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  1. My point was that the sword never actualy played a huge part in battle, spears and projectile weapons were the main weapons of war, swords were always more of a secondary weapon. There are a few exceptions to this like Japan. Sorry for the inacuracy of bow and arrow invention
  2. The large usage of cortosis isn't storyline related, it's a game excuse for lightsabers not being a 1 hit kill weapon. There is no way to make your character block or attack a certain way, only a predefined sequence, which is exactly the same as the melee sword attack sequence. A sword cuts through people with a medium amount of ease, it's not as if sword hits actualy just barely hurt you, if you don't block you are dead or near mortally wounded, or mabey you just loose a limb. Ofcourse also in real life as soon as the bow and arrow were invented the sword became obsolete and was rarely ever used again. The lightsaber is a sword consisting of a concentrated light beam the hilt that projects the beam, a lightsaber would be extremely clumbsy to use, but jedis have the force and that lets them predict their clumbsyness and avoid mishaps like loosing ones arm, apparently this doesn't help much for fighting enemies, as limbs get chopped off quite regularly so it seems. Your not going to get anything near realistic in an RPG or many other games. You can't controle a sword as you would in real life with a mouse and keyboard. JKA is probaly the closest to being near realistic, and it's still a long way off. Dexerity is meant to aid defense in this off aim RPG, having it help everything would make all other atributes worthless, might as well just have dexterity alone be leveled up automaticly every time you level up. I am a fan of KOTOR games for the story No offense is intended & have a nice day
  3. Burton also played Geordi La Forge on Star Trek TNG
  4. Frankly, no offense, but alot of what I've seen of RPG communities is mindless bickering and whining, so my opinion of the average RPG lover isn't so high. I've read hundreds of threads, on dozens of boards & all in all, I've seen FPS hating/bashing, lots of unending bickering and lots of whiny complaints about little things. FPS communities aren't perfect by I think there is a tad more unity and a little less "I want my way!" fits going around. Note that I am not saying that all CRPG players are like this, just many seen on these boards and others. Now again, no offense is intended Onto the topic, I think KOTOR 1 is an overrated, overhyped, RPG. At first it was great, story depth: good/average, commen sense: a bit lacking but thats nothing new for star wars since the prequels. It had decent graphics and most detail was done for characters which were then overused. Bioware's lazyness begins to show after the first two quick play throughs. Everything seemed finished and done, but in that, it was done very poorly. Character animation for instance, was highly lacking, overuse of humanoid characters to save time created a human/humanoid dominated universe of unoriginal characters. Most enviornment elements were taken from the movies rather then research based on the vast amount of usable EU. For example the "Jedi cannot love rule" was based on the poorly used romance theme from the prequels which is a re-use of Romeo and Juliet. Such acts were not put in place till a few hundred years after the Exar Kun wars, which is supposedly the explanation for why the rule exists. Carth was poorly portrayed as rather then a brave war hero with a case of paranoia over the death of his family, and was shown as an anoying cowardly pranoid delusion who didn't understand enough of what was going on to do he job half decently without having a nervous break down. Bastila was supposed to be the cold selfish bratty jedi princess (similar to Leia) that warmed up. What was created was a cold lifeless anoying character with poorly explained pride, the character does warm up but outside of small chats here and there is the same character that we started out with, two clashing presonalities due to poor dialog. Zaalbar, the wookie that just wouldn't talk about anything, it is explained why but it does not explain the malice shown earlier towards the PC, a cold hatred, even after a lifedebt was given, all these things happened, the silent furball remained cold to all things. T3-M4 the useless pile of junk that followed the PC everywhere, not much to be said about him, he whirrs, he beeps, he boops, and he opens one door. The busy streets of taris were more like a walk through a park on a winter day. The music further complimented this. Infact throughout the game the music is slow going no matter where one is, unless it's a battle it's slow peaceful music reflecting a quiet time even though the galaxy is caught up in a massive war. Difficulty and Gameplay, well theres not much to expect of gameplay from an RPG, u level up, u choose ur attack que and let it unfold before you. Not much could be improved in such a limited system in my opinion, but thats just my opinion. I have yet to play KOTOR 2, but it sounds like a good mind bending game where everything isn't peiced together for you. Note that all of the above is opinions and veiws, no offense is intended, like what you like, don't like what u don't like, I'm just saying what I wanted to say.
