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  1. Thanks guys. I've been meaning to read some Star Wars books for a while.
  2. Even pop has some good bands, I'd say. I think Cannibal Corpse is horrible. Most of my friends who are either metal fans or like all music tend to agree. And you are right about R&B... I miss the glory days of bands like Muddy Waters. EDIT: And by miss, I mean wish they made music that way, because I was nonexistant in the fifties.
  3. Yes, this game handled morality much better than the first. In KotOR I, if you were good, it meant you were supposed to give money to everyone and help old people across the street and crap. Or if you were evil, you had to kick puppies and threaten children. In KotOR II, its more realistic, where both good and evil have consequences that can lean either way... but its the intent that decides character allignment. Very well thought out, I must say. Its good to see someone handle the bad guys intelligently, because no one ever thinks THEY are the evil person or bad guy. BI, now as OE, always seems to understand that idea.
  4. Awesome, thank you a lot. It seems that he is referring to the war against the true Sith that is kind of alluded to. However, I'm still not quite sure if this is a philsophical war of ideas, a war of control over the force, or a physical war of death. Or, most likely, all of those.
  5. Then you are obviously listening to the wrong bands Check out something by Opeth, Agalloch, Novembre, Edge of Sanity (especially the forty minute song, Crimson), or Arsis to see some well done. Like all genres of music, death metal has a ton of crappy artist and some very, very good ones.
  6. Which war? Hyperspace War (from what I gather, this was about the Jedi who found the Sith homeworld returning to the human areas as Sith... I never knew the Sith were a seperate people til this game), Jedi Civil War and Mandalorian Wars. Did they give it a name?
  7. Interesting perspective, but I have to disagree about Atton being fairly standard. He did almost as much damage as teh Handmaiden when armed with two sabers and giving the self-buffing spells as well as two-weapon feets. On top of that, since my first play was as a consular, he basically covered ALL the skills I could not raise except Computer. Very useful. Still, good read. Thanks
  8. I have to disagree about the NPCs. The dialogue was much less mature or well written in the first. I mean, just playing through the beginning again with Carth talking about his trust issues is almost funny. Though it does get better later in the game, if memory serves. I like how it is in KotOR II more. In the first, you basically just listened to their spiel when you leveled up. In the second, you need to gain their trust, talk to them, and learn about them in a way that doesn't scream 'story time'.
  9. Yes, I agree. I think they should tell us what's going on, at least that they are patching all the bugs. I don't expect them to get in depth about hte cut out stuff. Lucasarts seems like the type of company (like Marvel, for instance) who would love to sue if they get the chance. I hope OE pulls a Trial of hte Luremaster. I don't expect it though.
  10. Firstly, rather or not Revan is Sith or Jedi, as well as if it is a he or she, is determined by your responses to Atton at the beginning of the game. Everything you brought up in your third paragraph is answered through dialogue or cutscenes. You can go to the planets in any order, and like the first, it really makes no difference. After playing both both ways, I'd say KotOR II has more replayability (though I'm only half way through it now on darkside female with Revan the opposite of what I set her last time). You see and learn a lot more and things play out quite a bit differently. Lastly, Lucas Arts was responsible for the early release. And how can you say 'I can't believe they okayed this game'? Have you seen ANY Star Wars game that is not Jedi Knight or KotOR? They aren't even close to good.
  11. I was wondering if there were any Star Wars books that take place around the same time as the games.
  12. True, but a game with the popularity of KotOR and NWN2 are godsends to OE, who are trying to build their own company and name familiarity. It may not ended the best, and maybe they should have passed it up or demanded a better contract, but they may have been under the impression that LucasArts would give them time. I believe they thought that, otherwise, they would have made the story more concise so that it COULD fit in one game. Has their been better communication about the release date from the beginning, I imagine OE would have either had the time they needed or built the basic game, then started adding in sidequest and character interaction once the main stuff was finished. But then, I may be wrong.
  13. Was it the one where he says he felt his hate fading? Cause that's the one you need.
  14. You'll probably get the light points back. Check out gamefaqs.com for cheats, too. There may be a way to artificially fix the bug by just returning your light points.
  15. Get his influence high enough and chat with him, that's about it. There are two dialogue trees as your influence goes, and they are fairly limited. Just be nice to him, both times. The gist of the first line of both trees is generally 'General, you are having a great influence on me.'
  16. I didn't get the impression that Dark=Evil and the Jedi were good, at all. I continued to state, and some of the Masters agreed, that the Council was wrong. The council had made mistakes, and most weren't willing to admit it. And Kreia was never Dark Side or Sith. She was neutral, as far as the Force was concerned. She had fallen in a different way. It wasn't the hate for others or pride that changed her, but the disgust with herself. She sought to end the Force, and no Sith would want that. The Force itself would not want that.
  17. I think its a bug. I did that test, got light points, and then finally figured it out: You have to kill them all, so say you don't care whats going on, they are all fake. They'll get all angsty and you don't get any light or dark points, but you get to move on. I'm almost positive its a bug, but again, not sure.
  18. Its possible that the whole Kreia scene was part if a vision like on Korriban, but I doubt it. Its a shame this wasn't included. I could tell the game was rushed, but it was stil excellent and screamed of the Black Isle touch, right up til the last few areas. I was content with the ending, but it could have been so much better.
  19. I only played it through once and pretty much learned everything you guys talked about here. As for your questions, apparently Baro-Dur made some sort of doomsday machine at the command (or at least, blessing) of the Exile. This completely destroyed the life of the planet. It was done because the Sith were ultimately destroying the forces of the Exile, and the planet was critical to Revan's success (though I never found out why it was important, they just kinda said it was). My guess is that the weapon is what caused the void in the Force for everyone there, and what made Darth Nihilsm (or whateverh is name is) a hole in the Force like you, except he was still thriving to fill that hole with the power of Force sensitives, whereas you just learned to survive.
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