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  1. The UI for weapon focus, specialization, and mastery perks is unclear. While the perk descriptions list which weapons are covered by each perk, they don't say exactly what the mechanical effects are, and whether and how they stack. I managed to give BB Fighter Weapon Mastery (Adventurer) and Weapon Focus (Knight), but I'm not entirely sure how I even managed that. The description for Focus says that it adds accuracy, but not how much, and for Mastery that it adds damage on top of the "standard bonuses" for Specialization, but doesn't list either. I'm especially confused about the relationship between Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization. Expected: the UI should show (1) what bonuses each of these perks grants, (2) whether they stack with each other, and (3) whether some of them require/make available others. Additionally, if (as I surmise) Weapon Focus has nothing to do with Weapon Specialization, there should be a note to that effect in the description, especially if the character taking them is a fighter. Additionally: the inventory UI should automatically highlight or otherwise mark weapons which fall under the selected character's focus/specialization/mastery. I haven't memorized the lists yet and was constantly referring back to them when deciding which weapons to give each of my characters.
  2. Go to the level-up screen, scroll with your mouse cursor over a talent on the left side, then look at the description on the right side. Some descriptions are quite long and require you to scroll down to see the rest. However, if you move your mouse cursor off the talent to reach the scroll bar on the right, then the description goes away (since you moved your cursor off the talent). In other words, you can never scroll down...super annoying as I can't read the entire description of one of the monk's skills.
  3. Some Talents are blank for text Example Bloody Slaughter:
  4. Some talents don't have skill(s) attached to them; Example Grimoire Slam
  5. If a player is able to level up more then once and they are given the options <previous> <next> if they accidently or purposely select <previous> they are forced to keep the choice that the talent is selected on as the talents menu is no longer available. The only way around this is to reload before selecting the talent to try again.
  6. As title states: Using the return dragon egg as an example for a quest that does not give exp: This image I have 16633/21000 before I turned in the egg Here as you can see from the log entry I was supposed to get 9000 exp for the turn in I should have leveled up with that much exp but as you can see here there was no change and I did not level up
  7. During leveling up when you are given an option to pick a Talents; Using the scroll wheel on my mouse does not work with this menu.
  8. (I apologize. I've moved this post to the beta discussion forum, here.)
  9. Ciphers may choose the Accurate Carnage Talent. A barbarian talent. It should not be available to anyone but Barbarians.
  10. Situation: Started a new game with a Moon Godlike Ranger. Leveling up from 2 to 3, he got the "class unlock" of Hardened Veil besides the Ranger-esque Marked Prey. Its description states that it's a Wizard ability. Expected: Ranger unlocks new Ranger abilities at level up. Or none. But not Wizard abilities. Reproduce: Start new game Create Ranger Level up to Level 3
  11. I had already created a topic about my xp problem here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68258-v278-xp-problem/?do=findComment&comment=1501849 I made a new test yesterday, but still the same problem... The new patch (301) hasnt changed anything, unfortunately. When I finish a quest, I never get xp reward. I'm stuck at level 5. I tried to play to the beta on another computer and it worked perfectly. I don't understand why ! I tried to unistall and install again, but it doesn't change anything. You can find my savegame here if you want : https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/5fc8bff8267feea8dc74a3841ffc627020141003103710/23f6907412bd92995c6729d2d2f8698b20141003103710/905755 thanks !
  12. During level up, scrolling the talents doesn't work when the cursor is on one of the talents buttons. i.e.: if you want to read what they do while scrolling, it's impossible. It does work on the wooded background of the panel. I'm not sure it was there before, but the character screen has a Level Up button, regardless if a character should level up.
  13. Leveling up just prior to talking to Medreth, as a result of finishing dialog with him, locks out my wizard's spells once combat starts. In the tooltips for his spells I see "Grimoire Cooldown Active". Sure enough the little cooldown bar over his head prevents me from casting anything until the recovery time finishes. Leveling him up does not reset the cooldown. You have to wait till it expires. To reproduce this, load this savegame and talk to Medreth, completing the quest to level up the BB Wizard. Try casting a spell as soon as combat starts. Nope, gotta wait for the cooldown! BB Priest can immediately cast spells after leveling, so I assume this isn't by design.
  14. Not sure if this is a bug or intended. When leveling a Fighter I can choose Weapon Specialization before choosing Weapon Focus. Did so last night while leveling my Fighter character. Again, not sure if the behavior is WAD or not, as I don't know if the intent is to follow D&D on this.
  15. [Description of the issue] Going to the Character Screen and repeatedly clicking the Level Up button will take to to the Level Up screen for the character. After the level up options are selected and you click "done" the screen will become black. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Open Character Screen 2) Click on Level up button until Level Up screen apears 3) Proceed to level up. 4) Click "done" 5) Game will black screen with background music still on. [Expected behaviour] Not being able to level up without the required experience. [Other Remarks] While in the black screen you can click and hear clicking noises should you click around the lower left part of the screen. You cant enter any menus while in the balck screen and the only option is to corcibly close Pillars of Eternity. There is no crash message or anything. I had just finished the Dragon Egg Quest and had recieven some XP for that. I also had a 6th party member in the form of a level 5 Chanter. Was in Windowed Mode. EDIT: For what its worth this is how my character screen looks: Whenever I open that save and open the Character Screen I get a mess of text and numbers and have to click on the "next character" button to get rid of them though the character portraits and names never appear despite their information appearing. re-loading does not solve the black screen isssue mentioned above as there is no way to re-load afaik.
