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  1. I know the 'official' Kotor 2 site is: kotor2.com I't appears as if the kotor3.com has recently been registered. Just though you'd like to know.
  2. The first time I completed the game, I chose to speak the line "I don't need to hear the future...it will come in time" because that line had a great cinematic feel to it. At this point the Ebon Hawk rises from the depths and flies away. This left a very open ended feel to the game. A sort of "What the hell happened?" Upon the second completion, I asked Kreia about the future. This resolved essentially everything I had questions about. I knew what happened to my friends and where Revan went. Instead of the ending feeling like "Bleh", it seemed much more like an ending. I posted this poll because I want to see if the original complaints about the ending by most posters on this forum were do to the choice mentioned above.
  3. I always thought it would be great if you could start as a Jedi Master, then, later on take an apprentice and actually train them throughout the course of the game(not by simply asking if they want to be a Jedi, but through dialog, mini games, etc). I would absolutely love to play the game from the viewpoint of the master.
  4. I find it interesting that the way they delt with the multiple plot options of the original in the second game was by not mentioning them altogether. That irritated me. It wasn't so much a continuation of the first as it was a completely different one with cameos. I must say though, I am very anxious to find out what happened to Revan. I'm worried that if there is a third installment of the game, there will be no additional information on Revan or the Excile. I need to know! I spent HUNDREDS of hours playing as these characters. They shouldn't be thrown away. If there is a third, I would REQUIRE that both Revan and the Excile play a MAJOR ROLE in the plot. DON'T KEEP SENDING THEM TO UNEXPLORED REGIONS TO DEAL WITH UNKNOWN THREATS!!!! (In fact, no new characters until the fate of the originals is delt with appropriately.)
  5. The game had incredible potential. The story and gameplay matched my expectations, which were high to begin with. Its just THE LAST 2 HOURS that went horribly wrong. Otherwise, this game could've been better then the first.
  6. I would say that the end of KOTOR 2 isn't comparable to ESB. This is why: At the end of ESB you had a feeling of WOW, that was awsome. At the end of this game its more like, what the hell was that?! It's not a cliffhanger in my eyes so much as no ending at all. Its just "that's it, games over, go home."
  7. You never get to speak with her again. (She can sure hold a grudge)
  8. Battle Meditation is like the Valor force power. The difference is it increases damage done by your party while taking it from the opposition (levels 2 and 3). You can't just sit there though, you still need to fight. It's not what we were expecting it to be...just meditating while the battle unfolds around you. Well, not till onderon.
  9. Just build the damn saber. You need to build the three seperate components (lens, emitter, power source). Then (sometimes), the lightsaber will magically appear in your inventory.
  10. The conversations are more in depth, but there are almost no conversations to be had. (But that's what I liked best about the original...so what happened to all the conversations...it can't be an RPG without them).
  11. Maybe this was already brought up somewhere in these forums but I have no intention of searching through all the threads. (SPOILER) I played as LS Jedi and when I fought Darth Sion he said something along the lines of "You will perish like the one that came before you", with regards to whomever visited Mal 5 last. Does this refer to Revan? IS REVAN DEAD? I feel that he may have been referring to Revan due to the fact that Carth had stated that Revan went to the Outer Rim to face something that he had Just remebered was there and went to take care of. I ask this because if they killed Revan, that would be an outrage beyond anything I could imagine. (/SPOILER)
  12. I only played through once as a lightsider (about 35 hours). Unlike the first game, I was unable to find any side-quests associated with the members of my party. Was this the case with everyone on this forum...are there truely no side quests?
  13. (Spoilers) I consider one of the best events in the game to be what took place on Korriban in the cave. That was very much reminiscent (spelling?) of ESB. I really thought the whole "face your deamons" thing was well done. (Spoilers) Next would have to be when the Ravenger came out of hyperspace to attack Telos, and shortly there after be followed in doing so by what appeared to be the enitre Republic Armada. Just right at the end, how everything happens at once. There is truely just one word for that: SPLENDIFEROUS (/Spoilers)
  14. If you had to pick one event in the game that you enjoyed most, what would it be?
  15. I guess I can sum up my feelings about the game like this. Its a 9 that could've easily been a 10. There were many bugs in the game. The story was in depth and outstanding but was unpolished. Dialog options were deeper and conversations were longer; however, there weren't many conversations to be had. The bad-guys, all except one, were not properly motivated in that they lacked a background. Still, I am surprised a just how good the story is.
  16. I would greatly appreciate it if a developer would comment on that point. Was it purposely left so that the ending was...well very much open so as to lead to the next installment of the game. And if so...how long till III
  17. I'd like to see how well everyone thought the game was? I have a similar poll under the general discussion section of these forums; however, this section seems to be more popular, so I reposted the poll here.
  18. The major problem I had was the lack of dialog with crew and the ending (pending its not leading into KOTOR 3). Otherwise, the story was generally better than the original. I was surprised at how well Obsidian was able to create a story around the original...it was better than I thought it would be. Another major problem was that I would be able to do "B" before "A" and then go back and do "A" and have it seem as though "B" didn't happen yet, and that was a consistent problem. Quite irritating. Still, I can't wait for III. If Obsidian can pop out another KOTOR every other year or so, I'd be thrilled.
  19. I'm need to see some sort of statistical interpretation of how everyone thought KOTOR 2 was.
  20. I'm not sure I actually understood what happened to Revan. He left to fight an unseen sith threat, was gone for five years, more or less...then what? Does anyone else have any info to share on Revan? This is just one of several unresolved plot points. And if not, do you think that this is to lead into KOTOR 3, and that's why so much is left unresolved?
  21. I think it was left open-ended for a reason (alla Empire).
  22. Just get an xbox. Several of my friends did so when the original came out.
  23. I think KOTOR's force jump was poorly animated and executed. Obsidian should attempt to restore the force jump to its true glory.
  24. There should've been a feature in the original that allowed you to continue playing after defeating Malak. Just to travel to the different planets afterwards and hear the reactions from people you've encountered earlier in the game. Dark Side: People bow down and worship you. Light Side: People thank you and treat you like a celebrity. They should've included this 'vanity' factor.
  25. Killing off Bastila is tantamount to declaring war on me and probably many more people on this forum. My battle cry: "No Bastila, NO PEACE!"
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