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  1. Hey there. iPad Air2 iOS 9.3.1 I started the app, it advised I had successfully logged in. I went to gallery, looked at B deck weapons, spells, armour, items and allies I salvaged nine cards (common rarity) from the B deck allies that I had received from chests. Each time I salvaged an ally, a dialogue box would appear, advising me of the amount I would receive (2 gold) and asking for confirmation. I confirmed and my gold total appeared, going up by 2 and the salvaged card disappeared. On the 7th 8th and 9th salvages I noticed that the gold amount appeared, but did not change. At the beginning I had 2299 gold and at the end I had 2299 gold. I'm happy the cards are gone, as I didn't want them, but i would like the 18 gold. Thanks
  2. Hey there. In regards to 3b: when there are multiple characters at a location and a Bane with multiple checks is encountered, an small purple icon will appear in the top/middle of the screen. If you select this, then the other character at the location, will be able undertake one of the checks. Thanks
  3. Hey there. Regarding number 1, how did Lini defeat Iesha Foxglove? Iesha Foxgloves check is: Charisma, Diplomacy, Divine - 13 Iesha Foxglove also has the following text: If your check to defeat Iesha does not have the Magic trait, Iesha is considered undefeated. So you need to roll 13 or more in Charisma, Diplomacy or Divine. Lini has the Divine skill and could roll 13 or more, but how did you add the Magic trait to the check? To the best of my knowledge, the only way to add the Magic trait to a Charisma, Diplomacy or Divine check is with Kyra's power: Add 1d8 with the Magic trait to your check to defeat a bane with the Undead trait. As such the only way to Defeat Iesha Foxglove is with Kyra. Thanks
  4. Hey there. Whether you get to improve a Skill, Power or Card feat, is dependant on the the Scenario and Adventure path awards. As such, when you successfully complete Attack on Sandpoint, the reward is: Each character gains a Skill feat. The reward for Trouble in Sandpoint is: Each character gains a Power feat. Thanks
  5. Hey there. 1. Currently there is no way to pass when encountering a boon. I think Obsidian are looking at including it in the future. 2. From the main menu, just below the 'Continue' button, there should be another button; Story. Select this and you should be taken to a screen that shows your current adventures and allow you to start new ones. You can also delete adventures from here. 3. Even though you can view the cards from Adventures 3 - 6, they have not been released yet. So the adventures that are available are B, 1 & 2. yes, the forums are the place to be Thanks
  6. Hey there. In the Beta, when there were multiple characters at a location and a Bane with multiple checks was encountered, an icon(small) would appear in the top/middle of the screen. If you selected this, then the other character at the location, would be able undertake one of the checks. I have yet to encounter a multiple check bane in the live version, but I expect it to be the same. Thanks.
  7. Hey there. Allies - 1 x Troubadour and 1 x Standard Bearer are good Basic choices Kyra and Merisel. I think these are good choices, because they add to multiple stats and allow you to explore. Weapons - for Kyra grab 2x Maces for Mersiel grab 2 x Crossbow Only spend blessings, allies, codexes on weapons they can use. No swords, Longbows, Polearms as neither character is proficient with those weapons yet. Also be careful when using weapons as if your character is not proficient, you will get a penalty to your dice roll. Spells - For Kyra start with a mix of the following: Cure x 1 Strength x 1 this helps to boost Kyra's combat skills Choose either Inflict wounds (for combat) or Eloquence this helps on Diplomacy/Charisma checks Only spend blessings, allies, codexes on divine spells as this is what Kyra can use (discard) and then possibly recharge. Armour - Give Mersiel Leather Armour Give Kyra 2 x Chainmail I wouldn't spend a blessing or ally on Armour. Remember to hold on to Armour, so you bury it to reduce damage when fighting creatures that cause damage before a fight. Items - Give Kyra some thieves tools. When you encounter a barrier, discard them to defeat the barrier. Mersiel 2x thieves tools. Mersiel will also discard these, but can then attempt to recharge them as well. Also give Mersiel 1 X potion of fortitude, 1 X potion of glibness, 1 X potion of perception and 1 X Codex. These can be useful, but a lot of the time you will either recharge or discard them to Mersiels sneak attack power. Blessings. It is worthwhile to spend blessings, allies, codexes on acquiring Blessings. I hope this helps. Thanks
  8. Hey there. Thank you for your replies. I am super confused. I thought that the cards that were in the Gallery/Vault were the cards that you already owned. So, when I saw +1 Flaming Shortbow I assumed that I already owned these cards and just had to unlock them. More clarity regarding this would be excellent. Thanks.
