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  1. You played a non-combat character like me, then, Niten. What did you think of the ending with all the boring, endless combat?
  2. You should try it, Hades. BG&E was my favorite game of the year, after Gothic II. Its short, though, but its just well done and has a good story. Its not an RPG though. Its a Zelda game.
  3. Oh, man, I think Planescape had the best ending. Ever. It simply blew me away. I've only read this in brief, but I figured I should say this since it looked like a few people missed this point in the game: You convince Ravel to grant you immortality because you are an evil bastard. You just don't want to go to hell for it, but you do want to continue being an evil bastard. Except things don't work out like you planned. I love my PS:T. Everything about the game is still with me. Its one of the few games I've replayed, and the only one I've replayed more than twice (I've played it all through about five times). Excellent game, unbelievable writing.
  4. Atari isn't releasing it in America. Atari is only an American company. A different publisher released it in Germany and other countries.
  5. Good: Good story Good roleplaying Good atmosphere Good voice acting Great use of making a game actually M Bad: Buggy The last fifth of the game - three or four hours of non stop combat Middleground: Combat system World of Darkness rule adaptation (it was kinda shoddy)
  6. Three years later? Wow. Anyway, I reccomend everyone who hasn't played the game try this demo.
  7. And the German in it is (mostly) simple, so if you've taken any in a school, you may understand it anyway. I still reccomend the mod though, its well done and very accurate.
  8. The first one was fun and had a good story holding it all together. And it was fun.
  9. Bottomline, the game was fantastic.
  10. After beating the first one, I decided I never wanted my soul to be furthur contaminated by another MGS game.
  11. Wizardry 8, Morrowind, Divine Divinity (which is not 3D), etc? Anyway I could probably go on, but these were all released around the same time as Gothic II, give or take a year. All have huge worlds and all were extremely non-linear. Gothic is not unique in this aspect. But I will give you there are only a few nowadays. Linear storylines which Bioware, Dungeon Siege and historically BIS were doing for it?s IWD series seems to be more popular these days. Or when you do get a non-linear game it?s usually not that large. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I actually cleared the orcs out from teh castle when I arrived. All of them. It took a while, and several rest to regen mana (I was a mage), but I did it. This time when I go through with a merc once NOTR arrives, I don't know if I'll be able to do it. Apparently the game is 10x harder this time, so it should be as challenging as the first.
  12. And there's a nice surprise at the end of Gothic II for you I actually liked the story. And I don't see the problem with being a mage from the get go. If you are used to being a spell caster in ANY action oriented game, you are used to the careful hit and run strategies at the beginning. And you get to enjoy the strong powers at the end: "La-la-la, look at me! Gods die where I walk! In dozens!" Ahh, sweet Rain of Fire.
  13. I'm not saying KotOR II's isn't a plot twist because its obvious in the same way that KotOR I is, but because they tell you she's working against your own desires within the first hour or so. They don't hint at it. They tell you. It's like watching Terminator 2 and saying its a plot twist when Arnold cuts his flesh off and shows a robotic arm. Its not a plot twist because they already told you. And betrayal doesn't always make it a plot twist either :D NOTE: I don't remember hte plot of the original NWN OC much since I thought it was horrible, but I don't remember Aribeth's betrayal being a plot twist any more than Bastilla's. The plot, in both points, worked toward it and allowed you to see what was happening. I could be wrong about Aribeth though, like I said, my memory on it isn't clear.
  14. Bao-Dur is incredibly incredible. He's very useful, he's loyal, his voice is wonderful, he's strong in combat. I'd make sweet homoerotic extraterrestrial love to him.
  15. I shoujld get a back up copy in case mine ever goes. Best game ever
  16. It's also really dumb when your an old bloke in his 70's and your sister hasnt aged a day since the intro. Its like hanging a sign on the game saying look we added totally gimmicky aging just so it could look cool. Whats the name of that aging disease because it looks like your character suffers from it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't know that occured (I haven't played it at all yet). That's corny and lame.
  17. I hope they make a mod where magic doesn't make you age. That's just annoying. You don't get to enjoy one of the niftiest parts of character creation if you want to use magic
  18. Yay for unmarked spoilers in the first paragraph
  19. I think its funny someone is trying to claim that the plot in KotOR II is a plot twist. Ten minutes into the game, it shows she manipulating the people around you. True, she's doing it for your own good (at least, she believes she is), but when she finally sets it up to fight her, there's no surprise, because she's practically been building it up from the beginning. Oh well, its still not as funny as people not knowing you are Revan before Malak tells you. I bet Jade Empire will be fun. All of Bioware's games tend to be, minus NWN OC, even if the plot is often laughable in parts.
  20. Not at all, or I would have quoted you to show that I was addressing you. You may have been the last person to post displeasure about it, but none of my points did anything but indicate that I was talking to the thread starter, since I only mentioned things he or she brought up. Its not like my response immediately followed yours.
  21. Then its good I wasn't talking to you at all. I was talking to the one who made the thread. I gave no indication I was speaking to you at all.
  22. I may try it out, since they are adding new content. I'll decide if its worth buying then.
  23. Don't forget the ancient evil race that once ruled everyone.
  24. Gothic I and II are indeed some of the best CRPGs out there. Wonderful series. Like others said, you should play the first one before that. Also, sadly, you had already made your mind up that you wouldn't like it before you played. That's a shame, because you are really missing out. As for grammar, that's odd. I have the US release and tehre are no major problems with the grammar. The story is solid, theres lots to do and explore, and its simply fun. I played both through as a mage, the first time, though when I bought Die Nacht des Raben and used the translation mod, I went with Lee, which is what I did on Gothic the second time through. Good to stick with your old buddies from the first game, after all. Me and Gorn had some good times in that mine, we did.
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