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  1. [Description:] When playing around in inventory and right lcicking on scroll of protection and then going back to the game screen, the descriptions of the scroll will not close out and the description continues to block the game screen. You can move the description box around, but you cannot close it. Furthermore, the scroll description seems to be incorrect. To replicate: Find scroll of protection Place in inventory screen. Give scroll to BB wizard. Place in quick slot. Exit out from inventory. You should see a description box that will not close. What should happen: The description should close.
  2. In this video I discover multiple bugs to do with Accuracy Tooltip display, Fist and Off-hand weapon interaction and trying to equip a shield in the main hand with a weapon in the off hand. The combat state didn't end properly and locked the Hatchet into my off hand. Had to quit and reload to fix it.
  3. [Description of the issue] In the Scaen temple ruins after talking with Wymund, you get to loot a small room to the west of him. In one of the containers there, there are random treasures, and sometimes an item appears that says "Fine arbalest" when you hover over it, but has a picture of a bow. When you take it and it's in your inventory it's called Warbow. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Finish talking with Wymund in the Dyrwood Ruins area. 2) Loot the room with the sarcophagus to the west of Wymund. 3) Repeat as many times as needed until you get to the Fine Arbalest. Take it into your inventory. 4) Check its name and properties in the inventory. 5) It's now called Warbow. [Expected behaviour] The tooltip and the item created in the inventory should correspond to each other.
  4. It seems wizards in this game require a Grimoire to cast spells Issue: 1) During the character creation the character is not holding a Grimoire to reflect his class when you create a wizard. (They do have one when you get in game)
  5. As you can see from my attached image. My wizard is holding the grimoire and a large shield in their hand
  6. At least my explanation is that these icons have been exported in a wrong color mode. Probably the issue is something different but here are some examples: The description says this is a copper coin. The same image is shown for the Golden Duc, although I haven't taken a screenshot of that too, it looks the same. Maybe the idea is that it will get progressively closer to gold, as the game gets closer to gold? I suppose this book should actually have a dark-orange or yellow cover as well.
  7. (I apologize. I've moved this post to the beta discussion forum, here.)
  8. [Description of the issue] When giving a Rouge a gun (the Arquebus in this case) and making him fire it he will start his reload animation but sometimes will finish the animation but the reload icon will never leave his "current action" icon nex to his health bar (the one over his character). This causes him/her to never fire a single other shot in any future combat, making them useless. I did not try reloading but unequipping and re-equiping the weapon does not fix it. NOTE: I was using a freshly recruited Rouge with the Gunner skill to do this but Ive had it happen with BB Rouge as well before this version. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Give Rouge gun. 2) Fire it until bug presents itself. 3) Recieve Rouge that will never have the reloading icon leave him.
  9. When shopping at Winfriths the item list shows no item names, only icons. [steps to reproduce] 1) Start a new game 2) Enter Winfriths shop, talk to him. 3) "Show me what you have for sale" [Expected behaviour] Winfriths shop displays item names like any other shop.
  10. In this screenshot, my Barbarian is attacking an Adra Beetle with a Greatsword which has best of Slash/Pierce, she is dealing Slashing damage when the Adra Beetle has a Slashing DT of 30, and a Pierce DT of 7.5 The same happens with the Pollaxe, it always deals Slashing damage.
  11. Clicking while hovering over a glossary item (e.g., "Damage") in an item description disables the tooltips until you move the cursor outside of the item description window. [Reproduce] Bring up the Inventory screen and select the BB fighter. Right-click on the BB Fighter's Arbalest. Mouse over a keyword like Accuracy to see the tooltip. Now click the word Accuracy to dismiss the tooltip. Keeping the mouse within the item description window, hover over another keyword like Damage. The tooltip doesn't appear. Move the cursor outside of the item description window, then back in...the tooltips are working again.
  12. Noticed in build 333 that items I loot from barrels and boxes outside (fruit and vegetables, or beer from the kitchen in the inn) don't always survive area transitions. I'll collect the item, look at it in my inventory, go to a new area (e.g., enter the inn or leave it) and then go into inventory--no more veggies/fruit/beer. Wanted to provide a savegame to repro this but of course "now it's not doing it." Will update this post if I manage to create a reproducible scenario, but wanted you to be aware of it.
