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Arcane Knight build character build; multiclass build;

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Goldmagi has a body, touched by the god’s hand,

Watcher Captain’s fate knows no rest till the end,

There is one Knight to Eora's herself, who is able to defend,      

There is no rival to your power, all souls friend…




Arcane Knight (Paladin/Wizard)

Dual-wielding, self buffing, killing machine with tanking capacity and endless zeal resource.
Subclasses: Goldpact Knight/Evoker
Author: Enurale
Game Version: 1.1.0
Difficulty: PotD
Solo: Untested










CLASS: Arcane Knight


Actually, a wizard with Minoletta Missiles variants and powerful inspirations in her arsenal, a superpowered class. New system allows to use all of your self inspirations at start of every combat, this and multiclass choices makes the mage better than POE1 wizard tank. Paladin, especially Goldpact order is a reliable dps and thanks to deep faith (+21 all defenses) and gilded enmity (+1 for every unspend zeal+4 armor) is a very powerful tank.

When wizard and paladin beautifully mixed, you can create a killing and tanking machine with no constitution and resolve.





SUBCLASSES: Evoker / Goldpact Knight

Wizard (Evoker)
Just because, recovery penalty for enchanting is not that important to you, you will have enermous amount of dexterity, and every power level for dps is very wellcome. Also it’s good because you can experience sometimes “totally absurd” damage numbers with M. Missiles doublecast. I saw; 12 hit 42 crit with a single “Minoletta Concussive Missiles”, each numbers of hit was between 20-29 you can multiply this numbers with hit+crit counts, This means average, 1500 damage with a single spell. There is a screenshot i’ll share at botom of this build, and it was not the highest one. It did total 5500 damage AOE with a single cast. Each single damage was around 450-523 damage. 523 was my highest single hit, and it can reach up to 600+.

Paladin (Goldpact Knight)
Goldpact Paladins “Sworn Rival” ability is a game changer, it gives you high amount of armor point also damage bonus AND you can regain the point when you kill the enemy, also Armor count depends on your total zeal, that "Sworn Rival-regain talent" means you will get high armor until the end of combat. Flames of devotion hits like a truck and you can upgrade it for more self damage or more party damage. Deadfire Archipelago has 157 unique conversation checks as culture and this is way higher than the the sum of all others. Also, Aristocrat has the highest number of conversation checks among backgrounds. Also Goldpact Knights has the highest conversation check among paladin orders.

*** Playing "Goldpact Knight order" is easier than most paladin orders, if you want to play as a logical and cautious person rather than short tempered and aggressive person. Its favored dispositions, "Stoic and Rational" and disfavored dispositions, "Aggressive and Passionate". Personally, i cant play as a Bleak walker.






RACE: Nature Godlike

Just because of more power level. There are good helmets but most of them comes when you got close to the end of the game and you can use these helmets on other party members. Also with wizard, you can gain this racial bonus with a single and super fast inspiration at combat start. Also Godlike race has very good conversation checks.


RACE ALTERNATIVE: After nature godlike power level bonus nerfed from 2 to 1, we can chose our race more freely now. This means we can use helmets too, and there is good hetmets to equip. My race choice, Hearth orlan for +crit chance or Pale Elf, because no racial dump stat bonus plus good visual and a bit fire/frost armor rating.




BACKGROUND: Deadfire Archipelago-Aristocrat

Just because of conversation checks, Deadfire and Arictocrat has highest conversation check numbers.





ATTRIBUTES: Raw-Blessed-Enhanced-Incombat buffed

Raw numbers and with Berath’s Blessing
Might: 18 - 20
Constitution: 3 - 5
Dexterity: 18 - 20
Perception: 18 - 20
Intelligence: 18 - 20
Resolve: 3 - 5

Enhanced Numbers (Berath, Gear, prostitute, food, cauldron and No rest Passive bonuses)
Might: 23
Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 24
Perception: 21
Intelligence: 24
Resolve: 14

In combat actively buffed (priest+wizard mainly) Numbers:
Might: 28
Constitution: 18
Dexterity: 29
Perception: 26
Intelligence: 29
Resolve: 19

In combat defenses (two weapon) at level 18 without POTD defense event passive bonus
No direct defense ring/cloak for cloak +10 without Deflection +5 for each ring without Deflection

106 Deflection  149 Fortitude  164 Reflex  160  Will (possible to have better defenses)
14 Armor rating (Devil of Caroc Armor)





Which skills to choose for which party member, depends on your party combination.

