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What is this?

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I'd noticed them, but have heard nothing. I expect it's plot related.

Everyone knows Science Fiction is really cool. You know what PoE really needs? Spaceships! There isn't any game that wouldn't be improved by a space combat minigame. Adding one to PoE would send sales skyrocketing, and ensure the game was remembered for all time!!!!!

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Why are they two-dimensional?

Because it's a screenshot.


Seriously, though - it looks flattish because the side of the generators behind the field are distorted, and the generators themselves have a flat texture. They aren't 2d, if you look closely enough, and remember that this is a screenshot and thusly can't show you perspective as you'll see it in motion in game.


I remember some mention of Telos having large protective barriers around colonies to keep the bad stuff out.

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I'm pretty sure they are force field generators, possibily put there to make it seem as if they were protecting from storms or flooding, or perhaps like said before, an excuse to cut the map off at that point like the czerka beacons. U can sort of see the forcefeild, it's very transparent but still visible. I don't thing they would just place a bunch of cylindrical statues in the water with energy fields connecting them purely for the sake of giant glowing statues

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