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  1. Starting today while inside Dyrford Ruins, all my enemies have a giant W (for the word Will) in their information window when you mouse over them - image attached.
  2. Isn't Escape 1 use only per encounter? So I'd have to stay invisible till my next encounter?
  3. I'm having the same problem, while we wait for a fix a temporary solution that works for me is Windows Key +P to get my screen display options up, and then switching from extended mode to either Computer Only or Projector Only depending on what screen you're using.
  4. [Description of the issue] Using BB Rogue's Escape ability during combat caused her to remain invisible even once combat had ended. Reloading the game fixed the issue, but using Escape again later caused her to remain invisible again. I shut down the game entirely and was able to replicate the bug with many fights involving multiple opponents - any quick one-on-one battles against the likes of Wurms saw the Rogue become visible again each time, but in a battle against multiple opponents that didn't instantly die (spiders, wolves, beetles etc), the Rogue would often (though not always) re
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