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  1. Apparently dismemberment is an issue in Japan, and games are usually modified for release, but dismemberment plays a big part in this game (whatever that means) and so it just gets banned. Basically, gore okay, severed body parts not okay. Still haven't seen anything actually confirming this. and this is coming from the country that gave the world the ninja, and the samurai??? and even one of a few that gave the world the nine tails fox?? strange.... meh, dont care not getting it anyway and anyway what whatever that means? dismemberment?? it means cut off a l
  2. the ones i want: dragon age storms of zehir fallout III turok as well now that i can likely run it look at: diablo III andnothing else what id like: Ultima X KOTOR III( and kotor online does NOT count and LA said no anyway) A new Xwing game this time with each of the republic star fighters Dungeon siege III
  3. none of them are the best or even rank amongst the top 5. I wont pay to play something like that..... nor do I like buying expansions for games that i have to pay to play. not my cup of tea...... edit: being that opinions differ from person to person it really is a moot debate
  4. the bard is in the phb 2 along with the druid, and barbarian the warlord blows, id rather have a char that sings and dances that one that attacks and yells at you.
  5. the thing with the armors, yeah can see where Mr. Sawyer is coming from there.. but then i prefer light to medium armors. and I tend to pour enough to dex or cheat at it, to make max use of armor planed for the character.
  6. gosh....( read again with a goofy voice in mind)
  7. I wouldnt, and wouldnt buy it. eberron's problem is that every npc , pc and monster has a political agenda. If i wanted to play intrigue, I play an evil drow in FR
  8. the vancian spell system was worthless. Hated having to carry around wands, scrolls and other magical items such as rods. paladin and clerics still must be their deity's alignment and spellbooks were the worst class features ever. Mr. Reynolds said so and 4e does blow some chunks, but this is not about 4e's blows chunks parts.
  9. Neverwinter in ruins. where will the next dnd crpg take place??? assuming of course there is one
  10. take the country of origin trash and stuff else where people. who cares who comes from where. you could come from ancient atlantis and act like a jerk and still be a jerk.
  11. 4e 4gotten realms , I have Blacklisted. will not buy anything for it past the blackstaff tower novel
  12. it is a sad day indeed, when a game becomes a scapegoat....... and the nsome. Said it once, I'll say it again some games should just not have ever been made. or at the least not be available on the store shelf and only available to buy online. so remember kiddies, get your parents permission first. I played Origin's SAvage Empire. that professer there tought me how to make home made grenades and make home grown single shot rifles. oh wow......
  13. well complete divine: contemplative divine crusader divine oracle out of manual of the planes: divine agent cha isnt really high enough to warrant mystic wanderer .....
  14. Are any of these even in the Complete Divine rulebook? Anyway, a good prestige class for a cleric is also good for a Favored Soul, but I've yet to see one worth for either. :S Are more info on your suggestions available on the internet? divine crusader, and Divine oracle are. divine agent is in one manual of the planes or what ever the 3.5 update was. mystic wanderer is in magic of faerun.( it has an ability that grants a cha bonus to ac) divine disciple is in the players guide to faerun for 3.5, and the frcs for 3.0. alignment?? favored soul <> dreadmaster o
  15. kill the kid anyway...... and this is not the first time I have heard of some good for nothing, lame brained idiotic foulmouthed sheet for brains playing gta, and going out killing someone or shooting them. blaming the game is a cop out, personally gta never should of been made, it has made the gaming industry a bit of a bad reputation, but still. be a man take up your own responsibility for your own actions.
  16. I dont know of too many prcs that scream favored soul. but here is a list on what will work in theory: divine crusader mystic wanderer divine disciple divine agent divine oracle
  17. http://www.thebardstale.com/music.htm click number 3
  18. Who knows. Maybe they are working on KotOR 3 and the KotOR MMO. Or that the EA statements or this listing is a red herring just to mess with our heads. you mean we have heads to mess with?
  19. It was not all EA's doing alone. Even Gariott and Spektor admitted it was also the fault of Origin themselves, and other matters. There is a very long read here. I am not at all happy that Bioware is now apart of EA, but I am a bit concerned. But I guess we shall see. CAN I PLAY A JEDI!!?? thats true, however as i understood it, it was EA's decision to make the game in the first place, their idea to make UO2 after 2 years , even make that online UX and then cancel it too. when all said and done, keep the IP to yourself, sell the distribution rights. just because you can
  20. not the smartest of ideas this game. A bit of warning bioware, something EA did to the Ultima series, when UO was made, it became the deathknell to the ultima series. every Ultima game planned since has been canned. I could foretell the same about KotoR online, but being its a Lucas IP, that may not happen, but as a warning to be cautious... oh and I wont buy it or play it, I would buy kotor3
  21. not surprised at this, shame too, i wanted to play hellgate london, but i changed my mind since i saw it was a pay to play. dont like pay yo play games mmorpgs are not my cup of tea nor is anything that works like them
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