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Which Play Style Do You Prefer?

Hero, Villain, Psycho, or Anti-Hero?  

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  1. 1. Which character type are you planning on going for in The Outer Worlds?

    • The Hero, because it's the right thing to do.
    • The Villain, because greed is good.
    • The Pyschopath, because lighting kittens on fire and hurling them at civilians while laughing maniacally is hilarious.
    • The Anti-Hero, because The Punisher in space needs to happen.

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That's great!  lol  Every now and then, I admit I'll just go gonzo and slaughter everything in sight, but that's typically when I feel lazy and I'm not serious about playing at the moment.  On the other hand, if the design team is good enough to create characters I dislike, I'm tempted to kill them off.  That is to say, if there's an important person in an organization and he starts to get under my skin, I'll start to talk and sometime respond with outright hostility.

Also, I love well-done evil dialogue.  I'm basically Dudley Do-Right in games, but I get real laughs out of the snidely whiplash dialogue.  Sometimes, great dialogue isn't evil per se.  I laughed out loud last night when I came across Eothas and one of my options was like:  "You stole my soul, you jackass!"  Not evil at all.  I was tempted to choose it because I kind of felt that way.  Still, I thought it was better to problem solve.

Hey, Gloomseeker, your post was entirely understandable.  I was quite tired and perhaps not thinking very clearly.  If I'd been speaking, I would undoubtedly have been slurring my words.  Instead, I'm afraid I slurred my typing.

EDIT:  I almost always just kill off slavers.  Rat bastards.

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"Not for the sake of much time..."

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9 hours ago, 213374U said:

Yep. 100% munchkin approach where in-game concerns trump roleplaying. I will protect you from great evils and so on and so forth, but will also take all of your valuables and possibly murder you later if the game allows and there's anything to be gained. Need to explore ALL the possibilities!

so you will be playing the usual Dragonborn/Link type of character.

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11 hours ago, DekarServerbot said:

so you will be playing the usual Dragonborn/Link type of character.

Nice, I'm stealing that.

-What's your roleplaying style?

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- When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast.

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This reminds me of Icewind Dale 2. There was a book in the  game entitled How to be an Adventurer that you could use for XP and the description was pretty funny:


"This ludicrously huge and heavy book - more a compilation of volumes in a single binding than anything else - claims to be an extensive manual on the "the fine art of adventuring." Its many chapters include:

- Henchmen: Loyal Companions or Seedy Pack-Mules?
- Making Your Kit Work for *You*
- 101 Uses for a 10' Pole
- Catapults: Yes, That's as Far as it Shoots
- Getting the Most Out of Your Party's Thief
- Today's Tinderbox - It's Not Just for Lighting Torches Anymore
- Dungeons to Tackle:
- Stinky Pieter's Halls o' Poorly Guarded Gold
- The Caves of Soundly Sleeping Monsters
- Archmage "Loose-Bowels" Wozley the Milksop's Enchanted Item Warehouse
- The Wooden Citadel of Darmos the Old and Crippled
- Uncle Fralin's Tool Shed
- ...and more!
- Dungeons To Avoid Like the Crotch-Rot:
- The Iron Fortress of Blodax, Devourer of Souls
- Dominara the Erinyes' Nine-Layered Brothel of Violent Emasculation (No Slaking... or Slating... allowed)
- The Crimson Hell-Pit of One Billion Miserable Deaths
- Uncle Fralin's Bedroom
- ...and more!
- Your Lantern and You
- Twelve Uses for Twelve Iron Spikes
- 99 Uses for That Little Hammer That Comes With Twelve Iron Spikes
- Face It, You're Actually "Neutral Evil"
- The King's Lovely Daughter: Look But Don't Touch
- Don't Put Your Hand in That Dark Hole

...and over eighty more information-packed chapters covering all aspects of adventuring, from hoarding to spell-casting and bold heroics to arse-saving cowardice."


Face It, You're Actually "Neutral Evil" is the one that stuck with me. If we're being entirely honest then we have to admit that in most cases between two different options most of us will pick the one which yields the more XP. 

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I play an anti-hero; I try to stick up for people that I feel are getting a raw deal or any kind of oppressed population, but I have absolutely *zero* mercy or compassion for the people who are exploiting or oppressing them. If the NPC is a slaver or is implied to have committed any kind of sexual crime, I will straight-up murder them and anybody who defends them, including their entire organization if the game let's me, and steal everything they own. Outside of that scenario, I will accept a bargain or negotiation *if* doing so is advantageous to both myself *and* the people I'm trying to help.

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I don't know.  I always go after slavers and no one ever accuses me of being a social justice warrior, although I'm quite social, I firmly believe in justice, and I endeavor to a warrior for the good.  ...But, no, not really an SJW in today's parlance.  I get where Katarack is coming from.  It's personal.  Kind of like the old DnD Chaotic Good with a little more bloodshed and a lot more 'good at the end of a barrel."  I've found, over the years, that I'm a law and order kind of guy.  I won't regale folks with real life examples, but, and this was surprising, I believe the laws of society are reflective of our desire for order and peace.  I believe those laws should be a guide and, where those laws are wrong, they should be changed.  Much different from my wildly liberal (in the classic sense) past.  Oh, I still believe the individual is paramount, but how that individual fits into society is the question.  This particular individual "points at self" pretends to lawful good.  That's why I don't use Katarack's playstyle, but it doesn't strike me as woke scold territory.  I won't beg pardon if I've offended anyone, but I won't go vendetta if someone responds angrily.

It's funny, I've always envisioned myself as a wizard or a rogue my whole life only to realize in middle age that I'm probably more of a paladin or bard.  Not a real paladin.  They're much more upright, stronger, and braver than me.  Not a real bard.  They have real talent.  ...But my predisposition would be so.

"Not for the sake of much time..."

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Jesus ****, is every single goddamn thing SJW now? Having women in your game that are combat capable, SJW. A playstyle that involves killing slavers, SJW. A plot that is in any way challenges or subverts the current system, SJW.

Just pull the political **** out of your mouth and play a ****ing game for gods sake.

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On 10/10/2019 at 1:00 PM, 213374U said:

Ha, I'm the complete opposite. I pocket everything that isn't nailed down

Ah, the "saving the world" tax.


I know it well.


I'm generally a "good guy" in games, protect the weak, punish the guilty, so on and so forth.


But if you've got something really shiny don't turn your back on it.

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9 hours ago, rjshae said:

I'd like a character that can grow over the course of a story into something that isn't as one-dimensional as a cartoon hero or villain.

I understand this, but that assumes a cartoon reward.  I don't trust myself to make an entirely coherent post at this post.

BUNCH OF EDITS:  let me leave it at this until/unless I feel a bit of more robust in my thought process.

Edited by MedicineDan

"Not for the sake of much time..."

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On 6/23/2019 at 10:17 AM, Katarack21 said:

Basically, I play a decent dude whose very loyal and caring to his friends and try's to do his best to help people who need it, but to slavers and those who exploit the vulnerable my character is a gleeful, raging psychopath with no sense of decency or mercy.

Sounds like Punisher in space then. That's most likely the path I'll end up on

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