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  1. what happens in it between Steve and Bucky? http://marvel.com/catalog/?id=13552
  2. the playtest for the inquisitor is up. it seams to be waaaay overpowered
  3. diablo III only because afaik TES V hasn't been announced yet
  4. http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Hellbringer_%28Loki%29 on that note the other image on that page of the warhammer looks cool, which btw is useable
  5. main warhammer variant is hidden. but I swear the mech on the count down page is NOT a warhammer http://www.mektek.net/projects/at1/index.html I swear, the weapon slots on the arms are not long enough for a warhammer
  6. and that s a loki on that screen. 3050??
  7. so at what year does this game take place again.
  8. oh goodie, its up I see. downloaded
  9. oh that they are but dont forget the spin offs Halo Wars Halo 3: ODST( Feet first into hell!!!) Halo: The Fall of Reach and the halo novels were pretty good too and if you disagree , you can tell that real nicely to Sergeant Major Johnson......
  10. I'd like to point out that Zenimax owns both Bethseda AND Idsoftware. so Zenimax or EA or even Lucasarts would work as far as I can see
  11. Cant stand them either ,want to sue Apple just to get rid of these good for nothing comercials
  12. I have some bad news. its just terrible, so horrbile. its so scary.. oh the horror my copy of the pathfinder rulebook has just arrived
  13. mine has shipped, it just hasnt arrived yet. I do have Golaria's campaign setting, the gods and magic and Elves of golaria... eer what ever the world's name is. want a few others, and look at a few others too.
  14. and the beatrgoes on and the beat goes on
  15. its incorrectlly added te ph IIc, the macross doesnt look like it
  16. well we could declare civil war and remove our failed government from power... and then after we capture them all, burn them all at the stake, with their next of kin......... just kidding, we dont burn people atthe stake these days..... all we do is burn the steak either that or charge them all with treason..... inclduing the late TEd Kennedy
  17. aye the warhammer would do it, it is macross. for that matter, so are the PhoenixHawk, Stinger, Locoust, MArauder, Marauder II, WArhammer IIC,Wasp,Battlemaster, Pheonix HAwk LAM,Wasp LAm, and the Singer LAM. their may be others that would do it. but the REd mech still resembles a Thor. while somewhat a cool mech, I hate it on the otherhand, these mechs can be used, they would just have to use the models from that mini game...
  18. you know, the only things on this game, are the 2 screen shots. looks like an atlas an a thor(aka summoner)
  19. some of them are kewl looking, but yeppers, some were horrible, even the marauder IIC was ugly, but it had enough firepower to match mad cat fan myself. most everything else is to slow or not armed enough.
  20. go smurf yourselves with it....... childish isnt it???? anyway, the swearing isnt bad, not worth arguing about it. most games that have it, have a "T" or above rating. and war games tend to have a lot of it.
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