* Importance vise, you need 15 arcana for highest spell casting.
* Not solo.
Atletics (At least 6)   >   Arcana (+15 for Great Maelstorm scroll)   >   Sleight of Hands (8-10)   >   Stealth (recommended 5 for everyone, 15+ for someone except main hero)   >   others


* Importance vise.
* Not solo.
Survival (at least 6, mine,  8   >   Insight   >   Diplomacy   >   Metaphysics   >   others







You will use "Two-Weapon Style".

Profiency is only important for “Proficient Weapon Damage bonuses” from items, not for their modals.

Battle Axe: 1
Dagger: (any proficiency)
Mace: 3 (with Fort Maje club)
Pistol: 2 (2x just for pull)
Rapier: 5 (2x Legendary)
Sabre: 1 (Good for early game)
Sword: 4 (Soulbound)
Uunarmed: Auto

Importance and taking order changes for the best weapon you have. You will use two weapon and at the end of the game, my weapons were battle axe and sabre.







Blessings of Berath:

Most Important: Bonus Attributes + Double Skill + Unique Vendor

Second Important: 50k gold+5k gold
All others: Quality of life

Captain’s Banquet (Scavenger Hunt Codes gives 10 piece)

+20% spell damage +20% Action Speed + Immunities

Eviee: +2 Resolve and Resistance to Resolve Afflictions
Only pet with two point attributes


Prostitution buff:

Rabyuna’s Boon: 1 Dexterity, 1 Might, 2 Resolve. Must.



Get all trainings you can, every trainings costs for 3000, so keep some Money.

Other “No Rest” Buffes (IMPORTANT):
Map events gives that buffs generally.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check your obtained buffs frequently, you must keep all of your obtained buffs till end of the game, looting some map places (sunken ships etc.) and resting at shrines removes all of your buffes! You have to use quick save at front of these locations and reload after first time looting, when you reload, looting will not remove your buffs. You will not use rest ever after first food buff gain, dont get Fort Maje Childrens of Dawnstars buff before your first food/prostitude buff gain, this means you need to go to Neketaka as fast as you can. You can use  other Incredible food bufs for your party, like Mohara Wrap.




Priest overpowered buffer in Pillars of Eternity. You need to get every buff at start of combat, which you cannot provide it to yourself.


Gear Enchanting:
Get flat defense and damage increases from gear enchantment, low “chance to” enchantments not worth to take imo.





GEAR:  Mostly choosen for Extra Attributes and Damage


For many pieces, there can be better pieces in the game, but attribute checks affects most conversations also attributes gives good, flat, measurable increases, personally i dont like “chance to” things. Also high attribue scores gives me a physchological satisfaction J.


(+2 attr. and %5 extra damage aura)
Baubless of the Fin  or Strand of Favor



(Best Overall Chest in the Game)

Devil of Caroc Breastplate


(+2 attr +1 skill and // +2 attr.)
Charmelon’s Touch
Kuaru Prize



(+3 stat)
Boots of the Stone


(+2 stat)
Cloak of the Theochat (there is better cloaks for sure, this choice for max stat stacking)


(Good Spell Combination)

1- Grimoire

2- Blood-Soaked Grimoire

3- Ninagauth's Teachings
4- Weathered Grimoire

5- Other grimoires with unique spells


You will change your grimoires before combat, according to encounter needs.


(+2 Stat +3 Skill +2 Evoker Power level, the most important item in the game)

Firethrower Gloves


(+3 stat)
Girdle of Eoten Constitution



(Equip best weapons you have untill your ultimate weapons is found)

Magran’s Favor: Extra fire damage, penetration, crit damage

Aldris Blade of Captain’s Crow: Good crit chance addition






Easy, short recommendation; ship hunting and bounties.






[W]  : Wizard
[P]  : Paladin



You need to choose a grimoire and combine the most important spells with it. I recommend “Grimoire”.


You need to prioritize paladin abilities, because you already have grimoire and most of spells you need for damaging comes from  “Grimoire”.


LEVEL 1-Creation:

[P]  Flames of Devotion: Neverending damage ability, hits like truck and fast with this build

[P]  Gilded Enmity: One of the best abilities in the game, Gives armor (unspend zeal+4) and extra damage (20%)
[W]  Fleet Feet: good for fast dexterity gain also 100% stride


[P]  Deep Faith: Starts with 10 all defenses, increases to 21 all defenses with Stoic&Rational Conversations, dont speak with Passionate&Aggressive manner.


[W]  Wizard's Double: +40 deflection until you succesfully hit. This will help when you stack enough deflection.

[W] Fan of Flames: If the Fan of Flames not comes from your Grimoire, you can take this spell, actually this spell is handy at any level for damaging or blowing up firepowder barrels. Its cone really wide and long.


