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  1. Yes, they did an excellent job, far surpassing the original. I just hope they can repeat that with NWN2, since the first one was less than mediocre.
  2. It used the same engine as No One Lives Forever, I think. It had some interesting story bits with ogres, and it had its own Fallout style mascot. It was isometric 3D. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Also, why did it get canned? Did anything ever come of the work done on it? I used to post on the forums for it up until they closed.
  3. Hell is already frozen... (At least in viking mythos...) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As in the Divine Comedy. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Also... But the Comedy was a political tool... Also the Hell was the most readable part... Heaven was too boring... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But Hell was still frozen, so my point remains. My favorite part was purgatory, actually.
  4. Hell is already frozen... (At least in viking mythos...) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As in the Divine Comedy.
  5. The only time I ever experienced a drop in framerate was when I was around hutts, rancors or those thunder beast. I think it has something to do with their texture.
  6. Feeble, is it? Ironic, since I thought that term would better suite your posts. Howevever, I won't be baited into ignoring the actual discussion and instead insult your posts. The simple fact is, these are Obsidians boards. They are a company. They can easily have constructive criticism and discussions going on. They can take baseless praise, because it makes them look good. However, they can't take baseless insults. People would come, and say the game was crap, personally attack the devs, and flame anyone who disagreed with them or others. It was getting out of hand. Feargus stated that the boards may need to be closed down for this. He didn't say he'd close them down if people didn't stop disagreeing with them. You can still find many threads and post unclosed that disagree with Obsidian and the game they made, but you no longer see people whining without base. That shouldn't be seen on Obsidian's official boards. Feargus, and probably others, looked into this. They removed the offending items - threads that were little more than flames and arguments without the backing of facts or any valid points - and decided that enough constructive criticism and true discussion was going on. This is called professionalism, not threats. It is basic intelligence. No one is going to pay for bandwidth and allow it to be overwhelmed with insults and attacks thrown at their company. But then, I'm feeble minded. I probably shouldn't think of such things.
  7. And he didn't close them after looking into it. I fail to see your point here. And the needless flames were beginning to overrun the board, not just a single percent. I almost stopped reading, because every time I entered a thread, I was introduced to someone with the typing skills of a three year old doing nothing but insulting other players, the devs, the game, and everything they could find.
  8. I'd say you are deffinitely off. Think of it with this analogy: Feargy is a business owner of a corp or some such, and lines the entrance with the things people say about his company. Now, he'd be happy if people said constructive things, but when they start spray painting "DON'T BY THIS STUFF IT IS HORRIBLE AND THEY ALL SUCK AND U SUCK TOO", then, maybe, they won't show off peoples opinions anymore. To suggest that Obsidian should keep open their forums when all it does is make them look bad is nothing short of stupid. And Feargus never threatened. He said that he would close the boards if he thought it was for the best. He looked around, and guess what? He didn't find it for the best.
  9. I agree. She was one of my favorite voices, and perhaps the best actor out of them all. Here is what IMDB says about her: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0450414/
  10. I figured Feargus was hanging around to decide personally if there was anything constructive going on. I think he was satisfied.
  11. I just don't see how people didn't understand the game if they played it. Sure, it was deep and complex, but it was still really easy to understand.
  12. 15-20, if you intend to play as diplomatically as possible. 10-15 if you only want to do it to help with other things at times.
  13. Thank you! Yours is quite delightful as well.
  14. Some of the best RPGs in recent memory came out this year. Tales of Symphonia is hands down the best pure console RPG I've ever played, only rivaled by Suikoden III and Xenogears. Vampire, until the truly bad ending (I played for 40 hours with 1 hour of fighting, and then they make me fight for five hours straight. It got soooo dull, especially for a character who couldn't fight at all) is a superb RPG. WoW is possibly the best MMORPG out right now, since Earth and Beyond collapsed. Sacred mixed the accessibility of Diablo with a huge free form game world and some unique things. Paper Mario had the great humor and gameplay of the Paper Mario series. Kult had that perfect cynical humor. KotOR II won out, in the end, though. Why? Well, no other game but Vampire had this level of flexibility and roleplaying, and the story in KotOR was deeper and more engaging. Personally, I wouldn't have been shocked if Vampire or ToS won RPG of the year for PC or console, but I wholeheartedly agree that KotOR II earned it. It was simply better than both (not to diminish the wonderous efforts of Troika - RIP - or Namco). Oh, and Feargus, I love you in the most homoerotic way possible <3
  15. uhm she changed her gender recently?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, she does have issues.
