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16.02.2019 UPDATED



Goldmagi has a body, touched by the god’s hand,

Watcher Captain’s fate knows no rest till the end,

There is one Knight to Eora's herself, who is able to defend,      

There is no rival to your power, all souls friend…



Arcane Knight (Paladin/Wizard)
Two-Weapon user, self buffer, aoe/single dps and tank with perfect multiclass / subclass / gear synergy.
Subclasses: Goldpact Knight/Evoker
Author: Enurale
Game Version: 4.1.1
Difficulty: PotD
Solo: Yes








*** PROS:

* Mixing high defenses of paladin and unique and per combat spells of wizard.
* Paladin/Wizard attacks "and" fire attacks, EXCEPTIONALLY matches with +FIRE PL, +PL, +FIRE DAMAGE, +FIRE DAMAGE TO HEALT items/buffs/auras.
---- You will have +13! POWER LEVEL wiz fire / +10 POWER LEVEL pal fire / +11 POWER LEVEL wiz frost potential.
------- Evoker: +2 EVOKER POWER LEVEL
------- Magran's Favor: +2 POWER LEVEL FIRE
------- Magran's Favor: +5 BURN DAMAGE per kil / 4x stacks  / +20 BURN DAMAGE per attack

------- Magran's Favor: +5 ACTION SPEED per kil / 4x stacks  / +20% ACTION SPEED per attack
------- Magran's Favor:  Kills With Magran's Favor deal burn damage to nearby enemies 15% DAMAGE AS BURN

------- Sun and Moon: +5% chance to REPEAT FIRE ATTACKS Stacks with Wizard Evoker (Check Screenshot blow)
------- Sun and Moon: Night +2 FIRE POWER LEVEL
------- Sun and Moon: Day +2 FROST POWER LEVEL +++ Wizard (N. Shadowflame+Blasr of Frost mainly)
------- Sun and Moon: +25%+ BURN DAMAGE +25% FROST DAMAGE to weapon attacks AND all "add+burn damages stacks!
------- Sun and Moon: +25% Burn Damage from weapons returns as BURN DAMAGE TO +HEALT
------- Firethrower Gloves: +1 POWER LEVEL EVOKER
------- Otto Starcat: +1 POWER LEVEL FIRE
------- Priest: Litany of The spirit +1 ALL POWER LEVEL

------- Potion of Ascension: +2 ALL POWER LEVEL

------- Nature Godlike: +1 POWER LEVEL
------- Hot Razor Skeewers: +1 POWER LEVEL

* Evoker gives extra Power Level to spells which is already have high Power level via items.
* Goldpact gives extra AR and +15 ALL DEFENSES anf easy disposition checks.
* A sustain melee DPS'er for long combats (a.k.a mega bosses) as paladin, a burst damage dealer for short combats as wizard. (90% of the combats are short)
* Great AOE potential and can kill mass crowds with 1-6 aoe spells as wizard evoker.
* This character perfect scroll user with fire and frost elemental damage, good scroll user with no-rest concept.
* Great build for interactions, conversationss and dispositions.
* No-rest approach, buffing phase(described below, check playstyle), perfect itemization and power level stacking creates a monster, check max incombat stats screenshot.
* Very fast and powerfull self bufs with wizard.
* Great compatibility with preferred items (check gear list)
* Dual wielding Main tank! (Thanks to no-rest approach, self buffes and paladin defenses)
* Easy early game on PotD.
* Perfectly comatible with NINAGAUTH'S TEACHINGS grimoire.

*** CONS:

* Your spell and zeal resources are limited, you must use scrolls, potions and self empower on mega bosses, chanters and ciphers uses limitless resources on mega bosses. 
* You will be at front line, rarely your spells will be interrupted, i saw this on very limited occasions, check concentration points.









