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  1. I'm waiting for my mongoloid of a mother to get here with my dinner. Maybe a KFC chicken bowl, if Fortuna has allowed.
  2. i smoke cocaine <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I found a photo of you, or the best you'll ever be. Which is something for everyone to laugh at.
  3. Mira? Is that what you want? You want her? Oh, but I've trained as a handmaiden all my life, I'm here to serve you, to please you, to tease you, and I've been with other girls before, all my sisters, and I must say, nothing compares to it, but I think you and Mira will blow me out of the water, just tell me when and what you want me to bring baby and that vibrate better be equipped with a blast shot....
  4. Everything you do turns me on, and gets me hot and soaking with pleasure. I just hope that polish can stand heavy friction, but otherwise I'll have to see just how durable it is. And how big and throbbing.
  5. Oooo baby tell me more, you big hunk! Got a meat bag for me maybe?
  6. Guide me, slowly with your hands, tell me everything you want to do, anything crazy, I'm yours if you will have me...
  7. :Handmaiden walks in on Visas and T3: "Visas, you seem surprised. Is there anything I can help you with? Anything?"
  8. Hey man you can't blame people while they're under the influence of excessive amounts of alcohol. Right?
  9. Do you really want to hear my six page story about my handsome and dashing young lad encountering violence and jolly good fun on their escapades to save some damsel in distress while one secretly hides an unknown and dark and terrible hidden secret? Did I mention the violence? And I just think it could be better and Eddo could make it better, that's all. And by the way I gave him a ten.
  10. It doesn't live up to your classics, such as "Should women in the military have heads shaved?" or even "Where are all the restrooms at", but still I applaud you for your try. Not really, cause I hate vampires, but I love drinking away my "problems".
  11. looks like its already happened to you <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Saucy!
  12. Some of you still need to post your pictures.
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