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Episodes 7,8,9

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I found a FAQ,


at www.supershadow.com heres the URL "http://scripts.cgispy.com/faq.cgi?user=xiojade&a=viewfaqs&cat=Star Wars Episode 7 - 9: Sequel Trilogy"


says that Lucas plans to start to make them in 2014, do you think its true, or just plain BS?? I never heard anything about the 7-9 Episodes before then. It makes sence that he would make them, but how old will mark hamill be buy then? Will he even be in the movies, maybe they can make him totally GC, lol, that would be weird, just wondered what you guys think.

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Don't believe anything that site says.

Exactly. Supershadow has been giving out fake Star Wars news for years. Back before Episode I came out, they posted the "official" script of the movie and claimed it was an exclusive.


Sadly, their fake script should've been the real thing.


And 2014? Lucas will be senile by then. If he's not already.

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Well. The series will never die. Someone will take it over.

Yeah, Lucas is probably already training his apparentice who'll take over the mantle of the Dark Lord of Lucasarts... :)

Despite the fact that many people who've played KOTOR has a negative view on it, I'm still very optimistic about the Februari release and can't wait to get my paws on the game :D

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Well, the guy who plays Chewbacca is signed on for 3 movies after episode 3. That can be taken as either they plan to make it, or they might as well get him on board just in case.

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If Lucas dies what happens to Lucas Arts? I wonder, does he have children or wife, or even a life out side of Star Wars?

he's got atleast a couple of daughters. i'm not sure if he has any sons. i remember seeing them interviewed on like A&E during a biography show about Lucas.


to be honest, IF (and that's a huge IF) he hands the franchise over or allows someone else to make more movies, I hope the movies are NOT related to the OT and PT. I'd rather them be set in the SW universe, but not reliant on the events of the OT or PT and the characters of those films.

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I just have to get this off my chest. Bear with me this might get long. I personally can't help but hope that George Lucas himself never makes another Star Wars movie. I hate to say it but the series' glory days are well behind it and its legacy is somewhat tainted by the uninspired prequels.

Don't get me wrong, I fell in love with the "Galaxy far far away" years ago like the rest of you, but I won't pretend that the latest flicks hold a candle to the originals (epecially episodes 4 and 5). Lucas is something of a control freak, and that has ultimately proven to be the series' demise. In ep. 4 and 5 he collaborated with other creative people such as the great noir writer Leigh Bracket to create films that were ground breaking and characters that were memorable. By ROTJ, he had already begun to cut others out of the collaborative process as is evident by the drop off in quality. Who didn't find it a little bit ridiculous that the Ewoks could defeat a platoon of freakin storm troopers!?

The new films have similarly anoying problems too. I for one, found it a little absurd that in the middle of that intense battle in the arena between the jedi and the droid army, Padme is standing there (without a light saber to deflect lasers, mind you) not only miraculously not getting shot, but not even taking cover! Now I'm all for making her a strong character but to have her able to fight on the same level as the jedi is a discredit to the prowess of the entire order, much like the Ewoks, storm troopers scenario. This is George's problem. He comes up with some truly great ideas but he also comes up with some bad ones. Without anyone to bounce these ideas off of or to solicate new ideas from, this series has become a disturbing and uncensored look into the mind of George Lucas complete with "Jar-jar" and "Anny." I mean come on, the future baddest dude in the galaxy and he's got people calling him Anny for god's sake!

I have come to accept the fact that the Star Wars that I fell in love with was a colaborative effort in which several people, led by George Lucas, created something truly magical. It has since become a one man show that has lost the character developement and storyline that were the backbone supporting those impressive special effects. We no longer care about the characters, nor can we identify with them. In the originals, there was the hay seed farm boy with dreams of a bigger life, the hot shot smuggler who was in it only for himself in the beggining, the brave, young, slightly naive princess with the weight of the world on her shoulders. In some way we could identify with each one of these characters and it was amazing to see how by the end of the trilogy they had all changed. Luke was now a stoic and wise Jedi, Han was a patriot and a leader, and Leia was now possessed of a confidence and wisdom that comes only through experience. What do these new characters do for you? Anything? Nothing for me. Anakin is so poorly cast that it's funny. Both Jake Loyd and Hayden Chritiansen are poor choices. They don't scare me! It's that simple. Anakin's little temper tantrums in Ep. 2 remind me of a 15 year old when his parents won't let him stay out past curfew (complete with cracking voice).

Speaking of visual effects, is it just me or does anyone else think that the special effects in the prequel trilogy have been missused? The combat in the first trilogy (particularly light saber combat) was excellent for its time (admit it, that fight in Ep. 4 between Vader and Obi-wan looks like two old men fighting with their canes now). Here's the problem, two decades later the fighting is almost identical. Ep. 1 had some nice sequences with Darth Maul and the Yoda thing was cool in Ep. 2, but on a whole the prequels saber fights have been tame at best. I mean that fight between Anakin, Obi-wan, and Tyrannus looked like something I could film with my brothers camera and a G5. Compare the combat between heroes and villains in Star Wars to that of other recent films like the Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Spiderman. Do you see what I mean. Why not use some of these expensive effects to make the battles seem fiercer and faster as though these beings were actually capable of super human abillities (which they supposedly are). Instead, Lucas will bombard you with digital imagery during a freakin diologue sequence! You'll see two people talking out on a balcony and there'll be ten million dollars worth of special effects flying by in the background. Can anyone say allocation of resources. And what about space battles? There has yet to be one great space battle in these new films! Granted I've heard that there will be one in the third episode but I mean it's STAR WARS for god's sake, where are the battles out amongst the stars?! The scene with Anakin in Ep. 1 was ridiculous. How can a child with no training operate a fighter jet. None the less it doesn't hold a candle to the battle of Yavin 4. Has George fogotten the series' bread and butter?

To conclude, I do hope that there are future Star Wars films. It is the greatest fictional universe ever created. It's like a playground for a truly creative mind to work wonders with. With an imaginative script (complete with unexpected twists and emotionally charged scenes) and a creative director, there is no limit to the awesomeness that could ensue. That being said I hope that George Lucas himself is not permitted to come within 500 yards of the set of these films. This series, like the Matrix started off groundbreaking and awe inspiring, creating a universe of infinate possibilities and has since become a cookie-cutter, product selling, uninspired franchise that you would love to see someone else take over.

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I thought that was actually well "said". If you get my meaning.


And someone said that Peter Mayhew, the actor that plays Chewbacca, is signed on for future movies. Not true. He's signed on for the television series that is supposed to take place after ep. 3. It is supposed to chronicle the adventures of Darth Vader and show people just why he is so feared.

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They way things are going, Lucus may decide that after KOTOR III they should make a prequel trilogy to KOTOR. Then they can get really bad voice actors.

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Hey, a KOTOR related trilogy sounds cool to me but I never see it happening.


And in my opinion Lucas is going to retire after EPIII, just make games and stuff like that afterward. Unless of coarse he can make EpIII the greatest film ever made!


If not, he should try making the best game ever created.

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It makes sence that he would make them, but how old will mark hamill be buy then? Will he even be in the movies, maybe they can make him totally GC, lol, that would be weird, just wondered what you guys think.

Do you remember how long did Yoda live?

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Episodes 7,8,9 should never see the light of the day.

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