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  1. and the 14th and final preview is up. so OEI what about this pathfinder pc game....
  2. http://paizo.com/paizo/blog and now 13 is up pathfinder EK
  3. and some people think that the legend of zelda series has too much talking go on in it. might I suggest some of you dig up a copy of Zork. some people like walking around like that, personally I like the hot pants deal....
  4. as I said you will like or or you wont. I liked it, so lets party cheese for every one, oh wait scratch that, no cheese. which can be a party in itself if you dont like cheese....
  5. the thing is with any game, you will either like it, or you will not. since you dont like it, or the elderscrolls ruleset, which has been in place since ARena, might I suggest you go and sell it at your local Hastings and get some of your money back.
  6. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Preview #10 is up barbarian.
  7. went and looked at work. so they are putting some games up for streamloads... meh, the only one I know of is republic comando, but thats it
  8. fare well and fair well Rob. may the aerie greet you at journey's end....
  9. the druid preview #8 I believe is up. next inline is the monk. now that being said in a week, someone must mention kung fu fighting....
  10. always took the good domain for smite evil and war domain for firestorm. forget weapon focus in deity's weapon of choice, just open up the golarion setting book, and take the holy warrior alt featrue, drop the domains and feats and get full bab and weapon doodle bug in deity favored weapon
  11. the 7th is up http://paizo.com/paizo/blog the bard is it
  12. pathfinder preview 6 is up. its seelah the paladin
  13. you know star trek and star wars are amongst the best known space settings. the difference between them is that its a bit to hard to make a star trek game that does not suck. the best way to do so, is to make one that is squad based mercenary or freighter crew and not do one that makes the pc a member of the military faction( ie star fleet).
  14. whichever whatever. im not buying any mmo. I can waste my time and enjoy it, mmos are a waste of time and a waste of money.
  15. the 5th preview is up, they redid how the domains work
  16. germany has produced some of the best warriors of all time. it has also has produced some of the most vile of men. running from its warrior past by banning violent games... is laughable. Her desire to right the wrongs that has been caused in the name of germany, is commendable, but this is just foolish.
  17. the fourth one is up to, and can be read at the link above posted by Magister Lajciak
  18. well they will start selling assets, failing that who ever owns 3dr owns it but no, Duke Nukem is dead, he should stay there
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