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  1. Not to mention people referring to revan as female here, male there, then female again.. K2 was a good game, but the storytelling was a bit... wierd. Darth Nihilus (or what's his name) can kill an entire planet worth of people, but not detect his own apprentice and a Jedi boarding, even while Nihilus' only agenda is hunting Jedi? Even Malak had the brains to set traps and choose the place of battle, and Malak wasn't the brightest of Sith. I felt somewhat cheated storywise. Before playing K2, I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I'd probably prefer a Destroy-Generic-Superweapon-of
  2. I used handmaiden for her neat hand-to-hand attacks and alternated between kreia (for buffs) and atton (for ranged support) for the most part. I was a sentinel, so I had all the skills I needed. Bao-dur never got off the ebon hawk, likewise G0T0. And Mira. And Hk47 (a shame, that).
  3. Shhh...Don't say that here they're a lot of Kotor1 fanboys(and girls) :ph34r: I wanted Mira ...no Mira <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well.. They're both great games, but sure enough, you can tell who made them. I just played through K2 for the first time and thought I'd share some reflections. Kotor1 is kinda like BG2, with a grand storyline, romances shoved in your face, a true bad guy to work against et cetera. Entertaining for most. Kotor2 is much like Planescape: Torment (too much, almost). PST: You awake at the morgue. K2: You awake next door from the morgue.
  4. I think you guys just proved a point of mine.
  5. Actually it is religion that tells that man that he is dirty. If left alone, he would never have considered himself dirty, or if he did, he'd go wash himself. Who's to say that religion has all the answers? Would you mind if I wash with Moslem soap? Or my own soap? I believe people in general are good at heart, and that they don't need fundamental laws to bind them into certain ways of acting. There is a measure of social egoism that drives us. If I help you today, you might help me tomorrow. If you dont help me tomorrow, I might not help you again. If I give to charity, I will feel b
  6. Too bad the picture is from behind, but the lore says comissioned at the end of the clone wars by the republic. So, yes, they might appear in Ep3.
  7. Another minor correction: Before it goes nova, it will have become a red giant, expanding out and swallowing the earth. :D
  8. I just thought Teras Kasi was something they put into SWG to have martial arts-monks with wierd names. You cannot have unarmedmasters without psycho names.
  9. The drake equation (a tool for guessing the amount of alien civilizations in our galaxy) has a variable L, which means the average lifetime of a civilization. How long is such a lifetime? Do increased technological advances pose a threat when social and humanistic advances stagnate? Only time will tell. However, if we let money be the ultimate motive to everything we do, we will burn in about 5 billion years when the sun swallows our planet. Space exploration isn't economical (unless we stripmine Mercury and Mars). All things have an end, except for the sausage, for it has two.
  10. IG-88 is a famous bounty hunter droid, who was hired by the empire to search for the millenium falcon in TESB (yep, he's in the movie, for about a second or so). I think he tried to hi-jack the second death star as well.
  11. Heh.. When the guys in my battlefield clan hang at the pub, we call each other our net nicks. I know what they're called IRL, but it's easier to use the "call signs". They're Bard, Thermos, Blast, Holy (and so on) to me. Luckily, I'm J
  12. Eh.. more stuff here: Taken from http://www.moviehole.net/news/4219.html
  13. Well.. Some characters I couldn't really care less about. T3-M4 or whatever the garbage can is called. He'd better have something of a personality this time instead of just "blip, bleeeeeep, blep-blip, blooop". Canderous was boring. His final dialogues indicated somewhat of a change of character to the better, or going neutral at least. He might have something to say in k2, but I'm not holding my breath. Jolee, was interesting enough, but very frustrating. Like Jan Jansen in BG2. "My old pappie used to boil them turnips, but old grampy bones blah blah blah". If he died during the 5 yea
  14. I have an '86 Saab 900. Got stolen once, the locks are crap. Anyway, it failed some test at the car test (besiktning in Swedish) so I'm kinda forbidden to drive it now. I might get around to fix it some day, but I'm quite comfortable with the bus.
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