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Are we done with major patches?

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I'm contemplating one more run, but before I start anything I want to make sure the "major patches" are over.  I think the additional content is done (thank you), but I was wondering if any final balancing was going to be tackled?  


In short, are we looking at the final product (outside of bugs)?  


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I did not encounter that drake wing sound, it was normal. So either it has been fixed or it might depend on your game setup. I am playing Path of the Damned with a full party.


I encountered it twice in my newest playthrough so far, once in the digsite and once in the Poko Kohara desert. I'm playing PotD with a full party with all scaling only upward and Galawain's Challenge.

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There is another instance of super loud drake wings, outside the ruins of Poko Kohara. The drake will be heard very loud the moment you enter the area.


Same thing happens when Llengrath boards your ship.


OP, it looks like they're adding a turn-based mode and some UI changes, so I would expect at least one more "big" patch. They still have another god challenge to add as well.

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There is still one more god challenge to be added, and the turn based mode that was leaked with last patch. As Frak mentioned already some elements of the game such as a few new subclasses could use a balance pass as well. I think at least one more major patch is coming.

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