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  1. I voted for the physical rewards sooner and the disks later...so glad it's looking like that is the preference but everyone who agrees should still be voting!!! Even here in Australia with out terrible download speed I'll be happy with the digital game on day one. I would like to say that being give the chance to provide feedback on this is awesome, you guys are fantastic!
  2. Just outside the ogre cave when trying to Zoom using mouse wheel zoom level remains the same but all the characters shadows appear to shift away from their bodies and the size of the viewable area in the fog of war expands and retracts. My character has also seemed to max out at 14461 experience, this is playing with a human wizard and just the BB followers
  3. I have found this bug occuring on a number of screens such as the Inventory screen and occasionally in the "Continue" button during dialogue
  4. Have played a couple of hours now and started a second character, here are a couple more observations: 1- Fog of War is a bit hit and miss for displaying correctly, sometimes is there and sometimes is not. 2 - An explanation of a "rest area" would be handy since there seems to be many restrictions on inventory changes related to being in one. 3- In the inventory screen the armour and accessories do not display correctly on the character image, sometimes a shield will be at ground level, cloaks will float above the characters head. It looks like the item is displaying as though associated with a different body shape/size is expected. 4 - Randomly a single letter in a word will be in a much larger font (3 or 4 times the size of the rest of the word). When this happened the first time I thought it was a random letter appearing on the screen the text was so distorted. 5 - The walking speed of characters seems a little unpredictable, sometimes the party will move at what seems normal speed and other times everyone is slower, I've checked and it isn't that I've hit S by accident. 6 - Occasionally loading between areas fails and the loading screen remains. the curser changes as it is moved around the screen as if it is finding context to react to but nothing happens when the buttons are clicked. It is possible to use Esc to bring up the menu and try loading a save. I am still enjoying testing and have to say that it is nice to get some mature adult content in a game through the story and dialogues, the seriousness of what is going on in the world makes for a very engaging story, I often skip dialogues in RPG by so far I have read and been interested in everything the NPCs are saying.
  5. First up want to say loving the look and feel, I haven't played through much but just had a crash and decided to make my first post. Technical issues: 1 - In the options menu, when I look at the Game, Graphics, and Sound options the left buttons all lose their labels, Autopause and Controls show all the button labels 2 - In the Controls options it allows you to bind a single key to multiple actions, i.e. I realised this when I set F5 to be both Quicksave and Save, then tested it and bound C to both Character Sheet and to Load 3 - When using the crafting screen the font size changes at some points seemingly at random 4 - After using the crafting screen two large white "W" appeared on the inventory screen, one beneath the feet of my character and the second to the left in line with the first 5 - When viewing the stash names/descriptions of items appear behind the stash window and are therefore unreadable Became stuck when trying to move an item from stash to a character, stash closed and I was unable to drop item anyware, could not close the inventory screen. 6 - Finding many of the expected pathfinding problems. 7 - Ambient sounds (waterwheel slosh and birdsong) drops out at random How about some positives: Character creation is great, some may find it confusing that there is a bonus from the default culture applied prior to getting to that point in the creation process however it is a single point that is labelled as such so shouldn't be a big issue. I have enjoyed the dialog so far and am looking forward to my next character build to see what options I have not been able to access. As someone who likes pausing a lot during battle I haven't found the combat to be overly confusing, there is a lot going on but that is a good thing for this style of RPG Everyone has done an amazing job and I am so excited to be playing finally
  6. Wow...the backer portal is fantastic...I have been hanging out for so long and it was been worth. You are all amazing.
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