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  1. whoah, looks like the aliens got all the babes and Duke got his own size 13 boots stuck up his butte at last
  2. wooohooo Vegas.... oh wait, which vegas, las vegas NM pr las vegas NV?? ,, wonder if we will see area 51???
  3. http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/?rhtml=y the home page of Diablo 3. no sorceress but a wizard. the barbarian is coming back, and a witchdoctor...
  4. the rarest of games. know that is not an ultima game, know that it was made in a computer shop during the off hours. know that it is ultima related know that it is not worth no 932 dollars know that nothing is worth more that one is willing to spend. know that I have the ultima 9 collectors and it came with it. know that you used the skull of mondain and have lost 8/8 and will never be an avatar
  5. Ne'er forget, Ne'er remember Ne'er go there Ne'er say ne'er oh look its black knight, the fiercest thing for yards around!!!!!!
  6. you know, I never liked the vacian spell casting, but atleast; when I achieved high levels as a wizard, I fealt powerful. It could of used a mana point deal with it, but then Im the person who thinks the sorcerer was worthless. moving on, the 4e wizzard makes me feel like the char is weak.
  7. all I can say is, Ill wait and see
  8. http://paizo.com/image/content/Conventions...Jacobs_500.jpeg c that cant bee good for the spine
  9. lame. would have been better if the cultists were all half naked women....... with psychopathic looks in their eyes
  10. in at that point in time final judgment on the old republic will be decided, and either it will soar to beat the wowtards of World of Warcraft, or it will sink to the lowest cesspits in the farthest reaches of the galaxy in some backwoods planet in the outer rim or beyond. - some unknown politician in an address to the galactic senate 39000 yby
  11. id be tempted to start hurling the slang WoWtards at everybody, but im already bored and that wouldnt help anything.... but, mind you the first SW mmorpg failed, star wars: theo ld republic might as well. but then it might not. either way, i wont buy it. best of luck to you bioware, you wont get my money. im giving it to Bioware for Dragonage
  12. its a mmo, not buying it. sorry bioware, but im getting dragonage, not this
  13. now get the us supreme court to disbar him from there. so florida and alabama wont let him practice law. big deal. thats still what47 or 48 states + the supreme court. not to support him, he's a ****
  14. ummm guys. there is a problem. the florida bar fired him. he can STILL practice law in another state pending taking the bar exam in another state, and currently he can still speak a case in front of the us supreme court. you have not heard the last of him. although some people wish they never heard of him
  15. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha reads again ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha falls off chair ha ha ha haha ha ha ha
  16. QFT also you only want the black hound{/handwave\}
  17. http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=y-9L-RZkod4 i want to believe.... the truth is out there..... its a conspiracy I tell you
  18. I think most adventuring companies and sellswords would welcome a grumpy general over some fop with a lute. ummm no, they would welcome a competent sword arm over incompetence. if your warlord is lvl 1, and the fop with the lute is lvl 5 and the mercenaries are all lvl 7+ who do you think they will take?? the correct answer is, most likely the bard, but they could take both. and the bab is the same for all classes in this edition, and the bard is the arcane leader so....... anyway the bard sings at the pc's funeral , and the warlord just says a few kind words....
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