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  1. A little boom-boom, you say? Yeah, sure. And now to something entirely different...
  2. No love for priest/mage or druid/mage multiclassing? I love playing pure casters and the concept of mixing arcane/divine casting. Mystic Theurge and True necromancer was two of my favourite prestige classes in D&D.
  3. Some of his complaints i disagree with, but overall i think it's a pretty fair review.
  4. All the yes to the rouge companion. My aristocratic PC need a make-up assistant to follow him/her around on the adventures had in PoE. You never know who you met on these sort of travels afterall. Hmm... now i want to make a Hercule Poirot character.
  5. There's a mod that allowed the player to do that in DAO. So hopefully a mod will be made for PoE companions too. I like being available to manually level up my npc companions. I don't mind companions being a fixed race/class since it's part of their story and personality, but i'd at least want to decide what talents and attributes they get.
  6. I would have liked to see some form of multi-classing system for PoE. Or even just Prestige Classes for further class specialization.
  7. Skyrim is the perfect example of an Immersive, exploration simulator. That is its main feature. Especially if you add in 100+ mods to improve the graphics and environments. I think i've spent more time finding and installing mods than actually playing the game. XD
  8. Is this a joke or does it really work? I kind of want to murder backer NPCs on principle, but if I can have their HATS... watch out! Yes good. You're the fashion police; kill them for their fine clothing, young padawan.
  9. +1 What are you going to do? "I've looked into your soul and NOW I WILL PUNISH YOU because I totally know you're guilty"? I suppose Durance would approve.
  10. Before i knew it was backer npcs, i just thought they were there as a neat introduction when you learned about your Watcher status. So i just assumed they were the lingering souls of dead people.
  11. And now i'm tempted to make a serial killer as my first character... just to get that pimp robe.
  12. I keep seeing threads about this but i got no content of reference about it, because i haven't gotten to play the game yet. -Just another gamer stuck in character creation stage
  13. While i can sympathize with this as someone that has a phobia of snakes, i would honestly just let the modding community handle that.
  14. Thank you for that. Been enjoying listening to the soundtrack on my phone since release.
  15. If highlighting objects with TAB is considered cheesy. I guess i cheated in Diablo 2 a lot. Just call me Cheesy McCheater, lord of game cheese.
  16. I'll probably go with a human or elven wizard (or cipher) as my first character. After that, who knows? Probably some wacky and weird build/race. My first character however always end up being a spellcaster of some sort for this kind of games.
  17. I too would like to know about this. I have read through the entire thread and didn't seem to find any real confirmation if this was the case or not.
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