  16. I have a very annoying bug since the beginning of the beta : When I finish a quest, I never get xp reward. I'm stuck at level 5. The new patch hasnt changed anything, unfortunately. I tried to play to the beta on another computer and it worked perfectly. I don't understand why ! I tried to unistall and install again, but it doesn't change anything. Does anyone have the same problem? EDIT : my save game : https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/3daf02454a2ce6d7cf51d84230d7706820140904103310/363d41b3a2d3154d89f3cc23c1d2d65520140904103311/80e6de
  17. Description: Some of my characters' spells and abilities have been removed from the menu above their portraits, but these abilities still show up in their character records. Details: Specifically, when I click on BB Wizard's portrait and then click on [iV] to access his fourth-level spells, the menu that appears one level above is titled "4th Level Wizard Spells" but is empty, even though I just leveled up and chose my first 4th level spell. This is also a problem for BB Priest, whose menu has been reduced to two buttons: her weapon sets and a single quick item (she has 5 equipped); the buttons to access her spells are entirely gone. Screenshot attached. I suspect that this was triggered when I added items to the characters' quick item slots, which I did a few minutes before noticing the missing abilities, but I tried and failed to reproduce the error by loading a previous save and adding quick items. (This is the first time in the game that I used the quick item slots.)
  18. in resources.assets package TextAsset\Experience (Not sure if that's the exact file name) The experience table progression doesn't seem to be staggered correctly Level 1 starts at 3000 XP Level 6 only requires 3000 XP to level up whereas the previous level required 4000 XP Level 8 only requires 5000 XP to level up whereas the previous level required 10000 XP This is not the table being uses for the backer beta, it's the other table in the game, but I'm not sure if it's the exact one being used in the main build. Something to look into anyway.
  19. Just outside the ogre cave when trying to Zoom using mouse wheel zoom level remains the same but all the characters shadows appear to shift away from their bodies and the size of the viewable area in the fog of war expands and retracts. My character has also seemed to max out at 14461 experience, this is playing with a human wizard and just the BB followers
  20. Not sure if this is a bug, or if things are adjusted somewhat for the Beta, which may affect the XP awards: [DESCRIPTION] Gained some XP during the Ogre quest and since I was tracking how much was gained at each milestone point, I checked the log and the character sheet. Log stated that the party gained 1500 XP. My character, however, gained 1575 XP. Not a big deal, of course, but I'm wondering if there's a bug, or a rounding issue, or if there's a secret bonus the character got? Playing an Orlan Cipher. Question: is the lump sum noted in the log supposed to be divided equally among all party members, or is that sum what each gets? Either way, it seems the calculation is off. [DETAILS] Follow a quest line, noting how much XP the character has. Calculate what was actually given when the log reports the party received XPs. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Not actually sure, as I'm not sure of the mechanics or circumstantial factors (See my opening comment and question above).
  21. [Description] Inadvertently hit the level up icon during combat on a character that was knocked unconscious. Level up screen popped up, so I thought "What the hell" and went through the process. When I hit next after distributing the skill points, I got a black screen. Gauntlet cursor was still visible and I could move it around, and when I hovered the cursor over the area where the icons would be in the top middle of the screen (Class talents gained?), the popup descriptions of the class talents/abilities gained appeared. Other than that I couldn't do anything. No keyboard buttons worked (such as ESC), and I couldn't click anywhere to get out of it. Had to CTRL+ALT+DEL in order to exit the screen. [DETAILS] Not sure I want to try to duplicate this, as I played for a couple hours without saving before this happened. If I get into a situation like that again where I have a character down but they have enough XP to level up, I may give it a shot. [Expected behaviour] I would expect either that the level up would be completed or, more sensibly, that the level up function would be disabled during combat.
  22. They don't seem to have access to talents at level up. Tested it for both classes twice, once on easy and once on normal.
  23. I can't, for the life of me, doing remember anything that gave me XP. Maybe the quest rewards aren't implemented yet, but I feel that whenever you quest XP for doing something, it should be announced loud and clear. I'd post a list of steps to reproduce, but since I don't know any even where you get XP, I can't have such a list except a theoretical one 1) Do something that should give you XP 2) Notice that you aren't notified of it Expected behaviour: You should get some form of notice. My preferred option would be to use those "Quest Updated" scroll, and have something like |-------------------| | Bob's Toothache | | ~Completed~ | | 1500 XP | |-------------------| Accompanied with some appropriate sound / fanfare to celebrate and catch your attention.
  24. Hello, After I create my character the game starts and works perfectly fine until i try to add points in my character abilities (f.e. athletics). When I confirm my choice the game goes black screen. I can hear sound/music, but the game itself dosen't show up. Can I help it somehow? Or I need to wait for some patching? DxDiag.txt
  25. Game was stuck after Alt-Tabbing so I thought I'd note what I've seen so far. I'm able to start the game through character creation without spending any attribute points. I can't leave the Level Up menu without actually leveling up. Can't open the menu and just exit. In the Options Menu the bottom item in a list will be overlayed with the fade effect even when scrolled all the way to the bottom. See Fade.jpg attachement. When talking to an NPC, if you keep your mouse on the NPC then their name/title covers their speech bubble. See Speech.jpg. Cumulative attachment size too big so I'll upload this in a moment. When changing submenus in the Options Menu the submenu titles will alternate appearing and dissappearing as you change submenus. See Submenu.jpg. Was playing in full screen mode and Alt+Tabbed out, and when I tried to go back into the game it would bring up the top of the game window as if it were in windowed mode, but nothing else. I could still see my desktop. Checked Task Manager and the game was still running fine, and I could still hear the music and background sounds. I'm unable to reproduce this issue now, so unfortunately no screenshot, but I do have the output_log.txt attached. Nothing that isn't too obvious so far, but I thought I'd report them nonetheless. output_log.txt
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