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  1. can you go into a little more detail about the character creation??
  2. I was considering to buy this game, but if they are making each class gender specific, then I'll consider not getting it.
  3. http://www.planetdungeonsiege.com/gameinfo...terscompendium/ well the ones from game 1
  4. they bought it, I don't read too many articles..... so
  5. Dragon AGe 2 Dungeon Seige III The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM Diablo 3 D3 is questionable at getting at the moment..... I never could find a solid release date.
  6. A law suite and edition change likely is what got in the way, that and new games to make and not time to squash a few bugs
  7. I hope the Ganth does NOT come back in ds3. for those who don't know, they were the hulking brutes with the big axe that when they slammed it, they healed themselves.
  8. not going to read through this as I don't give a rats posterior for log winded threads, or mmos. it takes money to make money, and to that is why mmos are not worth the risk. that said.... there is always someone that will play it.
  9. Rest in peace Michael. here's to you where ever you are.
  10. what you mean the PS3 owns, its a piece of junk, it can't even make the kettle spice run under 12 parsecs.... oh wait you said DS3, it better own. I plan on buying it for pc
  11. I have to wonder if the recording is legit and not manufactured by his ex bcensored lawyer or his ex-bcensored
  12. http://www.smurfhappens.com/ ahhhhhh its evil
  13. Since Bioware is closing their legacy forums, and movinf everything over at their social site, will the NWN2 forums come back over here????
  14. have a copy of gamma world..... interesting..... can make a odd copy of spiderman or spider woman in it..... not sure on my views on it with 4e.
  15. http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizo...h20LevelsFrom35 some of the non-core base classes have been converted to pathfinder
  16. btw, does anyone here have the app samurai rising?? if so, can I have your code?
  17. what free apps do you guys and gals recommend for one?? (yes free, I have a monetary issue right now)
  18. the love of money is the root of all evil. its not that being rich is a sin or wrong, its the lust for more money that is wrong. be happy with what you have
  19. in Europe you smell gas, but in soviet Russia the gas smells you..... it all stinks
  20. you like him...... like him better with his tag team partner for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgdGMsceAJc...feature=related but mostly I like and as to why I'd rather watch it on tv.... well dont have money to go see it in person and I dont do well in huge crowds.. we want BRET the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever shall be. chris jerko blows in comparison...
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