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  1. Description: Some of my characters' spells and abilities have been removed from the menu above their portraits, but these abilities still show up in their character records. Details: Specifically, when I click on BB Wizard's portrait and then click on [iV] to access his fourth-level spells, the menu that appears one level above is titled "4th Level Wizard Spells" but is empty, even though I just leveled up and chose my first 4th level spell. This is also a problem for BB Priest, whose menu has been reduced to two buttons: her weapon sets and a single quick item (she has 5 equipped); the buttons to access her spells are entirely gone. Screenshot attached. I suspect that this was triggered when I added items to the characters' quick item slots, which I did a few minutes before noticing the missing abilities, but I tried and failed to reproduce the error by loading a previous save and adding quick items. (This is the first time in the game that I used the quick item slots.)
  2. Update: Rookie mistake #1: I forgot to mention that my main character is a chanter. I saw another thread discussing bugs associated with Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr -- I've removed all instances of it from my prepared chants, and I haven't had any problems with crashing at the end of combat since. I suspect that that was the problem.
  3. [description] Out of combat, experienced same black screen bug: My game just exhibited exactly the same symptoms after hitting done/finish (I forget the exact text on the button, but I was done and ready to leave the level up interface) when leveling up. I got a black screen where hovering at the top showed the description of the skills, etc. that I had just selected. I wasn't in combat, though -- I had just loaded a save with my characters standing in the middle of Dyrford Village. This happened twice in a row for me (I exited the game in between) with my main character, a chanter, first, and then BB Fighter. I couldn't find another thread with a description of the black screen after leveling up, so I wanted to mention that it wasn't related to combat for me. Screenshot attached.
  4. To follow up: I cleared the rest of the area, navigating around that group of three beetles. None of the other enemies crashed my game. I approached the beetles from the other side (right side of the screen), and the game did not crash after combat that time. If a screenshot would help clarify which beetles are the problem, I can get one -- I have a save I can load. Please let me know if there's other info you need or if you want me to try doing a specific thing in-game to get you more data. Love the game so far!
  5. There's a group of three beetles waiting on the path a short distance from where you enter Dyrford Crossing from the village. After fighting those beetles, the game routinely crashes for me. Once, it was while my priest was casting a stamina regeneration spell; once, when I was looting the corpses; once, it crashed right as the last beetle died; and a fourth time, I don't think I was doing anything specific -- just walking away. The only other beetle I fought (the one just south of where you land on the path) didn't cause any problems. I haven't been in other combat yet, so I can't say if it's a problem with any other enemies. The four logs are attached. beetle_crash_files.zip
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