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  1. He did make a great melee Jedi, and would frequently mop the floor with opponents before I even caught up to him. I have to admit, though, that after my first play through I thought he was kinda interesting, but one dimensional. After coming here and other places, and finding more about the cut scenes I missed and such, I thought he had potential, but was not fully realized. And I'm someone who has a weakness for sweet guys and paladin archtypes in games like this. So I had to vote for Sweet, but would add, "And I really wish they could have done more with him in the game". Alas, I find myself saying that a lot recently.
  2. These are great, as always. You know, I think if Disciple closer in game to how you draw him, he would be much more popular. I know its made him more popular with me, and I already liked him well enough. Thanks for sharing, and good luck on your exams!
  3. Although the BioWare forums do have a thriving KotOR community, they have a rather strict policy against KotOR 2 spoilers there, so I don't think that would work for in depth discussions on the TSL. Perhaps we could request another forum for KotOR 2 spilers if worst came to worst. More likely, everyone would end up on the LA forums.
  4. This is great, Eji. Thank you very much.
  5. Indeed. I missed most of the very flirty dialogs on my first play through, as I just by habit chose the most supportive and understanding options most of the times. Then, while digging around in the dialog files after my first play through, I stumbled upon a section where he (with a combination of interest and amusement) says, "I don't know. What am I going to have to do for it?" I just HAD to replay the game to hear him say that in context. Heh. That's my favorite part now. There's also his "Now that I'd like to see. Or would I..." response to another suggestion you can make. Anyway, I liked Atton a great deal, but I also would have liked more talks with him after he opens up about his past.
  6. Can't say I have any interest in Canderous at all. Indeed, my first play through of KotOR 1 I didn't even take him with me after we left Taris. I liked him only slightly more after doing his side quest in my second play through. I like Atton, but just gotta say Carth is the winner for me. He's got dedication and loyalty, sweet and with a sense of humor, lots of fun flirting with him in game, and that niiiiice wallpaper of him still makes my little heart go pitter-pat.
  7. Nah. Actually, this is different. Atton actually confronts Disciple about it in an Ebon Hawk cut scene. There's another where T3 catches him sending them as well. Alas, I never got either of these (I seemed to have skipped straight to the "I saw her first" fight with Atton), but know several who did. There's likely some balance of influences that I didn't hit.
  8. I don't think I could add much that hasn't already be said. I understand the frustration, and the apparent lose-lose situation (can't respond much so people think you don't care vs. no forums so people think you don't care). However, I hope you guys reconsider.
  9. Yeah, the scene where Atton confronts Disciple about his messages to the fleet, where they argue and make up, and meditation envy. But if you get some others when you just have Atton influenced please say what you saw.
  10. I have to admit that I was a little lukewarm on the VOs for Atton death, and I'm not generally a big fan of tragedy, but that little comic snuppet put a lump in my throat. Very well done. If you have the time or inclination, I'd really love to see the whole scene done in that fashion.
  11. Actually, I think most of the interesting cut scenes with Atton appear when you have Disciple with a high influence as well. Let us know if you see anything new, though.
  12. Very nice Eji. I can't decide which set I like more, to be honest. Great characterization boths ways, though.
  13. Not really. Disciple is not nearly so arrogant nor prone to emotional outbursts.
  14. He was specifically pegged at 25 by one of the designers before release. I agree that his appearance doesn't reflect that well, however.
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