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  1. No matter what you do, or don't do, you're going to offend someone.
  2. Can't say as I've tried kiting but it's become pretty obvious "engagement" has little to no effect on at least undead type NPCs. Such MOBs regularly kite my characters in fact. The NPC I've told a character to attack will run off (or teleport) and the character will give chase, being attacked by every other NPC they pass as they are engaged and repeatedly hit by disengagement attacks. Lost more then one fight to this, you have to VERY carefully micromanage fights and never allow your characters to chase NPCs.
  3. When I manually resolved the very first attack on my stronghold (trolls and slimes) over half the NPC guards were killed, even tho my party was there and delt with the attackers. Having seen this I've NEVER used the auto-resolve because it seems pretty obvious (to me anyway) the NPC guards are useless.
  4. Same here, I'd assumed it was being deposited into the party account NOT the chest.
  5. There are always people that can't quite seem to understand any game will have bugs on release simply because some of the players will do things no one ever foresaw when doing QA. It's very rare for developers to play an entire game start-to-finish before it's released. Sure they play sections to test one or two specific things but those are really the only things they're looking at. It's not practical to pay QA folks for a week or three to play a 40-120 hour game as a test while they also have to pay the programmers, artists, writers, etc. to sit around and do nothing because any new or updated content will ruin the test and they have to start over from square one. If bugs bother you THAT much only buy games six months or so after they're released when most of the bugs are fixed.
  6. Yeah, when I try ti use it my rogue/character sort of vibrates in place or maybe moves part way along the path to where I want to go then rubber-bands back to exactly where they started from.
  7. Yeah, I did a couple quests for both the Dozens' and the Knights' now neither faction will give me more quests. Makes PERFECT sense for my Benevolent 3, Rational 3, Honest 2, Compassionate 1 character to have to slaughter one group or the other to reduce my standing so I can continue the main story line ...
  8. Yeah, I too am stuck because I did a quest for both the Dozen's and the Knights now NEITHER faction will give me more quests.
  9. I have much the same problem plus some. About 75% of the time characters will not autoattack, I literally have to select each and every one of them, assign a target, and tell them to attack. And even then about half the time they continue to stand there doing nothing. I'd say 25-50% of the time they won't even autoattack when attacked themselves, I've had more then a few cases of them standing there doing nothing while being killed. Also the character selection routines are quite buggy. I select a character portrait and try to give them an order and the PREVIOUSLY selected character attacks the one I just tried to select. I can however swap characters using the number keys ... usually, even that doesn't work reliably. After a character attacks, casts a spell, whatever if I try to tell them to move to another location they'll just stand there more often then not. I often have to issue the same character the same move-to-there order several times before they'll move.
  10. I start most games on normal then once I get a "feel" for them after a few hours of play I may well restart in hard.
  11. You're making a rational argument to an emotional issue. How else could we reasonably discuss this? We could mock people for buying a memorial to themselves in a video game? I kid, I kid. We could also mock folks that want a free choice RPG that restricts their free choice not to view in-game credits to those that actually funded the game they want to play.
  12. The problem is a "good" multi-player or persistent world experience in an RPG (and to a lesser extent a shooter) is as dependent, or probably far more, dependent on the quality of the DM and/or other players as it is on the game's ability to support it. Now if your only goal for muli-player is team battle see the above ... much easier to support then the RPG aspects. But to take what's intended, and designed, as an RPG first and foremost and add a "reasonable" multi-player capability to it is not even remotely easy.
  13. *makes more popcorn to munch while this amusing thread continues it's passionate debate*
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