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  1. I'm from Cleveland Ohio, but live in Texas atm. USA USA USA USA USA USA!
  2. Yeah I hope the robes look like robes instead of circa 1970's bathrobes. I mean keep those in the game for those that wanna be a "Huggybear Pimpin Jedi" but I like the long flowing ones. But the robes in KOTOR 1 were a last minute addition. I remember posting on those forums back in the day when KOTOR 1 was being created. Robes werent even intended in KOTOR 1. Playerbase raised hell about it pretty much and those skin-tight spandex robes were added to make us happy. The robes and character creation I hope is 'built' upon. Stay Cool, SLM
  3. Famous words of Canderous when on Dantooine and rescuing the droid for the woman and talking to them AGAIN when they're in the enclave. Woman "I'm gonna rub you down with oil yadi yadi yadi" Droid "Kill me please" Canderous "That droids gonna serve her master real good tonight" Stay Cool, SLM
  4. Thats a good story mentioned above. Basically sequels havta try to beat the orginal. In Kotor 1 we had: *minor spoilers* Unseen occurences. Bastila going darkside. The big twist. Revan being you all along. A world being created in a great time in the SW universe thats so little dabbled on. *end spoilers* I think this is gonna havta be topped. You can expect 1 outta those 3 to be in the next Kotor and thats the 'twist' part. Thats a good 'twist' mentioned above. Darn good. MSG being the phantom menace of it all. I mean its gotta be someone powerful enough to hold the Jedi in contempt, and the sith as well. Perhaps someone that wont be revealed till KOTOR 3 cometh. Since most epics in the SW universe come in a trilogy. But good idea. Someone using both against eachother to weaken eachother while waiting on the sidelines for both to be weakened. Good job! Stay Cool, SLM
  5. I'm just saying from what I read, Teras Kasi were resistant to the Force. Diseases. Poisons, and Aging as well. They mostly lived to be double what someone of their species would normally live. If the force partially controls a Jedi's movement, why would it have such a big impact on someone resistant to that. Your force push, whirlwind, insanity having little to no effect. Plus also take it video game/ movie wise since this is all fantasy. How many times have you seen an unarmed person beat the crap outta someone w/ a weapon. Many of times! Its so predictable in movies these days, 2 guys go at it unarmed. Its a good fight till one draws out a knife. And its usually the guy w/ the knife that gets his a$$ handed to him. The Order of the Teras Kasi is formidable to a Jedi. I think it would be neat for something different. Not a main boss, just a mini-boss somewhere in the game. Teras Kasi Bounty Hunter. *flexes* Stay Cool, SLM
  6. Obi Wan was promoted to Jedi Knight at the end of Phantom Menace. And regardless of Anakin, they made him whiney little brat cause thats how Luke is. And since Luke was made first in the movies, and is supposed to show similar actions to that of Anakin, they made Anakin that way. Obi Wan admitted that perhaps he shouldnt have went against the council to train Anakin, but did anyways. However... Anakins main shove into the darkside was his mother dying. Regardless if QuiGon or ObiWan, Anakins mother would have died either way. Some of the Jedi look at the force differently. Stay Cool, SLM
  7. Yeah, but from a certain prespective as ObiWan would say, he didnt do wrong training the "Chosen One" hehe. Vader in the end did bring balance back in the force when he chunked the Emporer making him do a swan dive down some energy shaft of some sort. If not Vader, someone else woulda just been the Emporers puppet. Now I doubt in real perspective Obi Wan figured "Hey, i'll train Anakin, he'll go darkside for 30-40 years but before he dies, PADAM, he'll turn". I would still call Obi Wan a master regardless if Anakin turned light or dark. The fact that he trained the most fierce force using Jedi/Sith in the STarWars movie to be the best. Stay Cool, SLM
  8. Yeah I know what you mean by the lightsaber combat. Or atleast lose a hand. Hehe. I mean, from what I get, the Order of Teras Kasi was like in Highlander how they had the watchers. Except they didnt record, mostly just intervened when someone was getting too powerful for their own good. I know little information about this. I do recall reading something even w/ the New Republic that Luke was looking for some Teras Kasi descendent to help train in his Academy. Dont know if that was a game or something I read. But being attuned to the force themselves, they dont use it, rather the power inside themselves. I think it fits in quite well even w/ the KOTOR world. I dont know also as far as continuity goes if it jives with that timeline. Stay Cool, SLM
  9. Some of you may know the history of the Teras Kasi. They were formed to keep Jedi yadi yadi yadi at a level where they wouldnt be too overpowered. I dont know if it was these forums or another, think it was these, but there were some links that I cannot dig up. KOTOR 3 good ideas to add a little more 'side versatility' to the game. If your darkside, killing any and all, every so often a Teras Kasi monk would jump out or appear somewhere, awaiting you ready to end your destruction. **minor spoilers** I mean, regardless if you were light/dark in KOTOR 1, you had a few sith always jumping on you when visiting a new planet. **end minor spoilers** Teras Kasi is a fascinating aspect of StarWars. Atleast I think because of their role with the Jedi. Partially immune to force, diseases, poisons. I think it may also be a good 'minor boss' instead of everything being Jedi/Sith. Thoughts? Ideas? Stay Cool, SLM
  10. Craftsman says something cool. Jaguar oggles at the cleverness. Craftsman says something cool. Jaguar jumps up and down around Crafstman. Its like Craftsman being Foghorn Leghorn, and Jaguar being that little dog that used to jump around Foggy saying "your the man, your the man" Heres a scenario. Craftsman "Hey Jaguar, will you blow me?" Jaguar "Yes, yes yes, I need something else to get me choked up besides being the forum police" Stay Cool, SLM
  11. KotorFreak summed up a good tactic pretty good. Tho when I play my Consular, I dont use my lightsaber much except for blocking blaster fire. If your darkside that is. I dont know much about lightside Consulars, but darkside I had alot of fun with. Force whirlwind, insanity, lightning for AE attacks. If it was 1 on 1, I would go all out w/ whirlwind, insanity, plague, choke and lightning, letting my victim know the full power of the darkside and its agonizing pain. lol Thats my strategy anyways. Consular is my favorite of the Jedi class, Darkside mainly. If i'm lightside, Scout/Sentinel. Stay Cool, SLM
  12. We arent newbs, noobs or newbies. We're padawans. lol Stay Cool, SLM
  13. ****Waves his hand in front of the Developers**** "These are the beta testers your looking for" " You dont need to see any identification" "You will release this game tomorrow" Its worth a shot! :D Stay Cool, SLM
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