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  1. Hey there Here is the article: http://www.pockettactics.com/news/pathfinder-adventure-card-game-release-delayed-again/ Thanks
  2. Woohoo Could you advise what time the dream will become reality? As in 5 days time it will be 27 April here Thanks
  3. I thought the local custom was to say"Zarongel Bless you" after someone firesneezes in your presence
  4. Hey there While Big Trouble in Little China and Spaceballs are great films what does this have to do with the imminent release date? A. Is it now, then, soon? B. Are we now or will we soon be travelling at Ludicrous Speed? C. Are we now or will we soon, Shake the Pillars of Heaven? D. Will Kurt Russell host the launch stream of Pathfinder Adventures on Twitch E. All of the above If there was ever a Pathfinder movies I always imagined that Valeros would be played by Kurt Russell Acceptable answers include words and/or GIFs Thanks
  5. Hey there First party will be: Harsk Merisiel Lini Seoni Valeros Amiri Thanks
  6. Are we at Beige alert? If so, I have no strong feelings one way or another
  7. Hey there. It is a significant difference from the physical version of the game, but I am willing to sacrifice that level of purity (from a rules perspective) to enjoy what so far appears to be a faithful re-creation of a game I greatly enjoy playing. Thanks.
  8. Hey there iPad Air2 No pass and play No permadeath Normal difficulty I had completed skins aw murders, received my rewards and assigned my card feats: I gave Valeros an additional Ally. After assigning all my cards to characters in the deck building, Valeros was short 1 ally and there were no other allies available, but Spyglass was present in the trash area. The blue "continue" arrow would not highlight. I then moved one of Valeros's existing allies; Sheriff Hemlock, down to the trash area. I then tried to move it back, instead of the card moving it created a duplicate of Sheriff Hemlock, in the deck section. I was subsequently able to create another Sheriff Hemlock and another and so forth and so on.......... The continue arrow still will not highlight. I cannot select the Spyglass, but the goblins don't stand a chance against my Army of Hemlock Now when I look at items I have 5 spyglasses. But when I go back to allies: Thanks.
  9. Hey there I am under the impression that the only cards that will appear once are Uniques. I am now also confused. I presume based on your example, that: 1. Experienced characters like Kyra and Amiri hold onto their cards as well as their Feats; and 2. That each time you start an adventure in a Save, you generate a fresh box of cards. More clarity would be great. Thanks
  10. Hey there In the store, when you go to the Specials it displays the Rise of the Runelords Bundle. After talking about our Shoes, the bundle goes on to state: "Get complete access to all of the Rise of the Runelords content." Upon reading this sententce, I expect that when I purchase this bundle I will receive the following content: The remaining nine Characters The Character Add on Deck cards All bonus character cards Adventure Deck 1 Adventure Deck 2 Adventure Deck 3 Adventure Deck 4 Adventure Deck 5 Adventure Deck 6 When I continue reading, I am confused, as the bundle specifically mentions Adventure Deck 1 - Adventure Deck 6, but does not specifically mention anything else. Is it possible you could be more specific about what else the Rise of the Runelords Bundle contains, other than Adventure Deck 1 - Adventure Deck 6. Thank you
  11. Hey there. Logged out and back in, accessed the gallery from the main menu and everything is there. I can't wait to sing the Song of Hawkmoon. Thanks
  12. Hey there. In regards to Pink roses question: If you add Strength to a check does that add the Magic trait to that check? The answer in the Physical version of the game is No, as Traits, such as 'Magic' are added by cards you use to define there and skill that you are using for the check. Eg if Harsk was in combat with a Spectre at the beginning it would show his strength die and the melee skill. If Harsk then recharges a +1 Dagger, the die should change to his ranged die and use the ranged skill. It is at this point that the game adds the traits from the +1 Dagger to the check. When you use a spell like Aid or Strength, you are not defining the die or skill that you are using for the check, merely adding to it. Also I am under the impression that Kyra is the only Character that can defeat Iesha Foxglove, as in base RoRL there is no other way to add the 'Magic' trait to Charisma, Diplomacy or Divine check. I apologies if I have not articulated this clearly. Thanks
  13. Hey there. Thanks for the response. I had opened the game, logged in, I went to the store and looked at each option and then went back to the main menu. I then selected Gallery and was able to see all the adventures and all locations. When I went selected Cards, the only Deck I could select was 1. Yes the cards appear with question marks. Please confirm, by boosters, do you mean they are from chests? and they will appear once we have purchased a chest and gotten the card or is there another form of Booster to the card pool? Thanks
  14. Hey there In the Vault, when you select 'Cards' the only Adventure you can select is 1, all the others are greyed out. Also the following cards appear but have no art or text: Weapons: Flaming Shortbow +1 Frost Battleaxe +1 Lucerne Hammer Shock Glaive +1 Spells: Corrosive Weapon Improved Guidance Shocking Weapon Armour: Fortified Leather Armour Hide Armour of Acid Reistance Nimble Elven Chain Shirt Orissa Shield Shrouded Elven Chain Shirt Items: Potion of Invisibility Wand of Flame Wand of Lightning Bolt Orb of Frost Centipede Venom Bracers of improved Protection Allies: Incanter Menagerie Keeper Squire Social Climber Chameleon Thanks
  15. Hey there Hook Mountain massacre is missing from the store. Thanks
  16. Wooohoo Great news, thanks for all you hard work. Could you please clarify and explain the following statement: • Apple products can make real-money purchases requiring a credit card number but they will NOT be charged What are "Apple products"? - Does this mean iPads, Cider and/or Pie? - Does this mean: The user of an "Apple product can make real-money purchases requiring a credit card number but they will NOT be charged" - Does this mean we have reached the Singularity and the "Apple products" are in control? Please confirm that even though "Apple products" will not be charged, will they still receive the goods they have purchased? Thanks
  17. Yeah, Beast mode. You turn into a werewolf, kick-ass, take names and chew bubblegum.......
  18. Hey there Tapping a button or the dice is preferred. Swiping is one of my least favourite aspects of Touch devices. Thanks
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