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  1. Is this from the demo or is the game out?
  2. I LOVE runescape. I'm more of an old school player but I enjoy it all.
  3. Fire Emblem Contra: Alien Wars Final Fantasy Tactics Tactics Ogre Metroid Zero Mission Phantasy Star Collection Wario Ware Mega Man X Zero Mario & Luigi Dragon Warrior I & II Dragon Warrior III Advance Wars 2 Castlevania games EDIT: There are other good ones, but they are older, pre-advance games. I can list if you want.
  4. If not for the Resident Evil series, the GC would be worthless junk. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nah, the cube actually has more good games on it than the other two systems, though PS2 is beginning to rival it with the past year.
  5. Funny, I have 20 with hte crossbow and can kill someone that hasn't noticed me. Sometimes. I can hit them very often with my bow (40 skill), but I only have 24 dex so I can't use a good bow. Crossbows use strength now, so I have one that does 90 damage.
  6. By the time you are expected to fight more than one orc at a time, you shouldn't have any problem. Of course, I killed the entire siege on the castle (though I did it one or two orcs at a time). I'm getting ready to go there now at level 24 with Beliar's Claw and some good armor from Raven's Elite. I bet I get raped. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Could you post a screenshot of the new armors you can get in Night of the Raven? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, this is easier, mate: http://worldofgothic.com/gothic2/?go=addonruestungen The new armors are Pirate Armor (non pirates that aren't your friends won't talk to you), Ravens' Armor (which is Raven's Guard's Armor, not his. You can't take his. This armor marks you as a bandit, so kill on site for all non bandit factions), Light Bandits Armor (marks you as bandit) and Circle of Water Armor (this is part of a secret faction, so you shouldn't wear it in towns). There may be more on that list which are new, but I played a mage, so I wouldn't be sure. The ones I listed are all gained through the add-on world or add-on only quest. You get them all through gameplay, except Ravens' Armor, but you get that in an obvious, unlocked chest right before Raven.
  7. And so the "cheap tactics". I possibly could do the same if I had the patience (once I got anoyed over having to run by 10 orcs just to get in the castel and simply wiped that camp using such a trick) but I dont find that "fun", I dislike such tactics because they are cheap and simply a exploit of the weak AI and pathfinder. For that I just use cheat codes, less boring. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its not cheap tactics, it works. Well, it used too. AI is smarter now. A lot. Anyway, I did do it one at a time, yes, but that's because I was far, far below the level expected to kill them now. As to the person who asked, I'll post the armors in a little bit. I got rid of the light bandits armor, though, but that's fine, its not too interesting.
  8. I'm not going to read all of the above, but I have two things to comment on: 1) Morrowind is good. But only after you download 60 or more mods to make it so, including ones that drastically alter NPCs depth. I played a bit of Morrowind long ago without hte mods, and got bored after a while. With the mods it is quite great. However, Bethesda did not make any of those mods. Even most of Morrowind's faithful fands use extensive mods to increase the depth of NPCs as well as graphics (can't blame Bethesda for aged graphics though). Also to make the gameplay a little more robust and interesting, and to alter the rather lame leveling system. However, Arena and Redguard are great. I think, as long as the team tries to make a game more focused on story or NPCs, they can do it. I think. 2) I want Fallout to either be turn based or, if it must be real time, for it to have actual action to it, not just watching your characters kill everyone else, occasionally pausing and issuing commands. Turn based tends to allow more tactical combat with harder opponents and more modifiers to attacks. However, if its turnbased, you should be able to control ALL of your NPC buddies, otherwise it just becomes boring. If you still can only control yourself, it might as well be real time for all the control you have over it.
  9. By the time you are expected to fight more than one orc at a time, you shouldn't have any problem. Of course, I killed the entire siege on the castle (though I did it one or two orcs at a time). I'm getting ready to go there now at level 24 with Beliar's Claw and some good armor from Raven's Elite. I bet I get raped.
  10. That's why they update it. The did it with Wizardry, and that turned out fantastically. They could have done the same to Bard's Tale and I would have had to change my underwear
  11. No, all of hte versions are the same unless you buy Die Nacht des Raben seperately. Only Gothic II Gold comes with DNDR and you have to install it seperately. I'm really not sure why you are having difficulty. You should be able to kill orcs at level 15 or so.
  12. There is no third person combat according to the PCGamer article. An the combat will pretty much be like morrowinds - you point your gun at the baddie, click, and then the stats decide if you actually hit and the damage you did.
  13. .... There's only one black troll in the game. Even with NOTR I rarely used potions. The people you took raw meat off of could have picked it up. Like you did. You actually advance as fast as most CRPGs. As for the quest, what did you expect? Quest rarely are all that complicated in RPGs. And nearly all RPGs have a few fetch quest.
  14. I don't think Dark Forces is considered a cRPG. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I never played it, but from what I saw it was just an FPS - apparently a really good one though.
  15. It's by the guy who made Wizardry 6 and 7. We should all have high hopes. I hope the 'random' number generator isn't so hellishly evil though.
  16. Whee, a first person RPG <3 They say its basically Diablo in 3d and first person, with a new setting. The shooting is apparently stat based, not reflex based, and is used to cast spell like abilities. If they put in some good exploring and/or a strong story, I'll probably get it. Sadly, they said its fairly linear and it uses crappy randomly-generated levels
  17. Yea, I just read it. Its pretty bad, but it sadly wasn't as funny as I was hoping. I did note that all of the pictures that were with the review (those that came at the same date) were of the first three or four hours of gameplay. All of them.
  18. Haha, I use that review as my "worst review ever"-example, everytime the subject pops up in a discussion. It's so apparent he never played the game. He almost sounded like Volourn did when he tried to claim he played Gothic 2 in another long forgotten thread <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I must locate this review and read it.
  19. I still need to get the first four Quest for Glory games. You can use dosbox for all of the old Ultimas. I do.
  20. Or its because you get stuck with the combat, not the story.
  21. thugs in lighthouse: i've heard level 20, 25 for sure. orcs: i was killing them at level 10??? of course, only one at a time. taks <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I killed the bandits at level 10, but I was a mage and fire arrow had a longer range than real arrows. As a merc this play through, I'm level 17 and they rape me. But I'm using NOTR, so that's probably why. I can't even begin to hurt an orc, and I KNOW I could kill them at level 12 or so before, if I could seperate them. But again, I was a mage. I kind of wish I was a mage this time, but the fact that most of the addon is Chapter 1 and 2, when your magic is mediocre, gave me the impression it would be too hard.
  22. Yeah. That was great. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Make sure no one else sees you though. Unfortunately magic and arrows are instakill. Which sucks for me, since I usually play a mage with no points in physicalness. However, this play through as a merc is nice <3
  23. What does this add-on add? Anything worth replaying for?
  24. Mmm, Bard's Tale. I really need to track down the second and third. I only have the disc for hte first. I feel more like playing Wizardry 6 and 7 actually, but I don't know if I want to deal with the bonus point not-so-random generator.
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