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  1. The book (scroll?) "Admeth Hadret, Part 1: Rise to Power" has a section with poor grammar in the fourth paragraph:
  2. This is an absolutely amazing idea...and a great way to tie into the persistent souls of the world as well. I'm not sure I'd want this to be the "second big city" but I would LOVE to see this be how the "city" of your stronghold develops - either separate from or (better) in addition to the physical development of the stronghold itself. Could even have upgrades to the stronghold involve "memories" which cause the soul-city to expand as well, thus further adding additional things to do with each stronghold upgrade (ie: not just have stronghold upgrades as a result of having done things, but also have them be the key to unlocking further things to do, in a continuous cycle).
  3. This is very true, and I suppose that the people which make up the Order are also exactly the sort of people to get "more involved" in a project like this rather than pledging quietly too - after all, otherwise we wouldn't have joined up in the Order in the first place
  4. Reading through the comments section over there...10 of the 47 comments are from Order members, and close to that many again are responses to those comments from the developer. Something tells me we like to talk too much
  5. Love the look of it technically, and I like some of the key points in the philosophy about what content should be/do. Not much info yet as to what the game itself will be including for content, but I've backed at the £10 level and might up that later as more content info comes. If nothing else I'd love to see their core engine completed and to play with it for modding
  6. I think it should be a combination of all types, but not for all armors. Some armor will be built to deflect some blows entirely, resist any real damage below a certain threshold, and absorb a portion of the blows that get through (full articulated plate for example). But not all armor includes all of these aspects. Chain for example does very little if any deflection, but has a pretty decent "penetration resistance" (against attacks not specifically designed to bypass it at least) as well as still lowering the amount of damage for those attacks that do get through. Some "armor" is purely or almost purely deflection with very little absorbtion (like would be the case if shields are included in the normal armor mechanic). Basically I'd like all "defense forms" have deflection, penetration resistance, and absorbtion ratings - but many/most defenses would not include non-zero stats for all 3 categories. Also, if damage types are included (which I'm expecting them to be but isn't a sure thing at this time) I would also like to see armor that has the ability to "convert" damage from one type to another - especially if differing types of damage have differing secondary effects and/or defense-layering is possible. Using the chain example above, it would have good penetration resistance, but instead of just being flat damage reduction, it could convert a portion of the damage from say, slashing to crushing damage instead - negating the entirety of the original slashing damage remaining, but still passing on the crushing portion. The "conversion" portion could also be handled in the weapon/attack itself, with say, a greatsword dealing 60% slashing and 40% crushing damage, and the chain would negate the slashing portion but leave the crushing portion to be dealt with by either other defenses, or passed through to the health mechanic. Basically - we have the ability for the computer to handle most of the bookkeeping for the mechanics, which is a major reason many P&P combat systems abstract armor as much as they have in the past (D&D included) so let's make the most of it...
  7. I think the issue is people making disparaging comments without explaining why. You'll notice that many/most of the highly 'liked' comments praising games/ideas/etc around here generally include the reasons for liking those things, not just blatant fanboyism. Differing opinions that are well-reasoned/well-explained meet with a lot better response than just "it sucked, I hate it" sorts of posts.
  8. Partly I think because we've started posting more over on the Order site itself, as well as just chatting in IRC now Edit: speaking of "other locations" - and especially in light of some suggestions to do some multiplayer with other Order members: Anyone who has a steam id and wants to post it here (or on the Order forums, or send via PM in either location) we can get you added to the OOoE group on Steam...
  9. For me, it's specific areas of the BG1 layout. Some of the wilderness areas really did seem to be mostly pointless, not just due to lack of ability to return, but that they were pretty dull to begin with. I'd like there to be something "at the end of the path" like the gnoll stronghold still, with just enough content to keep the bits in between interesting and worth actually exploring rather than making a beeline from map edge to map edge, but I also don't want every area to be a forest maze filled with encounters/caves/secrets every time you turn a corner either. Ideally, things like the small cluster of fishermen in BG1, south of the city, giving some sort of feeling of purpose for that particular area to actually be on the world map - but with the addition of things changing after other events/time passes as well. Perhaps after having done the side quest to help those fishermen, you go on your way..then later thanks to the help of the PC, the small cluster of huts has prospered, and now features a new merchant who has moved into the area to support the increased traffic. Alternately, if the PC didn't help them in time, the vile plans of the evil witch could actually come to fruition...come back later in the game and find all the huts abandoned, with some clue as to their fates, spawning an alternate side quest... Each explorable area should have SOME reason for being a fleshed out area, and not just an empty stretch of wilderness with wandering monster encounters, but they don't need to be as dense as the forest encounters in BG2 to still be interesting and worth exploring.
  10. I'd like to see something in the middle - ideally done by adding more "content rich" areas aside from the main "hubs", which are secondary to the core of the game but separated by lower-density exploration areas that each might have 3-5 "encounters" total (like most of the BG1 wilds areas). The post quoted by Cam about the Nashkel -> Gnoll Stronghold puts it ideally I think, that particular set of areas if fleshed out across the entire world in a similar manner would be great. I'd also like to see some more dynamic areas which are not part of the core questline, but are still worth coming back to now and again - unlike the BG1 wilderness areas which were pretty much exploration checkboxes - once finished with an area, there was no reason to not map-travel past them in the future.
  11. On the other hand, if done well and actually imparting an emotional connection for the player, that same liability could be used to good effect in plot hook(s) for a quest line or two...or even to show just how ruthless and apathetic the main character is, by ignoring said plot hooks/quests...
  12. Very much agreed here...the shopkeeper/merchant that you regularly unload your goods from your adventures on, the chamberlain of your stronghold, local "nobility" that are sending you on your quests repeatedly, etc. Basically anyone that you have frequent interactions with but that you don't necessarily bring out into the world itself with you...
  13. Just as an example of a Steamworks-enabled (including achievements) title which does not require Steam in any way after initial download/installation: Dungeons of Dreadmore. Once installed, the entire game can be packed up, moved around from computer to computer (including to computers that do not and never have had Steam installed) and still has the ability to use Steam achievements (although yes you can only see the achievements when the Steam app is running, as best I can tell the game just does a "sync" when the Steam client does start if you have it installed - the executable is obviously still identical). Now, if you are of the sort that views any form of installation requirement to be DRM, and not just post-install, then you will probably still consider this DRM - but in my books it's no more DRM than the "requirement" of old physical games to install from the original CD, while not needing the CD in the drive after installation to run. As far as I can recall, noone considered those CD's to be a form of DRM...so long as they were not required to be in the drive after installation. In fact, it's arguably less so, because you can directly move the files themselves without having to go through the Steam installer to transfer it to another computer.
  14. Remember to keep distinct the "mechanics" of the Paladin, and the "background" of the Paladin. The Paladin "background" is still going to be someone fanatically/zealously devoted to a cause, that of a "champion of the faith" still - they just aren't going to be forced to be "lawful good" (especially since there isn't going to be a strict morality/alignment system) nor are they going to be forced to have that cause be a divine one. To me, I think this is actually a good direction to go in, regardless of the effect on the "mechanics" side. I'd like to see a bit more "leading from the front by personal example" than "leading from the back with commanding orders" come from the class, but we'll see how that goes once we have more information.
  15. Ah yes...agreed at the 50% reduction there. But as Crash just pointed out, you might want to do the reduction on just the background prior to adding the text, to avoid losing the edge definition. The slight loss of detail on the scroll I think is actually a positive, but losing the clarity of the text detracts from the overall quality
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