*** CLASS: Arcane Knight


Actually, a wizard with choosen spells and powerful inspirations in her arsenal, a powerful class. New system allows to use all of your self inspirations at start of every combat, this and multiclass choices makes the mage better than POE1 wizard tank. Paladin, especially Goldpact order is a reliable dps and thanks to deep faith (+15 all defenses) and gilded enmity (+1 for every unspend zeal, +4 armor) is a very powerful tank.

When wizard and paladin beautifully mixed, you can create a killing and tanking machine with no constitution and resolve.



*** SUBCLASSES: Evoker / Goldpact Knight

Wizard (Evoker)
Most of spells nerfed, but wizard have acces to really powerful and "unique" spells, like Ninagauths Shadowflame. Power level is not critically important for inspirations, for damage, PL is really important, and most damaging spells bolongs to evoker side. Also Evoker not looses important spells or schools.


Paladin (Goldpact Knight)
Goldpact Paladins “Gilded Enmity/Sworn Rival” ability is powerful, it gives you high amount of armor point also damage bonus AND you can regain the point when you kill the marked enemy. also Armor count depends on your total zeal, that "Sworn Rival-regain talent" means you will get high armor until the end of combat. Flames of devotion hits hard and you can upgrade it for more burn damage (or party burn damage bonus).
*** Playing "Goldpact Knight order" is easier than most paladin orders, because of "Stoic and Rational" favored and "Aggressive and Passionate" disfavored dispositions. Personally, i cant play as a Bleak walker.



*** RACE: Nature Godlike or Pale Elf

Nature Godlike: just because of more power level. There are good helmets but most of them late game items and you can use these helmets on other party members too. NG racial bonus is easily accesible with wizard inspiration from the beginning of combat. Also Godlike race have very good conversation checks.


Pale Elf: After nature godlike power level bonus nerfed from 2 to 1, we can chose our race more freely now. This means we can use helmets too, and there is good hetmets to equip. My personal race choice is pale elf because of their extra burn/frost armor rating and they have no racial dump stat.



*** BACKGROUND: Deadfire Archipelago - Aristocrat, Raider, Mercenary or Slave

Just because of conversation checks, Deadfire and Arictocrat has highest conversation check numbers, raider, slave and mercenaty has very good combination.



*** ATTRIBUTES: Raw-Blessed-Enhanced-Incombat buffed

Raw numbers and with Berath’s Blessing
Might: 18 - 20
Constitution: 3 - 5
Dexterity: 18 - 20
Perception: 18 - 20
Intelligence: 18 - 20
Resolve: 3 - 5
Highest Possible non-combat Numbers (Berath and all No rest Passive bonuses, see screenshot)
Might: 26
Constitution: 14
Dexterity: 29
Perception: 26
Intelligence: 28
Resolve: 16
In combat actively buffed (priest+wizard mainly) Numbers, see screenshot:
Might: 31
Constitution: 19
Dexterity: 34
Perception: 32
Intelligence: 34
Resolve: 21
Out of combat defenses:
102 Deflection  136 Fortitude  162 Reflex  151  Will (possible to have better defenses)
15 Armor rating (Devil of Caroc Armor)




Which skills to choose for which party member, depends on your party combination.
* Importance vise, you need 15 arcana for highest spell casting.
* Not solo.
Atletics 10   >   Arcana 15   >   Sleight of Hands  8    >   Stealth  6   >   others

* Importance vise.
* Not solo.
Survival 10  >   Insight   >   Metaphysics   >  Streetwise  >  History  > Diplomacy  >  others


*** WEAPONS-Proficiency:


You will use "Two-Weapon Style".
Profiency is only important for “Proficient Weapon Damage bonuses” from items, not for their modals.
Actually there is no need to grab proficiencies based on our weapon preferences without an item with proficiency bonus. +DPS weapon proficiencies; Axe, Sword, Raiper for melee
Battle Axe: 1 (Magran's Favor)
Sabre :  1 (St. Drogga Skull)
Sword :  2 (Modwyr)
Mace : 3 (an early and a late good mace in game)
Pistol : 4 (Eccaea's Arcane Blaster)
Flail : 5 (Sun and Mon)
Rapier : 6 (Or anything)



