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The End

Did you choose at the end to inquire about the future?  

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  1. 1. Did you choose at the end to inquire about the future?

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    • no

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The first time I completed the game, I chose to speak the line "I don't need to hear the future...it will come in time" because that line had a great cinematic feel to it. At this point the Ebon Hawk rises from the depths and flies away. This left a very open ended feel to the game. A sort of "What the hell happened?"


Upon the second completion, I asked Kreia about the future. This resolved essentially everything I had questions about. I knew what happened to my friends and where Revan went. Instead of the ending feeling like "Bleh", it seemed much more like an ending.


I posted this poll because I want to see if the original complaints about the ending by most posters on this forum were do to the choice mentioned above.

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I asked her about everyone and was unsatisfied with several of her answers... Atton and Bao Dur :wub: to name two... so when the Hawk flew up and started flying away, I was still holding my controler and mentally scrowling through who I would talk to first and what I wanted to say. THere I sat, still clutching my controller and thinking as the credits scrolled up the screen. It took me a moment or two to process that the game *had* indeed ended. >_<


I would say that that points to the ending being pretty much a big dissapointment. :ermm:

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Asking about the future only made the ending all the more tacky and worse for me. Why should Kriea all of a sudden know exactly what happens in the future? I think it was just a pathetic way to give closure to the game which failed miserabley.


exactly. as much as i tend to defend the game (more like debate against those who make invalid points in attacking the game. not that im saying the person i quoted does that...but enough rambling in my brackets afterthought...), i felt the ending was unsatisfying and a little unreal (in terms of how we know the force to work).


theres no way kreia would know what happens to your companions because, like yoda told luke when luke asked him about the future and the ability to see the future, he said something about the future being difficult to see, always changing. in other words, i dont care who you are or how powerful a jedi/sith you are, you cant tell the future.


hell, the only reason why the emperor could predict the future (to a degree) was because he was continually manipulating events in order to achieve that future. i cant see kreia doing that since she ends up dead.

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I asked her about the future, and while I didn't mind the ending I noticed and few spots where it looked like there was going to be a movie put in to explain some points but it wasn't there (the screen going black for a minute while Kreia was still talking in the background then fades back into the converstaion) I just wonder why they were never put in it would have maybe helped to rap things up a bit more. I forget who it was Kreia was talking about when this happened (I think Mira or maybe disciple/handmaiden but I am not 100%sure) but it has now done it twice and so I am convinced that its the normal but where a movie should be, but I guess the question is has anyone else noticed this?

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I choose not to hear it first time but when I saw how it ended so fast after that I replayed from last save to enquire about the futures.


Ive kinda mellowed regarding the end now, its still not a great ending but I definately have seen worse as well. So in the end it was just a average ending at best.

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Yeah, tell me about it. It was hardly the Fallout-esque splashscreen(s) Chris A. told us it would be.  :-


do you think its a possibility that there were supposed to be cutscenes while kreia spoke, but were taken out or not including due to time constraints *cough*lucasartsbrilliantchristmasreleasescam*cough*? a few times there seemed to be "pauses" between her talking and you being allowed to pick a new dialogue option where it could have been where a cutscene should have been.


maybe, hopefully, possibly could this be including in a more polished, more "ready" pc version?

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The ending was so horrid that it is forcing me to buy the PC version when it comes out just so I can see if they do anything about it. So good job LucasArts. You've successfully gotten idiots like me to buy the PC version as welll to increase your profit margin. I know you guys laid alot of people off and need the money but, sheesh. What a shrewd tactic. [/angry sarcasm]

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I thought the ending was fine.... just left some questions. Could it have been better? For me there were two HUGE questions. Why in the hell was Mira walking around on Mal V and was Bao-Dur dead...which if you have the Prima guide it states that he will make the ultimate sacrifice, which goes along as to why Kriea said nothing about him to me. Other then that, having a "cloudy" ending kinda fit the games personality.

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I played a total lightside game so i don't know if some things are different for others.


I liked the ending to a point.Too many unresolved questions.Though i think i can answer the one about Bao-Dur.His mind is alien to Kreia,she could not read it or him and doubted your character when you told her you heard his thoughts.So maybe the same thing clouded her vision of his future.


Mira what happened to her after her confrontation with Hanharr?Apparently she would live only to die somewhere else.


How did the EbonHawk get off the planet.Last seen it fell into a chasm,and even if it did survive the fall it didn't seem to be in any shape to fly.


Was it your character flying away on the EbonHawk?You never see just who is onboard.Did you stay behind on the doomed planet?Or did you follow Revan into that place that is not of this physical world to do battle against the greater evil that threatens everything?


Apparently you made the choice to blow up the planet.Though Gotos confrontation with Bao-Durs droid(forgot his name..oops)is not resolved.Why would Goto allow it to destroy the planet even if you okayed it?He felt it played a greater role in its existence to the Republic.Also Kreia made mention that Malachor V would draw other warriors into the great battle to come,a battle that would dwarf the Mandalorian and Jedi civil wars in determining the fate of the galaxy.It would be a testing ground and gathering point against a terrible threat to all.No choice was given it just was destroyed.

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Although i hated this games ending i disliked the first games ending also, I mean what ever happened to great cinematic endings that show you what actually happened bcs of what you did , I mean in the first kotor you either got a medal or brought the "sith" together, but i mean whatever happened to those great cinematics!

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