  16. Carth was overly insecure, often had crappy written dialogue, and if you are female, he tries to pull the macho 'let me protect you'. As if you need it. If your male, he never seems to become very trusting for you. He just wants to get laid, by my thinking. His VA was good. If he had decided to turn with me or simply leave me at the end of my DS female game, maybe I'd think different. As is, he wanted to 'save me' from being myself, so I could be hte person he wanted. So I stabbified him. Bastilla had better dialogue, but she was egotisticle, arrogant and often annoying. Plus, she's really fickle. You can turn her after the battle with two sentences.
  17. I don't I agree. While English may be a more "elastic" language than others, the basic grammar and lexicon are really easy to pick up. German grammar is much more complicate in that respect. The same goes for oriental languages. In fact I think one of the factors that make English the n
  18. PC, followed by gamecube, then PS2, then X Box bringing up the rear. I tend not to play many handheld games, but if I do, its usually on my gamecube because I have that one thingie. This is, of course, because I prefer RPGs and games that show a lot of uniqueness.
  19. "Me" is incorrect in this instance I believe. Here is the test: -"I am stronger than Kriea. -"Kriea is stronger than I" -- Both of these sentences are grammatically correct. Now... -"Me is stronger than Kriea" -"Kriea is stronger than me". -- The first setence doesn't *sound* correct because it is not grammatically correct if I recall. The second one *sounds* correct, but it isn't because it is following the same rule as the first. Hence, both are incorrect. The English language is a tricky thing. I too noticed a ton of typos and other grammatical errors in the subtitles and quest logs as well. The one that jumped out at me the most is when you talk to the Jedi Master Zek (whatever his name is) on Nar Shaddaa. They actually wrote something like... "... That is why the Jedi decided to disband and hide. I [sPACE] t's was our choice..." That is just sloppy proofing any way you slice it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This person is correct. I didn't notice that there were so many typoes and that. I only read subtitles for the aliens, and didn't notice any there. Not that I was looking for any, either.
  20. So I'm not the only one who liked Heart of Winter. I was surprised when people complained about it. Sure, it was short, but it was a very cinematic campaign. Trials of the Luremaster was a fun, free, expansion set. I don't think the question is whether or not Obsidian wants to do extra content for KOTOR2, as in the past Black Isle put quite a bit of effort into similar projects, but the question is will Lucasarts let them. Anyways, let's tell our little Carths not to hate Revan, but Malak for frying Telos <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I loved Heart of Winter. It added a different type of challenge to the gameplay and required new strategy. Plus, the story, as in other IWD, was good even in its brevity. The music, the cutscenes, the combat, the story... all top notch stuff. I was very happy with my purchase. Of course, Trial of the Luremaster required a different style of play as well, a more intelligent one I'd say. This was also good, and I love it. But still, I am thoroughly shocked people complained about HoW enough to get a free expansion.
  21. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised of Obsidian made it without funding (though they'd need permission). The guys in charge were part of BI, and they did it for IWD II (and I personalyl thought Heart of Winter was worth thirty dollars! 10 hours of gameplay generally cost 50 for action games, and they get away with it) and made one of the best expansions EVER. Also, I may be wrong, but I'd imagine that they made more money with KotOR II than any two games they released before. Does this mean they HAVE to spend their money to make the patch if LA doesn't pay them? HELL no. But does it mean they might? Well, they've shown that odd generous behavior before. I wouldn't do it if I was the team leader... but the people in charge there are nicer than I am. Also, expansion backs easily can add a lot of new story. Look at Throne of Bhaal, by Black Isle. Excellent game that concludes the story to the saga. Another fine example - look at Gothic II: Die Nacht des Raben (or not, since the expansion is only in German and most of you don't speak that, but I digress). It adds an entire set of new areas, almost doubling the size of hte original game which was heavy on exploration - it adds three new factions you can join, new magic, new items, and it completely changes the game mechancis in a few areas - almost making it a new game on the second play through. Though, since I have Gothic II in English and Gothic II: Die Nacht des Raben in German, its pretty condusive to schitzophrenia when an NPC not only talks in two different languages, but in two different voices
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