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lol you can look like Leia in jabba palace!!

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Atton has that same outfit. l7bskeezy.gif













:D  ;)



wy does everyone make fun of Atton??? I like him......









no wait that was a lie... he's gay :blink:


And he smells funny... but being leiaey will be the best. :D

Where is the bell, wait for the bell, k i need the bell, wait the bell! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong!


Kazic wants you.... to join the pinkside!

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I guess its a disguise to sneak in there.  And that Hutt has a pet Kath hound as well!  Not quite as impressive as a pet Rancor though.........

A pet Kath hound is probably a lot easier on the guest though.


Who knows how many guest a Rancore would have chowed down by the time you get it to understand that it is not allowed to do that. :p

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The clothing or the lightsaber?



Heh. I'm thinking 'clothes optional' would push it past a teen rating. ;)


Though it might be interesting to try to play the game without a lightsaber, I think I will not be able to resist if I get the game. It's a lightsaber. I mean really. How can you not?


I'm just hoping that dressing in slave garb is optional. I think most characters I play would prefer to do Leia's original disguise as the detonator wielding bounty hunter.


Although, it would be interesting, I guess, if a male PC had to dress similarly. :p

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