[W]  Infuse with Vital Essences: [+5 Intellect, +5 constitution]

[P] Zealous Aura: Focus / +5 accuracy aura.


[P]  Two Weapon Style: -15% recovery while using a weapon each hand. Faster swings.


[P]  Inspiring Triump: +12 all defenses. You will kill most of targets, so this buff will be a permanent boon for your party.


[W]  Llengrat’s Displaced Image: A super defensive spell, good for tanking.

[P]  Sworn Rival: Your spent zeal will return after target get killed! Perfect!


[P]  Shared Flames: 15% extra burn damage for everyones attack except you, use party damage abilities after your first Flames of devotion, everyone will hit extra burn damage, you can keep up this buff till combat ends.


[P]  Retribution: 5x stacking - 5% damage/per hit taken


[W]  Scion of Flames:  For better fire casts, and devotion. +1 penetration.

[P]  Exalted focus: %5 more crit addition for your accuracy aura.


[P]  Glorious Beacon: Good for its blind effect, but glorious when you got Inspired beacon. Get full buffed, use inspired beacon, use empowered “Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst” while 7+ Mob tanking, you can see, 500 ish damage per target. In one of my combats, it hit to 14 target for “14 crit!” and did 6000+ damage!, i have a ss on low level, it did 5000+ damage on 13 crit hit.


[P]  Lay on Hands: Its handy, fast and powerfull heal, but its not mandatory, you can take a passive talent like “Inspired Path” for more powerfull Gilded Enmity armor.

AT THIS POINT YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR GRIMOIRE: “Blood Soaked Grimoire” is a good choice, also, keep grimoires which includes unique spells and your old done, “Grimoire”. You can respec your character for your new grimoire and change duplicated spells between grimoire and ability tree, this will not erase your acquired one-rest buffs.

[W]  Blast of Frost: Very high frost damage with good lenght.

[P]  Inspired Beacon: for 40% extra damage done to “Glorious Beacon blind effect” affected enemies.


[P]  Greater Lay on Hands:  Greater version is very good. If one of your party members is engaged by an enemy, use this; armor rating and hot effect will keep him/her alive. If you got Inspired Path on level 12, get another good passive on this level, like Farcasting.


[W] Uncanny Luck: Resistance isnt inportant but 5% more crit rate is very wellcome.


[W]  Mimoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst: One of the highest hitting AOE in the game, if you use it full buffed, empowered.

[P]  Virtuous Triumph: Youll kill most of targets in your party, this will be an unending zeal provider for you.


[W]  Improved Critical: 10% more damage on crits very wellcome.


[W]  Rapid Casting: 10% faster casting on spells, faster is better, always.


[W]  Tough [OR] Penetrating Empower: Tough is a survival passive, if your hp seems to very low to you take it, if not, take Penetreting Empower.

[P]  Potent Empower: More damage for empowered attacks.


[W]  Accurate Empower: For higher crit chance on empowered attacks but this is not mandoroty, you can take any good passive like farcasting, tough, inspired path if you not take them.







PARTY: Just my opinions



YOU! S tier killing machine and off-tank.

BUFFER SUPPORT: (just take her, most important party member after your main character)

Xoti – Priest Single class (S tier buffer)



DAMAGE DEALER: (take Aloth “or” Maia as second wizard, but possible to get both)

Aloth – Wizard Single class (Aloth is a grumpy cat but hes a wizard so hes good)

Maia – Wizard Ranger Multiclass



MAIN TANK: (take Pallegina “or” Eder)

Eder – Fighter Rogue - Max deflection Riposte tank

Pallegina – Chanter Paladin Multiclass, most important plus to Eder is chanter side of her.



SUPPORT DPS/CC/DEBUFFER/BUFFER/HEAL: (More control Serafen, More heal Tekehu)

Tekehu – Chanter Druid Multiclass, he has everything a bit

Serafen – Single cipher (lowest dps in my party, but i like Serafen’s personality and hes good debuffer/cc also he has a resolve buff with very high cast time, also he has very powerfull defensive ability, “Defensive Mindweb”)






Pallegina (she needs intellect boost with items and food buff)








At the beginning of the game, your caracter will be a bit squishy. Kill mobs before they reach you (yes you have this capacity for less powerfull mobs) or be sure mobs are tanked by your tank, Eder. Pull mobs carefully. When you get your full party and food, prostitude, gear buffes, you will shine. Reaching this point takes maybe a hour, not more.




