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  1. Steam. GoG doesn't allow me to spam my friends' feeds with PoE content. (that's not to say that I won't buy a GoG version later during a sale maybe)
  2. These are amazing portraits, especially the Aumaua one. Thank you for sharing them.
  3. So I picked the ebook up from Amazon and started reading it this morning, at your recommendation (to anyone). I'm a little under halfway through and it's very, very good.
  4. That might improve with patches. I had a few lucky battles where I was able to attack properly with all of my characters and there were no autopathing issues, and that really reduced the micromanagement required. I'm not sure if they're going to add in optional party AI but if they do that'll be another step towards less micromanaging for those that don't like it all that much. You'll still probably have to rely heavily on pause to get through the tougher difficulties, but on normal (unless they decide to make normal more difficult between now and release) you should be able to beat most enemies with fewer pauses than right now.
  5. I agree with your thoughts on the cat and mouse quest. While I really enjoyed the writing, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and the sudden twist to be presented. But I got the feeling that the quest might have been a smaller part of a larger questline, and maybe that was just the setup for something to happen down the road... in which case it's fine in its simplicity. As for the Ogre, having your reasons for doing something doesn't make you a good guy. The cool thing about that quest was that it was really up to your own sensibilities to decide whether the Ogre had good reasons or not.
  6. That's not how opinions work. People who disagree with negative opinions/criticisms are not always White Knights, and people who prefer it the original way should speak up or certain devs might go around making changes that appeal to the vocal minority based on forum posts. The reason that the "White Knights" didn't rampage through your FTL save thread might be because it was genuinely a good idea to implement a save system and most people could agree on that. Not because they just decided to have a day off.
  7. Nothing in common? Are we playing the same game? This is the closest game to the IE games that's come out in more than a decade. Seriously, the way some of you Baldur's Gate 3 types talk I don't even think you've seen the beta and you just assume we're all playing Call of Duty, here.
  8. I may fail at reading comprehension, but I always read that as 'the combat will be fun and intense, like Icewind Dale's combat' instead of 'the combat will be exactly like the IE games.' Unless you also read "take the central hero, memorable companions [...] of Baldur's Gate" to mean we're revisiting the Spawn of Bhaal.
  9. Obsidian seems to have more faith in human intelligence than you.
  10. I'm okay with this system, but I wouldn't mind if the quest XP was split into smaller, more frequent rewards. I also would be okay with less quest XP if exploration XP could be added - perhaps for just lighting up certain notable areas in a map/dungeon. I think that would go a long way towards making the people who use kill XP as exploration XP happy, but still not only incentivize combat solutions.
  11. I thought one of the problems with Resolve was that casters (positioned correctly) weren't getting hit at all and so interruption never even came into play. I like the idea of adding a crit bonus to Perception, though.
  12. So Resolve will only be useful to classes with access to healing?
  13. It's more to spot more subtle openings and weak spots while fighting your enemies, I'd think. Certainly kicking the Ogre in the junk would cause an interrupt, but you have to find a good enough opening to kick him without him blocking you first.
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