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  1. In the gamebanshee walkthrough/preview they even joke about Reinhart looking like Kenny Rogers. This makes me wonder if he'll get decent enough equipment to at least look cool in-game even if the primary character model looks like a Dr. Wily/Colonel Sanders love child. I mean if the devs are mocking the character appearance why not make him look a bit more legionairresque regardless of his tinkerer/mage status? He does seem like the only one of the four beyond their 20's and not dressed to invoke fear or awe. He's got a vibrating ab-sculpt belt from the infomercials and a light-up glove, w
  2. No we weren't aware as regardless of Square Enix's purchase of the franchise and choice for Obisidian to develop to help them edge-in on Western gamers no one since this preview has officially stated or otherwise that this would be a multi-class version of Nier. If gender never mattered then Blizzard would not be implementing gender choice in their Diablo 3. As much as anyone would like you to believe that all gamers are laissez faire about playing a game people do want an accurate PC/avatar/toon (God, I hate the word "toon"). Poll people other than the vocal minority and you'll get a slew
  3. Retailers base if off of the game's publishers and/or developers depending on who handles purchasing and distribution. Game Stop, Best Buy, etc., all are bound to dates provided to them.
  4. http://gamebanshee.com/games/dungeon-siege-iii.html?Itemid= Here's a fair smattering of information and links to sites with articles, interviews, previews, etc.
  5. In the February issue of Game Informer they provide a small preview of the game and describe their play experiences with the "guardian" class I believe. The way they write the preview gives the notion that each class is embodied in a pre-defined character in-game (i.e. we are playing through someone's story as opposed to making our own). Although this is just a preview and only 3/4 of a page long, I have the eerie impression that there might not be the popular and expected character creation and customization the franchise and Obsidian are both well known for. Now, this is assumption bas
  6. I believe they've addressed both platforms in their development. If anything consoles have suffered anyways from PC-sided development and the forums have suffered from fanboyism in that regard. Gamebanshee.com should have a link to an interview with the dev team and chris taylor discussing controls and menus for both so that neither one is short changed.
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