Generally combat start like this:

---You: Use,

  • Infuse with Vital Essesnces
  • Fleet Feet
  • Spirit Shield
  • Inspired Beacon
  • IF NEEDED: Llengrats Displaced Image or other defensive anf offensive abilities.


That buffing process is super fast except Inspired Beacon.




  • Triumph of the Crusader
  • Devotions for the Faithfull
  • Dire Blessing
  • Holy Meditations
  • IF NEEDED: Shields for the Faithfull
  • FOR HIGHER LEVELS: On main char: Champions Boons, On party: Crowns of the Faithfull
  • NOTE: If you can use “Minor Avatar” on your priest, before starting to buffing row, your buffes will be faster and more powerful.
  • When your buffing row completed, use “Salvations of Time”, this will extend buff durations.


That buffing process will take average time, like 10 seconds.



  • IF  you use Pallegina or Tekehu; make them multiclass with chanter. You can use any buff-debuff or damage-heal chants you like.


  • Echoing Shield: Fast Resolve and concentration buff and immunity to concentration attacks.





Close distance mobs:


When you get all buffs and all debuffs applied to enemies, use your damaging spells,like, Minoletta’s Concussive Missiles, Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst, Fireball, Ninagauth’s Shadowflame (from “Ninagauts’s Teachings” Grimoire), Blast of Frost etc. (these spells comes from your grimoire). With high probablity, you will kill most of mobs with a single damaging spell.


If there is mobs at long distance:


Use your “Sworn Rival” and attack with “Flames of Devotion”. You will run like “Flash Gordon” thanks to your “Fleet Feet” buff. After you got required talents, killing an enemy will refund your zeal costs both for Flames of Devotion x1 (Virtuous Triumph talent) AND Gilded Enmity (Sworn Rival talent), so you can kill all mobs.




Use your team on same target while damaging phase.




For big combats, use scrolls, “Scroll of Greater Maelstrom” with a character who has 15 arcana skill.


For average combats, you can use other scrolls, like Fan of Flames and Fireball.






Sorry for grammar and typos

I know there are similar builds but testing this build both on veteran and PotD took a while.

I believe, ummm no im sure, Paladin/Wizard multiclass is, one of the most synergetic multiclass in game, because of this its normal there are many arcane knight builds.





Thanks for your time;



Watcher Knightmagi Lady Enurale




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First ss:


Second ss:

Minoletta's Precisely Piercing Burst, while NOT full buffed. I cannot find full buffed one. Ill add later.

Third ss:

Level 20 unbuffed out-of-combat passive stats

Fourth ss:

Minoletta's Concussive Missiles, while average buffed, not full.






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Can this build be played without Berath's Blessing stats & no rest perma buffs?



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Yeah, curious as to how the build fares in 'normal' conditions, I don't want to play with the freebies or spend ages painstakingly cheesing the buffs. I guess without it you have to slice a big chunk off all the numbers, so you have to be far more careful not to get swarmed by enemies in solo conditions. In a party I'm sure it'll still do very well.



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Yes, its possible, but on potd difficulty, with 3 cons, 3 resolve and two weapon sytle, you'll be vulnerable to hits, to prevent dying, you need to be very careful before you got your self buffes. At the beginning of the game, there was no buffes and this craracter still was capable to kill most of mobs, but you need to have special vendor items and priest buffes, this will be enough to play without berath blessings. With combat buffs, you will have +5 all stats! plus, your item bonuses.




This build focuses to highest damage, longest buff duration, widest area effects, sharpest accuacy, because; no rest buffes, wizard buffes and paladin passive and active defenses covers all of your weak sides, and you can play with 3 base constitution, 3 base resolve. In that perspective, stacking every buffs and enchantments in the game, makes this build one of the (if not the most powerful, it is IMO) most enjoyable, most powerfull builds.


As you can see;

3 cons reaches >>> 13 cons
3 resolve reaches >>> 14 resolve


with no rest buffes.


Other stats are all 18 at the beginning, but later these stats reaches; 23-24-21-24 BASE!


Damage statistics here:

You: 210340

Eder: 24174

Xoti: 26047

Serafen: 25906
Maia: 34800


Total kills: 1800

Your kills: 995





Changed game version to: 1.1.0
This is an actual build.


Edited by Enurale, 15 June 2018 - 04:40 AM.



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Game version edited.


Race Alternative added.



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I notice you use Spirit Shield & Gilded Enmity. Do these two actually stack, providing +7 armor?


If not, would they stack with partial armor bonuses, such as what is provided by the Chanter Invocation Not felled by Axe, nor by Storm (something like that)?