*** BUFFS / BLESSINGS - No rest:


Blessings of Berath:

Most Important:   Bonus Attributes + Double Skill + Unique Vendor + Infamous Captain

Second Important:   50k gold + 5k gold + Eder's Pet
All others:   Quality of life

Hot-Razor Skeevers

+2 Weapon Penetration +2 Might +1 All Power-Level

Main: Otto Starcat: +1 All fire power-level / %5 damage to AOE

Eder: Milx: +1 Intellect / %5 damage to spells and abilities

Prostitution buff:

Rabyuna’s Boon: 1 Dexterity, 1 Might, 2 Resolve. Must.


Get all trainings you can, every trainings costs for 3000, so keep some Money.

Cauldron Brew:

+1 Perception
Inherited buffs from first game:
I dont have any of them because all inherited buffs for jerks :p

Other “No Rest” Buffes (IMPORTANT):
Map events gives that buffs generally.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE AND LINKS: Check your obtained buffs frequently, you must keep all of your obtained buffs till Ukaizo. Check links below, and gather all positive no-rest status effects:

And check forced and semi forced rests; "do the quests of the companions, who will remain outside the party" and "forced rest quests, like dirty laundry and weapon reforge in the periki overlook" BEFORE  no rest run starts.

Check Screenshots Below for the all active buffes (includes "inn" buff, Konstanten's Massage)

Gear and Enchanting:
Get flat defense and damage increases from gear enchantment, low “chance to” enchantments not worth to take.

Special Mentioning; Priest:

Priest is an overpowered buffer in Pillars of Eternity. Get all totally or partitially stackable buffes from her.

Self, pots, scrolls:
Fleet Feet, Infuse with Vital Essences, Eternal Devotion, Gilded Enmity. Other self bufs, potions, scrolls up to you.



*** GEAR:  Mostly choosen for Extra Attributes and Damage


Attribute checks affects most of conversations also attributes gives good, flat, measurable DPS/DEFENCE increases.  “Chance to X” things generally isnt good enough.



Charm of Bones


Devil of Caroc Breastplate (Legendary)

Charmelon’s Touch
Kuaru's Prize

Boots of the Stone

Cloak of the Theocrat

Weathere Grimore  >>>  Ninagauth's Teachings


Firethrower Gloves
Girdle of Eoten Constitution


Magran’s Favor (Mythical)

Sun and Moon (Legendary)





Easy, short recommendation; ship hunting and bounties.





[W]  : Wizard
[P]  : Paladin
[PW]  : Both

Adjusted for the Grimoire > [NINAGAUTH'S TEACHINGS]


LEVEL 1-Creation:

[P]  Flames of Devotion

[P]  Gilded Enmity
[W]  Fleet Feet

[P]  Deep Faith


[P]  Retribution


[P]  Zealous Aura
[W]  Infuse With Vital Essences


[P]  Two Weapon Style


[PW]  Inspiring Triumph


[P]  Sworn Rival
[PW]  Combat Focus


[P]  Eternal Devotion


[P]  Divine Purpose


[P]  Exalted Endurance (if you are the only paladin in party take Exalted Focus, otherwise Exalted Endurance is better for main, because of Dawnstar Blessing)
[W]  Scion of Flames


[W]  Secrets of Rime

[W]  Minoletta's Concussive Missiles


[W]  Blast of Frost

[PW]  Uncanny Luck


[W]  Rapid Casting


[W]  Farcasting


[P]  Improved Critical
[W]  Mimoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst


[P]  Practiced Healer (for Exalted Endurance and Heal Scrolls, heal scrolls important for mega bosses)


[P]  Glorious Beacon


[P]  Stoic Steel
[PW]  Tough


[P]  Inspired Beacon






YOU!  - S tier killing machine and tank.