  5. KOTOR 1 is overrated I beleive, the story was a peice together of elements from other games and movies. At first it was great, then it just began to realy seem boring and more rip off like every time I replayed it. I haven't played KOTOR 2 but it sounds better than KOTOR 1 These are all just my opinions
  6. It was said by Akari to be Atris if I recall correctly. I think the concept art and wallpaper had more of a medaphoric meaning of LS vs. DS that was nullified when Atris was made evil in the game plot, but ofcourse nobody but LA and Obsidian knew this so they just continued with it. But thats just what I think
  7. OT Movies- Make Up, Costumes, Puppets all cost money, after the sucess of the first film it wouldn't seem right to turn the galactic empire into an alien populated not human dominated society in the second or third movies, with them all being so close within the time period. KOTOR- Bioware lazyness, they were unoriginal and knew very little about star wars outside of what was directly shown in the official films. They didn't want to do different animation sets for more than 4-5 races so they elimated most of the non human races which could have been put in and put in the basic human like ones such as twileks, bith, those other dudes who were popular and invented a new race that again used human animations. They went out of their lazy way to create the selkath but did a poor job portraying nuetrality and turned them into a snobby acting pacifist race that didn't know what to do with itself, though it was an interesting situation they could have made it more beleivable. One thing I am getting pestered by in star wars games is the fact that the villan in 29 out of 30 times will be human, not to mention the dominant theme of running around killing sith wanna bes and finding clues/starmaps/whatever which somehow are used to find out/locate the enemy superweapon. I want to see some real living, pure alien sith running about using sith alchemy and some real military encounters with some real gameplay
  8. HK-47: most original character in KOTOR I hope to see him again in KOTOR 2, to hear his phsycotic comments again, muahahahhahaha. He is something that some people just don't get, and yet many just find hilarious.
  9. The more I read these thread the more I see mindless and idiotic posts piling up. RPGs are probaly the least intelligence required games, no need for decent aim, no need to know how to use ur weapon just let the comp do all that for you, whoever has the best weapons and stats wins. Don't bash the FPS genre just because ur no good at FPS games. It's rediculous to think that just because u don't like how something is played to say that it's a sucky overhyped game. It wasn't fun, in your opinion, in my opinion RPGs are only good for storylines, the rest is normal-crappy. No offense is intended, I just don't like mindless FPS genre bashings
  10. Race games are popular yes but no where near as popular as FPS games, sports related titles such as Maden are not realy all that popular in most of the gaming community. FPS' are integrating more and more vehicle elements, when u can drive around a jeep with a plasma cannon do you realy care about some racing game with no guns, no enemies and no story Again like my other post no offense intended
  11. same as above, no Halo 2 is an FPS with an incredibly massive following for an x-box game KOTOR 2 is a CRPG with a sizable fan following, nothing extrordinary for a recent SW game Halo 2 has great gameplay so I've heard aswell as great graphics, but a lacking storyline KOTOR 2 has poor gameplay (it's a CRPG u shouldn't expect half decent gameplay) a great storyline and slightly above average graphics Unfortunately I have no X-Box and will not be able to play either of the sequels, atleast until feb when KOTOR 2 goes PC. No insults intended
  12. He said the character that we (the community majority) refer to as Atris is seperate if I recall
  13. Akari previously stated the character being reffered to as "Atris" the WHC is seperate from the handmaiden
  14. I think this might be pre-cyborg grevious, look at the eyes
  15. I've been looking for a version showing the MSG and Atris not fighting but about to, yet to find it, can anyone help it's not the same wallpaper but I've seen it in avatars and sigs
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