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Looks good, acts like a barbarian that falls back to wounds to continue its damage with all the perks and interruption of a monk.  The berserker crit rate sounds like a great combo with heartbeat drumming passive and the strikes that give you a chance to do another strike.  You know, I wonder if carnage damage qualifies for shattered pillar wounds.

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My Ravager was kinda squishy for the first few levels. From 9+ or so he was impossible to kill, and he did so much damage that enemies were just exploding. The trick is to use a correct gear setup (hint: there is a weapon that procs knockdown a lot with your massive attack speed, and there is a belt that makes you pretty much immortal when you reach low health) and build your party with support in mind. I have Tekehu healing me with abilities, Palegina healing me passively and Ydwin restoring my resources, and later I'm gonna also grab Vatnir. Not to mention these characters also contribute to damage and CC (Palegina can use Sacred Immolation with fire PL gear and is still as immortal as ever), making my life easier. I always run into combat second, after my tank. And the best part is, I set the AI scripts so well that the only thing I (sometimes) do manually is using a drug.


TL;DR if you have low game knowledge, Ravager is bad, but if you metagame a little, it's hard to find a stronger DPS. Correct gear and party setup is key for both damage and survivability. Oh, I have never equipped Nemnok's Cloak and I never even used BDD with a Priest, ever.


And this is all POTD.

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10 Might at the cost of 50% more received damage is not really worth it i think.


That depends on whether you have ways to mitigate the extra damage or avoid it.


On a Ravager, I would probably advise against Helwalker. Frenzy already makes you more vulnerable by lowering your Deflection and concealing your Health; it doesn't help that the DoT is probably amplified by the Helwalker passive.


On a Brawler, on the other hand, it can be offset fairly well (as I did on the LoP) via Constant Recovery (which gets a boost from your increased MIG score.)

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I'll also throw my 2 cents in and agree with thundercleese that helwalker is fine on a ravager as long as you have other party members to take the heat off and toss him some heals. He will drop fast if focused, so don't let him get focused and he is a killing machine.

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Hey all - thanks for the input. I had to take a break but I'm back and want to build this class. Gonna go with Aumaua (sheesh it's hard to type that) with high Mig and medium Con and Per.


I want to avoid Berserker for gameplay and RP reasons so I'll prob go vanilla Barb. For Monk, how is Shattered Pillar? Leaning towards Nalpazca but willing to try something different. Appreciate the Helwalker shoutouts but I'd like to avoid squishiness.


Lastly, what are some abilities / equipment a Ravager shouldn't miss? Any ability combinations to avoid? Thx in advance.

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