XOTI - Priest Single class (S tier buffer) > Scordeo's Trophy and Xoti's Lantern

PALLEGINA - Chanter Paladin Multiclass, for Zealous Focus, healing, chants and scroll casting > Sasha's Singing Schimitar and Magran's Blessing
EDER - Fighter Rogue Multiclass, for pet slot and Two-Weapon Style Front line damage dealer > Modwyr and Animancer's Energy Blade/Ranning's Wrath

--- Last Spot totally depends on your preference ---
MAIA, BEST DPS - Wizard Ranger Multiclass, the best damage dealer companion in the game > "The Red Hand" Arquebus and correct build.

TEKEHU, HEALER, SAFE AOE DPS, BUFFER - Druid Chanter Multiclass OR Chanter Single class; best healer with druid side, great subclass with chanter side > Chromoprismatic quarterstaff



ALOTH: Wizard Single Class for dps, Wizard Fighter Multiclass for main tank (replecable with Eder as frontline or Maia as dps)
SERAFEN: Cipher Single Class for dps, defuff and protection, (replecable with Maia as range dps, Tekehu as caster)





You start to the game as one of the most powerful multiclasses in the game and at the end game with no-rest bonuses, you will shine as a demi-god. 
Start to combats with buffing phase, use "potion of ascension" if combat one of the hardest combat in the game, mark all mobs with Sworn Rival, use spells when you reach highest incombat stats. When all of your spells used, use FOD (your zeals will return when you kill an enemy with sworn rival mark) and when all of your zeal points spent, (at this point all mobs should have been dead except Nemnok and Mega Boss combats) use your scrolls of elemental damage, 15 arcana really handy.




General combat route:

--- You:

* Use "Potion of Ascension (if needed)

* Mark every mob with Sworn rival and spare one zeal point for eternal devotion (for 15 sec, adds fire damage to all your damaging actions)

* Use Nature's Bounty (Druid Spell Potion) if available in your Quickslot

* Get priests acute buff (Litany of the Spirit) before self buffes;

* Use Infuse with Vital Essesnces

* Use Fleet Feet
* Use Glorious Beacon on mob crowd (if needed)

* Use Flames of Devotion (FOD) for getting Eternal Devotion buff
* Get Palleginas Shared Flames Buff from her FOD meanwhile your Eternal Devotion hit

* In that phase priest already would have cast all buffs (includes Champions Boons on you) on party

* Use your AOE spells after checking mob immunities and defences, Ninagauth's Death Ray and Ninagauth's Shadowflame is stupidly powerful, Minoletta's x, fire ball, blast of frost will melt mob crowds.
* Kill remaining mobs with FOD.
* Use Your scrolls

* Use Empower on character portrait (if needed, on your portrait not on spell or ability, Empowering is the most limited source for no-rest run)

* If still mobs on the battlefied, that means, you killing a megaboss or you did something wrong, %95 of combats ends in AOE/FOD phase.

--- Priest:

* Minor Avatar (at the very beginning of of the combat)

* Use Druid's "Nature's Bounty Potion" from your Quickslot (if available as talent)

* VVV Spellshaping on all buffs below VVV Decrease area size to gain power level / Duration bonus

* Dire Blessing

* Devotions for the Faithfull

* Litany of the Spirit (on you)

* Champion's Boons (on you)
* Shield for the Faithful

* Holy Meditations

* Symbol of the Eothas

* 2x Salvation of Time

* Damage with weapon and remaining spells

--- Druid/Chanter: (Aefyllath Ues.../Ancient Memory)

* Nature's Bounty (at the very beginning of of the combat) This spell fills all quicksloth with "Nature's Bounty" potion.