  13. Elves can't wear helmets right. Dwarf hair shows through. That's one shaggy helmet. The poor wizard can't see!
  14. Maybe this is by design, but I noticed that recipes don't count ingredients in your stash when listing which ingredients you possess. This is when in a friendly area (town), so the stash is accessible and should be available for crafting recipes. [Reproduce] Load this savegame. Open your stash and note the Turquoise stone in the bottom-right corner. Open Crafting and look at the recipe for Potion of Minor Regeneration. Turquoise shows as 0/1 in red; i.e., that you don't have it. Take the Turquoise out of your inventory, go back into crafting. Now that recipe shows 1/1 Turquoise. If you truly mean for us to hunt for and pull out crafting ingredients, please consider this a design bug.
  15. If you equip the Boots of the Long March on a Dwarf they skate along the ground. It seems to interact fine on Humans and Orlans.
  16. Capes and Cloaks clip through armor, very very noticeable when the characters are moving too.
  17. Item is a hat and description says it's made of purple silk and has a feather. Used item is a helmet of some sort.
  18. The book (scroll?) "Admeth Hadret, Part 1: Rise to Power" has a section with poor grammar in the fourth paragraph:
  19. When utilizing a fine large shield for BB Priest, even when not being used in the weapon set, the DT bonus of "fine" quality is being applied. DT is increasing from 35 to 40. What should happen: DT should continue to be 35 unless weapon set II is being used. Reproduce with BB Priest, selecting between weapon set I and weapon set II. Select weapon set I. Pick up the shield and place in inventory. Recheck DT to see that DT has now come down to 40.
  20. Issue - See screenshot. Crossbow description is missing important information like damage range. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=319045008
  21. [Description] When I attack BB Fighter with a Greatsword, the normal DT of 12 is applied instead of the slash-specific DT of 18. Also goes for the % reduction. [Reproduction] Start a New Game Attack BB Fighter with a slashing weapon (I used Greatsword) Observe in the combat log that his armor is using the DT of 12 instead of 18 [Expected Behavior] Heavy armor should use DT 18 vs Greatsword slashing. This could be due to Greatsword actually using best of slashing/piercing (I'm not sure if it does that or not), but if so the wrong type of damage is showing up in the damage log. So bugged either way. [Notes]
  22. [Description of the issue] When you add a stack of several items to purchase in the merchant window, the price is proper. But when you remove some, but not all, of those items the price does not update until the last of the stack is removed from the window [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Start a new game 2) Go to the inn and ask to purchase items 3) Add all 3 camping supplies to the purchase area (Note: price will be 900) 4) Remove 2 camping supplies from the purchase area (Note: price will be 900) 5) Remove last camping supply from the purchase area (Note: price will be 0) [Expected behaviour] At step 4, the price should have updated to 300
  23. See attached screenie. Both the items mentioned in the title seem to have incomplete descriptions, as well as no graphic for the item itself on the description page. To wit: Value: 90cp Basic stats: Speed:Instant The Basic Stats field is empty.
  24. [Description of the issue] When you use the "Take All" option to place items in your stash any quest item/money/(camping supplies - untested, but wouldn't be surprising) are not treated in the appropriate special way, but are instead placed in your stash [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Start a new game 2) Find a container with money in it/go to the currier shop and loot the hidden item where his key is 3) Click on your stash 4) Select "Take All" 5) Note that the item is now in your stash instead of the normal special behaviour [Expected behaviour] Quest items should be added to your quest item area. Money should be added to your money total. Camping supplies should be added to your camping supply total. [Other remarks / Comments] Use of "Take All" is required as you cannot drag/drop these types of items into the stash. I would guess that the blocking of drag/drop was intentional to force you to loot them so the special behaviour would occur... but that seems like a really weird design decision. Far better would just to have them treated appropriately regardless of where/how they were looted. At least this is an improvement on last patch where using "Take All" at any point would break quest items...
  25. After summoning skeletons with a chanter, when skeletons pick up items, the items disappear. If a skeleton is the closest character, it will assign it to pick up items. If selecting take all the skeleton takes it presumably into its own hidden inventory. If the item is selected and dragged to a regular NCP, the item properly appears in their inventory. Expected: The item doesn't disappear. Maybe into the chanter's inventory?
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