  9. Hey there. So just like normal cards??? Once we encounter them, does it revel what they do??? Once we have encountered them once, are we permenantky able to see them in our Gallery/Vault??? Are any of them Basic??? If yes, once we encounter them once, are we able to treat them like other Basic cards and add them to decks at the beginning and at the end of each of the B scenarios??? Thanks
  10. Hey there. It is my expectation that any cards you gain from chest go into your box of cards. There is a chance you could encounter those cards in a scenario. In the Beta we were advised that if you find yourself with one or more cards that you have acquired through Chests, that you do not want you can Salvage them. Once salvaged you will receive a an amount of gold based on the rarity of the card salvaged. I have no idea what the different rarities of cards are, nor the amounts of gold associated with salvaging them. No idea. At the beginning and after you complete the B scenarios you should be able to access Basic cards. Once you begin Adventure 1, any card you acquire while adventuring, can be added to your deck, but you will only be able to access Basic cards if you do not have enough of a category of a card. Eg if you are using Valeros and you only have 4 weapons, because you have banished one during the adventure and you have not picked one up, you could access the basic cards to bring the amount of weapons up to 5. In this example if you had picked up a weapon, without regard to what that weapon was (Dagger, +1 Longsword, Deathbane Crossbow +1) you would have to keep that weapon. Thanks
  11. Hey there. Spread through the different classifications of Boons in decks; B, C, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 there are cards with titles, different colour borders (Bronze/Copper, Silver & Gold) no text. Could you please advise how we access these cards? Thanks
  12. Hey there. My preferred Arcane caster is Seoni, because: Rolls a D12 for Combat, Arcane and Charisma/Diplomacy checks - Having a D12 as a base means that blessings will add another D12 - Allies are good for you exploring, so being able to acquire more of them mid scenario is useful - Charisma/Diplomacy is a useful skill for closing locations and other scenario specific requirements - You want to improve upon the Basic cards you begin with and rolling D12 for your Arcane checks will increase your chances - RotRL is combat heavy and I have found the D12 to be excellent for nuking I usually find with caster Arcane and Divine, that combats with multiple checks can be a struggle, because you may only have 1 Attack spell. Seoni solves this problem by turning every card into an Attack spell. I think that Seoni has a good spread of cards (Spells, Items, Allies and Blessings) which means she can explore and effectively deal with multiple threats. Thanks
  13. Hey there. All the cards that you encounter are from your 'Box' of cards. When you do not include a card in your deck during deck creation, it is returned to the box. There is a chance you could encounter it again. If you would like to see all the cards that are in your 'Box', from the main menu, along the bottom of the screen,choose the 2nd button from the left; Gallery. You should now be able to review the different cards that are in your 'Box'
  14. Hey there. Are you still in the B Scenarios: Brigandoom, The Poison Pill and Black Fangs Dungeon? I ask this because it is my expectation, that once you are out of the B Scenarios, you will no longer able to access all Basic cards. As such I would be surprised if you had gained so many cards from your adventures in each of the different categories (Weapons, Spells, Armour, Item, Allies and Blessings) that you wold need to alphabetise them. I think I sort of worked it out. I started a new party and on the map screen? you push the button with the big P on it. that lets you adjust their decks. cheers You can edit decks at that screen until you beat Black Fang's Dungeon.
  15. Wooooohooooo! Rejoice Rejoice! Pathfinder Adventures has been released. Download size is 519mb http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2tmks?RotR-available-on-AppStore-downloading-right-now Now I just have to make it through the work day to get in range of some Wifi. Thank you for all your hard work making this possible.
  16. Hey there Thank you Flounder and LadyKaiete for your responses, they are most appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hey there. I found the tweet from Pocket Tactics, but I have not been able to find any Tweets from Obsidian, Paizo, Nathan Davis, Mikey Dowling, LadyKaieta, Syrstorm or Lindsey that states that the release date has been changed. Board Game Geek is now also reporting that the release has been pushed back to 28 April and that this is a tentative date, so we may not even see it by the end of next week. As such even though there has not been an official update from Obsidian or Paizo, this seems legitmate. Oh well I guess Star Lord just needs a bit more time to practice his dance moves Thanks
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