* Within Ngati's Embrace, Nothing Could Touch Her OR Woodskin

* Use Nature's Mark on mobs

* Use Moonwell, Nature's Balm, The Moon Light wheen needed

* Damage with remaining spells


--- Paladin/Chanter: (Zealous Focus - Old Siec.../The Silver Knights...)

* Cast Empowered "For They Do Enjoy, Stomping Your Head" (at the very beginning of of the combat, with mentioned weapon you can use empower on every combat)

* Use Druid's "Nature's Bounty Potion" from your Quickslot (if available as talent)
* Give Shared Flames via FOD

* Mark Mobs with Sworn Enemy

* Do dps and give periodically FOD buf to the party.


--- Other Characters:

* Use Druid's "Nature's Bounty Potion" from your Quickslot (if available as talent)
* Use personal buffs

* Stay in buffing area

* Do DPS





Enjoy!  :)



Watcher Knightmagi Lady Enurale




Edited by Enurale
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Yeah, curious as to how the build fares in 'normal' conditions, I don't want to play with the freebies or spend ages painstakingly cheesing the buffs. I guess without it you have to slice a big chunk off all the numbers, so you have to be far more careful not to get swarmed by enemies in solo conditions. In a party I'm sure it'll still do very well.

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Yes its possible to play iwthout no res buss and blessings but you need to increase cons/res stats for better survivablity, and manage combats more carefully.




Changed game version to: 4.0+



Edited by Enurale

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I notice you use Spirit Shield & Gilded Enmity. Do these two actually stack, providing +7 armor?


If not, would they stack with partial armor bonuses, such as what is provided by the Chanter Invocation Not felled by Axe, nor by Storm (something like that)?


EDIT: Just did a test, and it appears the results are negative; they don't appear to stack.

Edited by hansvedic

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Build totally rewamped by this date: 16.02.2019

*** Ability Choices changed

*** Party preferences changed

*** Gear Preferences changed

*** Skill chpices changed

NEW INCOMBAT STATS (perception not maxed)



Edited by Enurale

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Yes. You'll probably want to shuffle some of the gear around, but the basic thing still works fine.

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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Hi all,

I returned to the game for expansions after a long break and i see, many things changed.

Paladin overall seriously nerfed, wizard defenses nerfed and no rest runs nerfed a bit, but im checking this build atm with a new gameplay. Ill update this build soon and if im not get satisfied, ill build another power-play character.

I dont now WHY paladin get nerfed on "every single patch", this makes paladin much less enjoyable and hurts multiclass choices. There is no buff also... I can hear answers, "because paladin was op as multiclass", but if you nerf op abilities, you need to buff weak abilities too, and paladinm almost got nothing good.
Wizards got nerfs too but i can understand why, wizard is hard to balance character due to its too many spells and spells can be op or weak easily. Yes, wizard is  weaker now bcs of spell damage amount nerfs but wizard still stands proudly and balanced.

Chipher nore viable and enjoyable now, especially inparty, Im planning to look to one of this builds:
--- Ranger/Cipher
--- Wizard/Cipher
--- Rogue/Cipher

You can comment your choice,

Ty all :)

Edited by Enurale

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Pure Cipher.


Also, now with Wizard you can consider Bloodmage.  Never run out of wiz resources.   Perfect for fire for missile spam.  

Edited by Marigoldran

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Pure Cipher.


Also, now with Wizard you can consider Bloodmage.  Never run out of wiz resources.   Perfect for fire for missile spam.  

Except you can't empower with Bloodmage.  Which is what make missiles really special, even post nerfs.

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I'm leaning towards ranger/cipher because there aren't many ranger builds in general. Same for cleric but that wasn't a choice.

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Pure Cipher.


Also, now with Wizard you can consider Bloodmage.  Never run out of wiz resources.   Perfect for fire for missile spam.  

Except you can't empower with Bloodmage.  Which is what make missiles really special, even post nerfs.



yes, but you can spam them more.  Have a cipher give you Driving Echoes and it should be fine.  


