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  1. For me at the top down 2D view allows for a scope of visuals you can't get consistently in 3D games. The visuals in games like PoE and the IE games comes in part from the sweeping views the 2D is able to show you. It gives an atmosphere that is very difficult to achieve in 3D.
  2. For the most part it's just temporary, there a couple quests you lost out on if not finished before the end of Act II but the rest you only lose temporary access to.
  3. So far this game has been amazing, however there are some issues on character information that is rather user unfriendly. 1. Stat affecting passives that only activate in combat. Is there an engine restriction that prevents abilities like Transcendent Suffering from showing on the main stats outside of combat? Many users are confused when they get a passive but it fails to show any changes on the main stat screen. If possible these should just be active all the time rather combat only. 2. Recovery time. There needs to be a way to see a value for this, seeing a loading tip that equiping
  4. What you guys are asking for is essentially a different game, combat is an important part of what makes the game what it is, and while I agree the tutorial could use improvement, the actual combat is pretty straightforward after you get down the basic positioning. There is nothing wrong with using mods or cheats to make combat a non-factor, the only thing you're missing is achievements, and if you don't have to put in at least a little effort for those then it defeats the point of having them. I guess I'm not sure why it needs to be made any easier when you can just use the console to esse
  5. With the way the stealth mechanic works this wouldn't make much sense, even with a lot of points in stealth you aren't going to get even close to backstabbing distance without being "revealed". At best you'd see rogue get a buff to their invisiblity skill.
  6. I'm actually glad the game has partial voice acting, it sets the mood and let's your imagination do the rest. Plus I read a lot faster than most voice acting so if there is too much with such a text heavy game then it gets tedious to wait for it all the time. I wouldn't mind seeing a more random comments from companions, what dialogue they have is good but traveling around they're a bit quiet imo.
  7. I think of might as combat prowess in general, a character doesn't have to be physically strong to be powerful in combat. ex. you can have a mighty army, that doesn't mean the army has big muscles. I do agree the economy needs work, right now it feels too easy to make gold and not enough to spend it on, I'm not sure the fault though is the stash system or just the overwhelming amount of "trash" loot.
  8. I think part of it is that people are too used to games giving things like a level indicator to show hard a fight will be. Instead PoE follows the good old formula of if the fight looks hard, it probably is (at least when you're new to the game). You don't go up and fight a dragon without being prepared to take a little damage. As for the bear, doesn't it make sense that a low level solo character would have a very hard time against it (not counting cheese strats), not an animal most people would want to face 1v1.
  9. What? NPCs walk all the time. We aren´t asking for some obscure scripting beyond the capabilities of the engine.Depending on how it was coded, having scripted NPCs walk is very different than having PC walk, especially with the variety of options in character creator and that items show on characters. It could be really easy, but it also be something that takes a lot of work, it really depends on how it was done. I am not asking or demanding anything by the way. I am stating my opinion and my thoughts why I believe that Running causes more problems than what Walking would have done. It is a
  10. Ah you're right, I was thinking about some way to move groups of items at once, though not sure how that would work.
  11. I disagree, combat was designed around run speed, with the option for slow mode if that felt to quick for you. And adding it as a separate combat mechanic would be really messy and would cause more problems than anything. A walking toggle would be cool, but if it's difficult to add (doing the animations right in a non scripted scenario can take a lot of time) I would rather the devs focus on other parts of the game.
  12. I haven't found a way to move bulk amounts of items yet, would be a nice qol improvement to be able to shift click stuff to sell.
  13. I'm getting this bug too, I even tested it by firing/rehiring half of them, the refreshed hires do not change to "unpaid" but the ones who list "unpaid" don't lose that status either, even after the payday notification. It took the correct amount out at payday so I'm not sure if it's not registering that they got paid or if the visual indicator is just broken.
  14. This is a good way of putting it. I think most people getting these bugs just want confirmation it is being worked on . Even if it takes 2-3 weeks, people tend to be a lot more patient if they know it will get fixed at some point instead of hoping the issue breaking their game isn't being missed. There doesn't need to be a lot of information on coming patches, but an occasional "we're still working on it" goes a long ways.
  15. Definitely feasible, I like using scepters/rods myself becuase weapon recovery time impacts time sensitive casting and having to wait to cast something because my wizard is reloading his arbalast can be costly. Bows tend work well for this reason as well.
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