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  1. you may be an arch mage, but you failed your divination and since motive checks.
  2. that is true. well Mr. Baker is dev for Darksun at wotc. I like fallout, but not so much the idea of dark sun.
  3. ...... I need to go clean my brain.... you should not see the train of thought going through it just now. and it was Dragon Age compliant....... ahhhh the horor
  4. it is amazing the kinda stuff people believe. HA! Good Fun! yes, isnt it. healthier, not really, ahving to go out with a spear, and bow to kill to get your meat, while the woman gather herbs, tend to the young. where in either case either could be killed by a smilidon?? how is this healthy compared to living behind a stone wall under siege, not taking baths, getting skewered by invading forces, improperly cooked food, amongst other things?? answer: they both have ups and downs.
  5. hmmm atlast someone planned a star trek game that might actually not suck. to bad its a online game, just be cranking out expansions for 5 years just to keep it running. Star Trek to boldly go where know one has gone before. This is the star ship(" insert your ship's name here"), its 5 year mission.... hahaha anyway I wish them well and success
  6. I dont have a favorite rts,as I told a friend once, I dont like to be the general, and playing a rts over a rpg, is that a rpg you are in the field, a rts has a rpg in it of sorts( rocker propelled grenade) and you are the general issuing orders etc. no one game type is for everyone.
  7. I'd buy a pathfinder crpg from Obsidian or Bioware. but...... would anyone buy one if it came from ID software or Blizzard? dicerolls are not all that realistic past the point you will be able to succeed or fail.
  8. yeah I know that, but that was just how they worded it. bet it was sent out by a robot
  9. Bethseda is a good bunch of developers, so are OEI and Bioware. even amongst all the bugs, I have had enjoyable times playing their games.
  10. Guess we both have to wait, Barnes and Noble sent me an email the other day stating the release date was pushed back. well, nothing else to go do...
  11. no gromnir, Idont have an opinion yet, as my copy hasnt come in yet. and even when it does, I must have time to look through it first.
  12. and that is a good thing.... easier to learn that way
  13. not using the electron or aurora engines. and that ability would be changed or dropped along with the shadowdancer's shadow jump. or not be used at all. and anyway, It would have to be turned based
  14. its a money sink. a few that I have heard who have played it, have said they got bored of it later on. it also has to be worth the money to keep its worth the price tag, otherwise if you dont like it, its a nice set of costers. however all things are different between people
  15. maybe they will, maybe they wont. anyway, it mentions coming to 4e, its still the wrong forum, so..... guess I need to go put the dogs out. anyway the topic needs to be chganged about how to go about one for 4e darksun, as of the moment, thre are no 4e games that I know of for anything.. right doggs outside. bye
  16. dude I posted this in the pen and paper forum. this is the computer and console. wrong forum
  17. I was one of those. dont like Dark Sun. would of liked Ravenloft instead of DS though... a bit of horror is better than post apocolyptic fantasy.
  18. the next Campaign setting is Dark Sun for 4e. see you in 2011. maybe
  19. this is a petition to get a pathfinder game off of Paizo's new ruleset made by Obisidian Entertainment or beg for one. -Steelfiredragon
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