------off topic ----------------------------- I think that the Church never said anything bad about Hitler and Mussolini before and during the war (out of fear) - and now they can't - because decisions of pope (even a dead one) cannot be changed or argued (they are considered to be "always right" or something like that)
  8. I too think that KOTOR 1 romace was better Is much better than Visas
  9. 1)The Exile was a wound in the force - he had to be disconnected once again. The council said they didn't want that - they just had to - and that they'll try not to hurt him (I miean "You will not feel any pain - do not worry"). They HAD to do what they did. 2)If Revan lisened to the council there would be no Jedi Civil War.The Mandalorians would be - eventually - driven away. The Order would have helped the Republic - when they knew how and when to do so. PS. The other explantion is that a Great Dark Power -known simply as The Developers - has turned the Council to the dark si
  10. What you mentioned was supoosed to be in the game but was cut out so that the game would be released before Xmas. If you liked Atton - here' something for you -http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=29764&st=120 Download "Atons death" and "need company?" This is what was supposed to be in the ending of the game
  11. I like the game and hate the ending . Haven't found any bugs except cut dialogues (and a "dark padawan robe" on one of the dead Peragus miners but I don't know if that counts as a bug . The only thing that infuriates me is that addicional endings (scripts, voices etc.) are in the game - unused
  12. I think that the Exile fed on death, each killed enemy made him stronger and that - eventually - would lead to the death of the Force. Don't you remember the words of the council? "You feed on death, it is the only thing that fuels your existance" (or something like that ) Exile would kill the force because every time he gained more powet the Force lost it. Every death echoed in him - like the death of Malachor V. The Council didn't want to take his abilities - but they HAD to. To protect the Force and all life. PS. And I like master Vrook . He is the only one in the coucil t
  13. Well the Exile IS a wound in the Force that can kill everything that lives so ... I guess I can understand them. I see the "dark council problem" like this :
  14. Have you ever heard of Yuuzyan Vong (I probbably spelled it incorectlly) books ? They tell the story of the children of Luke, Leia, Han and others. I guess you could put a game in that perioid - it differs from the world known in the films ....
  15. Will there be another ending? Maybe with the materials (Atton's death etc.) that were unused in the original one ?
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