Like this:


Edited by Marigoldran

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Wizard / Cipher is a poor choice, as non-weapon based spells don't generate Focus and wizard doesn't have passives that would benefit the Cipher.


Ghost Heart / Ascendant is good for single target Accuracy (good for landing those charms / disintegrates) and a convenient disposable anchor for your Ectopsychic Echo you can summon behind enemy lines.


Streetfighter (blunderbuss with Powder Burns) / Ascendant is pretty potent, can cast quick-cast powers (such as Mind Blades) at machine-gun speed while Ascended... but he wants to have his Perception (therefore Accuracy) permanently debuffed and his martial damage output makes the use of Cipher powers for damage questionable. So its strong, but personally I don't like it so much.


Trickster / Soulblade is a pretty good offtank/melee DD. Works well, with the usual caveat that Soulblade tends to be a bit of a 1-trick pony (although now you also have the rogue abilities to play with/alterate between).


IMO you have not listed the Cipher multiclass I consider best: Ascendant / Helwalker monk. The huge Might boosts greatly benefits your Cipher powers. Less speed boost then on a triggered Streetfighter, but also a respectable boost, extra Pen, extra Accuracy with Enduring dance (for all targets in aoe, not just one marked/attacked by companion, as is the case for the ranger) and once Duality: Int comes online, your powers are supercharged with huge aoes and long durations. Its a major difference, really. Suddenly some powers, which are otherwise a little meh, such as Mental Binding or Eyestrike, become hugely useful, as their duration / aoe size is now decent. Also your Ascension duration gets extended by the large Int. Oh and aoe Stunning Surge with dual mortars is pretty fun too.

Its a perfect synergy.

Edited by Haplok

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Wizard / Cipher is a poor choice, as non-weapon based spells don't generate Focus and wizard doesn't have passives that would benefit the Cipher.


Actually wizard side is a buffmachine for cipher. Most of spells has 0,3 sec cast time and in 2 sec we can get a full buffed cipher for loooooong time. Also cipher has good defensice and offansive castable buffs. This combo gives to a character, 2 different spell pool, ranged or melee (i prefer ranged onthis combo) strenght and wast flexibility. Buffed cipher will be better as def and also attack, this will generate more focus and throwing some fireballs and other good wiz spells like wirewall+combus always handy.

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Which still can't compare with focus generation from martial abilities & passives.

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Hello everyone!

This build totally rewamped! 


Updated for this date : 16.02.2019  and this version number:


I'll add  :  PROS / CONS
I'll add  :  ALL ACTIVE EFFECTS / NO REST BUFFS screenshots

I'll add  :  No-rest Questing and Map order to this build
I'll add  :  Some Damage Number Screenshots.


My new build will be : Cipher (Ascended) / Warrior (Devoted) <coming soon>

Edited by Enurale
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Might be noob question, but how did you choose zealous focus at level 3 if multiclassing unlocks that tier at level 4? Am I missing something ?

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Its not "Zealous Focus" its "Zealous Aura".

EDIT: I Checked Again and corrected the ability picking order.

Edited by Enurale

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Zealous Focus is part of Zealous Aura. Zealous Aura is the whole thing that contains Zealous Focus, Zealous Endurance and Zealous Charge as modals. Exalted Focus, Exalted Endurance and Exalted Charge are the upgrades from Power Level 4.

Zealous Aura is Power Level 2 - and afaik a multiclass char reaches PL 2 at charcter level 4, not 3.



Is your level progression unmodded? Or did it change lately? I didn't notice - but I also didn't pay a lot of attention to it. ;)

Edited by Boeroer

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Was about to respond, I knew i wasnt crazy, thank you @Boeroer. That's what I meant, Zealous Aura is PL2, which is unlocked level 4. (BTW still using this build) I also did some digging around and noticed a dedicated tank isnt sort of useful in POE2, and currently this "tank" is definitely in line with the dps.

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