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  1. NWN was a big dissapointment when I bought it, even if I beat it. I didn't feel it was worth my money til many years later when I had that, both expansions and finally touched on all the mods that had been released.
  2. I liked the story, worked on lots of levels. Did you perchance find all the Jecht spheres? Didnt they have the same actress doing X-2 ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes I did. And she got better, so I could handle her.
  3. Got to ask why ? FFX is my favourite story. But I'm not a big fan of the sphere grid. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I thought the story was mediocre, the characters were shallow and uninteresting - they gave the lead female the worst VA I've ever seen (that is, til I played BK). Combat was ok, but all the sidequest were little more than annoying. It was pretty, though.
  4. People will always be people.. I didnt mind it because I was familiar with the characters from X , but as a standalone FF it would have been a bit of a shock. Actually building your grid during combat was a lot of fun. Also one of the more versatile systems. I've still got my game+ save with all the costumes. Maybe one day I will get around to a third play from the Yevan side (for some reason I choose the rebels twice). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I like FFX2. I thought FFX was pure trash. FFX2 wins.
  5. Actually, I still go back and play my old games frequently. And on a scale of time spent, games tend to come out, value wise, second only to books: 50 hours for 50 bucks, as opposed to 20 bucks for 1 hour on a DVD or CD. Games are just more cost efficient. Of course, a good (paperback) book can last you 20 or more hours for 5 bucks. Too bad I buy hardback ones, but they still tend to have the value efficiency of games.
  6. I have the expansion but it's in german I am waiting for the English one bty what were your stats? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> About 150 str and 98 two handed. You can get an english mod for the German addon.
  7. Just finished replaying it with the add-on, actually. Its a great one, indeed.
  8. See my original list. Those are all GBA games, though I think Dragon Warrior I/II collection is for GBC, as well as Dragon Warrior III DS doesn't have anything on it yet, really. Some great N64 games are redone for it, but not sure how well they transfered. As for other good ones: Zelda: Links Awakening Metroid II Final Fantasy Legends I, II and III Breath of Fire I, II and III (And IV?) Final Fantasy Adventure Those are all for the original GB, though Zelda has a Game Boy Color edition that is minorly better, but worth it since the price would be the same now. I think tis called Zelda DX. I don't think there are any good GBC games, heh. Give DS some time, though, it should begin to release something soon. Might as well get Mario 64 if you don't already have it for N64.
  9. Cause its too awesome for some people.
  10. That was a game made before the technology was ready for it... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yea, I couldn't play it til two or three years after it came out.
  11. Never play Might and Magic? No idea which one came first. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yea, Iv'e played and beaten IV (I think) through VII. I actually just ordered VIII and IX
  12. Wow, where do yo uguys live? It only cost me 4.50 to go to a new show, 2 bucks for an old one.
  13. No votes at all for Ultima IX? Despite a lot of bad rap, I enjoyed that one
  14. I agree - I can deal without a quicksave, and in newer games, I can do without an automap. But in the old ones, you simply had no idea where you were a lot of the time without a map, since the tiles were all the same. Also, I liked VI-8 the best because of the added elements of sci fi. It gave it a real unique feel. I know VI didn't actually contain much (any?) sci fi stuff, but it was the first in the story, so I count it as well.
  15. I'm not going to comment on the price of games, since I figure they will rise in prices eventually or fold - they have to, if they aren't already doing it But as for CDs, you should never pay more than 12 dollars for one. There are two great places if you want new CDs: The End Records for metal, Bullmoose for everything else. All CDs tend to be 10-12. And no shipping. Yay for teh intranet! Oh, and Feargus, about the price of games: Any idea on the price of NWN 2 at release?
  16. Yea, I made another one Too little talk of the classics here. Anyway, my favorite is actually Wizardry 8. All the pre VI games had trouble holding my interest, and VII is the only one that can rival 8. However, I liked the characters of 8 more, even if VII was probably more innovative. I, however, admit I have not played Wizards and Warriors or Wizardry for PS2. How are those, by the way?
  17. A series is only as good as its last game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Uh... no.
  18. A few of the FFs are total crap, but some are real good too.
  19. Oh, yea, I forgot about that. AO rapes Runescape. I have a level 70 adventurer lamenting in my absence though.
  20. Hardly. PS2 has many more titles to themselves than any other system, and not only because its the oldest - but because it is the best selling. The graphics can be pretty good, though not as good as XBox. It can still get fairly close for a technologically inferior machine. Anyway, PS2 easily has more games I enjoy than X Box.
  21. Damnit, I can't believe I did that :\ I can't find a way to change it either.
  22. I can tell you from playing the full game thats not the case at all. If I recall the demo starts you off in the Viking Tomb which is one of the more combat heavy areas. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think I'll pick it up then. Sure, its not like the good ol' Bard's Tales. I wish it was, but its not. Its really a totally different game - if what you say is true (and I assume it is), then I'll probably like it. I'll pick it up after hte PC version comes out - I'll see if they improve on it. If not, I'll get it for gamecube or xbox or something.
  23. I'll try it out tonight after school and work.
  24. I felt hte need to load up my favorite Ultima - Ultima IV - to play while I'm in class and that. It started to make me wonder which you guys liked best? I realize Ultima I-III and Ultima IX may not get any votes, but hte first three are classics and I actually liked IX, so they are there. If there are any other ultima games I forgot about, you can write them in. "None of them" is not an option. Unless you send me money. And a cookie. Also, tell why, if you don't mind: Mine is Ultima IV. It was the first of the series to add a true story, the other party members became huge players in the following Ultima games and it had a truly unique concept - not to become the uber baddassness of all badassness, but to become the symbol of virtue to represent what the world should become.
  25. Tried the demo. Annoying glitch #1 - My characters heads all turned into hugely long points focusing on whatever their target was. At first, I thought all my summoned creatures had leashes to me. My character looked like the elephant man with a forty foot head. Annoying glitch #2 - Seemed to be a memory leak... it would get slower and slower no reason. Also, the controls are mediocre for PC, but not that bad, really. It looked semi-interesting, but it also looks like the story and exploration aspects are nil.
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