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  1. Dear Obsidian, First Alpha Protocol is to me, one of my favorite games, the story was great and the gameplay was good to me (I used the shotgun maybye that is why ). My actual question is, how in square-enix get the rights to DS and do they have 1 and 2's rights? if so will ps3 see a collection? I am really excited for this and i have my own website which me and a couple of friends made it is called www.themashedpotatoes.wordpress.com (I do not know why but it might send you to a survey if so google it i am sorry it happened to a lot of people). I might be going far here but we recently got a review copy of the whole season of back to the future the game which is great! I was sick so i could not write it yet but i will today. Thanks, wolfflame (Ethan L) P.S E-Mail me for questions or private info
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