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  1. lol thats the thing, DS isn't complex, so I would hate to see what consolization would do to simplify it even more. Then it would be a screen saver. I was hoping for more depth in another DS game but I'm not so sure about that now. I could be wrong of course. After all Dragon Age turned out ok and it was multiplatform. I saw one dev diary thing on DSIII that said instead of pressing a button to drink a healing potion, monsters will drop them every now and then and all you do is run over them to regenerate health. This is an obvious design decision to make things easier for console users.
  2. My main concern about DSIII is that it's coming out for consoles. I really don't want dungeon siege to undergo the process of retardification for the sake of console users. I really don't know why DSIII is coming out with a console version to begin with. Maybe it's because the Dungeon Siege franchise has such a large console backing *cough*. If DSIII feels like a console port with overly simplified gameplay I will puke!
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