EDIT: Just did a test, and it appears the results are negative; they don't appear to stack.

Edited by hansvedic, 17 June 2018 - 06:00 AM.



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Yes, actually it does not stack, in my gamestyle i start combat with self buffing, using all my spell arsenal and after this use zeals. In spell phase most enemies die, because of this im not using gilded enmity at start of combat, but you're right; you can use gilded enmity on a target who is supposed not to die early in combat and you can use another spell from tier 1 instead of spirit shield.

Thanks for reminding me, Ill add this to build too.



Note: Tier 1 ability choice is edited.

Edited by Enurale, 17 June 2018 - 04:08 PM.



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Is this build still viable please? :) thank you alot




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Yes. You'll probably want to shuffle some of the gear around, but the basic thing still works fine.



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Hi all,

I returned to the game for expansions after a long break and i see, many things changed.

Paladin overall seriously nerfed, wizard defenses nerfed and no rest runs nerfed a bit, but im checking this build atm with a new gameplay. Ill update this build soon and if im not get satisfied, ill build another power-play character.

I dont now WHY paladin get nerfed on "every single patch", this makes paladin much less enjoyable and hurts multiclass choices. There is no buff also... I can hear answers, "because paladin was op as multiclass", but if you nerf op abilities, you need to buff weak abilities too, and paladinm almost got nothing good.
Wizards got nerfs too but i can understand why, wizard is hard to balance character due to its too many spells and spells can be op or weak easily. Yes, wizard is  weaker now bcs of spell damage amount nerfs but wizard still stands proudly and balanced.

Chipher nore viable and enjoyable now, especially inparty, Im planning to look to one of this builds:
--- Ranger/Cipher
--- Wizard/Cipher
--- Rogue/Cipher

You can comment your choice,

Ty all :)

Edited by Enurale, 16 January 2019 - 03:46 AM.



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Pure Cipher.


Also, now with Wizard you can consider Bloodmage.  Never run out of wiz resources.   Perfect for fire for missile spam.  

Edited by Marigoldran, 16 January 2019 - 11:59 AM.



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Pure Cipher.


Also, now with Wizard you can consider Bloodmage.  Never run out of wiz resources.   Perfect for fire for missile spam.  

Except you can't empower with Bloodmage.  Which is what make missiles really special, even post nerfs.



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I'm leaning towards ranger/cipher because there aren't many ranger builds in general. Same for cleric but that wasn't a choice.



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Pure Cipher.


Also, now with Wizard you can consider Bloodmage.  Never run out of wiz resources.   Perfect for fire for missile spam.  

Except you can't empower with Bloodmage.  Which is what make missiles really special, even post nerfs.



yes, but you can spam them more.  Have a cipher give you Driving Echoes and it should be fine.  


Like this:


Edited by Marigoldran, 16 January 2019 - 05:39 PM.



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Wizard / Cipher is a poor choice, as non-weapon based spells don't generate Focus and wizard doesn't have passives that would benefit the Cipher.


Ghost Heart / Ascendant is good for single target Accuracy (good for landing those charms / disintegrates) and a convenient disposable anchor for your Ectopsychic Echo you can summon behind enemy lines.


Streetfighter (blunderbuss with Powder Burns) / Ascendant is pretty potent, can cast quick-cast powers (such as Mind Blades) at machine-gun speed while Ascended... but he wants to have his Perception (therefore Accuracy) permanently debuffed and his martial damage output makes the use of Cipher powers for damage questionable. So its strong, but personally I don't like it so much.


Trickster / Soulblade is a pretty good offtank/melee DD. Works well, with the usual caveat that Soulblade tends to be a bit of a 1-trick pony (although now you also have the rogue abilities to play with/alterate between).


IMO you have not listed the Cipher multiclass I consider best: Ascendant / Helwalker monk. The huge Might boosts greatly benefits your Cipher powers. Less speed boost then on a triggered Streetfighter, but also a respectable boost, extra Pen, extra Accuracy with Enduring dance (for all targets in aoe, not just one marked/attacked by companion, as is the case for the ranger) and once Duality: Int comes online, your powers are supercharged with huge aoes and long durations. Its a major difference, really. Suddenly some powers, which are otherwise a little meh, such as Mental Binding or Eyestrike, become hugely useful, as their duration / aoe size is now decent. Also your Ascension duration gets extended by the large Int. Oh and aoe Stunning Surge with dual mortars is pretty fun too.

Its a perfect synergy.

Edited by Haplok, 16 January 2019 - 11:17 PM.



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No, no, as in: have another teammate cipher give you Driving Echoes for missile spam.  

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