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  1. For the most in the game, screen transitions while stealthed maintain stealth, but in Heritage Hill's tower, where it gives you the ultra-convenient option of skipping the midsection of the tower via a dialogue box when trying to leave the screen, any option chosen will deposit you on the selected floor without stealth activated, even if you attempt to transition while stealthed. I think this might have something to do with dialogue boxes breaking stealth? Being that I snuck through the middle floor, when going back down I was rekt by a huge group of undead because my character was pulled fro
  2. Eight-clicking on abilities in the behavior editor to get a description opens a window under the behavior editor whose text shows thru. Cannot interact with the ability summary window unless the behavior editor is closed. Pics cuz it happened.
  3. The arrows governing the sliders in this screen are backwards. the left arrow pushes the slider right and vice/versa. That's on both sliders. Manually clicking and dragging the slider works just fine tho.
  4. That they don't have beards is a travesty. How are we just ok with the systematic hair removal of an entire gender? It's a Dwarven rights violation.
  5. Can we please see some of these beautiful Dwarven ladybeards in Deadfire that were sorely lacking in PoE?
  6. Why do all the cool time travel games like this and Meantime end up as vaporware? Frustrating.
  7. I love the idea of non-binary characters in fiction. Fiction should reflect the real world, and imagine the narrative possibilities opened up by these folks unique perspective. I am all for opening up customization options across the genders.
  8. My absolute first thing I checked for and first piece of feedback is that female Dwarves NEED to have the option to have beards. As a long time Dwarf player, I feel like the race I know and love has yet to be given the love they need in a game like this. Beards, bro. Give the Dwarves back their pride. Other than that, enjoying the hell out of the Beta.
  9. Pardon my ignorance, but how do I prove this? http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/umbersona Like that?
  10. Just upped my pledge to $148.00, I'm in. Umbersona, Knight Crusader of the Obsidian Order
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