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  1. After 'Rise of the Goblins', what content do you plan to release next and will we see it before the end of 2017?
  2. Will there be any cross-promotion between Pathfinder Adventures and the upcoming Kingmaker CRPG Kickstarter or the 37Games/Dragonclaw CCG?
  3. Now that the Steam and Asmodee announcements have been made, can we expect regular communications or is radio silence the new normal?
  4. Will future content be released simultaneously on all platforms? Please ignore this question as it was answered in the latest blog: 'We plan on keeping future content parity between all platforms so that if there is something that is available on the PC, the Mac, and mobile users will have it at the same time.'
  5. Will any content be exclusive to a platform? Please ignore this question as it was answered in the latest blog: 'We plan on keeping future content parity between all platforms so that if there is something that is available on the PC, the Mac, and mobile users will have it at the same time.'
  6. Check these out: https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/65930/app-news-pathfinder-adventures-saga-takes-turn-and http://gamingtrend.com/2017/06/02/asmodee-digital-bringing-pathfinder-adventures-to-steam/ http://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/299274/Asmodee_Digital_Partners_with_Obsidian_Entertainment_to_BringPathfinder_Adventures_to_Steam.php http://comicbuzz.com/pathfinder-adventures-releases-june-15th-on-steam/ I hope that the further communication will be provided by Obsidian, that clearly articulates what will be changing and how existing users of Pathfinder Adventures will be affected by the partnership between Asmodee Digital and Obsidian Entertainment.
  7. Here is some more info: http://discourse.statelyplay.com/t/pathfinder-adventures-moving-to-pc-mac-in-2-weeks/575 .the mobile version will remain free-to-play and offer the first three scenarios with the option to get the season pass and unlock the rest of the scenarios. The PC version will release at $24.99 for the base game, which contains all of the scenarios, plus some extras in a single package. The Obsidian Edition will give all of the alt character skins, ally cards featuring characters from our hit RPG, Pillars of Eternity, dice, and other in-game rewards, as well as free access to all DLC and future DLC for $39.99. The PC, Mac, and mobile versions of the game all share a single player account, though, so you can link your content across all your devices (though purchase of the PC version is required). If you own content on PC, you can open up Pathfinder Adventures on mobile and it'll be there too and vice versa.
  8. It is my understanding based on the information we have, that once Pathfinder Adventures is released on Steam, I can continue to play the iOS version with all the content I have already paid for. To play the Steam version, I will need to pay $24.99 (or whatever the price is here in Australia), as the Steam version is not free. Once I pay for and install the Steam version, it is my expectation that I will be able to link my account, so that all the content I have already purchased will be available to me. I expect that I will still need to pay for new content, such as the Rise of the Goblins expansion. Based on this I am undecided if I will purchase the Steam version.
  9. Here is some more info: https://venturebeat.com/2017/05/31/pathfinder-kingmaker-launches-500000-kickstarter-for-extra-content-not-the-base-game/
  10. Check this out: https://www.facebook.com/KnowDirection/posts/1540168102730538 or if you'ed prefer a wall of text, read it and weep: Know Direction Lisa Stevens says Chris Avellone was trying to talk her into a Pathfinder CRPG since he was with Obsidian. He arranged a meeting with who would be Owlcat at GenCon 2016. They presented a "vertical slice" demo in March for Paizo to play. Paizo staff is super excited, especially with how the flavour of Golarion comes through. LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 4 · 28 May at 04:27 Know Direction Creative director Aleksandr Mishulin was inspired by AD&D to make games. He has done so for 18 years. LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 3 · 28 May at 04:30 Know Direction Combat will have multiple modes: Core Rules (similar to tabletop Pathfinder but real time, not turn based), adapted rules (less deadly for less experienced, crits deadliness reduced), story mode (really simple combat), Iron man (tougher monsters, just one save that overwrites itself so accept your mistakes), and custom (for example, core rules with reduced crits). LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 5 · 28 May at 04:38 Know Direction Story: Chris Avellone said Lisa Stevens drove home the point that Kingmaker is near and dear to her heart, having run it multiple times. He understood this to mean "Don't -bleet- this up"." LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 28 May at 04:40 Know Direction The story is adapted from the AP but with new narrative elements LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 28 May at 04:46 Know Direction The aim for exploration is to make the player feel in control. One major way it will be different from other CRPGs is camp, where you have to choose a safe place, assign hunting and guard duties, and interact with the NPCs LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 2 · 28 May at 04:49 Know Direction Kingdom building: A new system based on the tabletop version but without so many micro decisions. The buildings you make impact the Kingdom's alignment and the alignment affects how other kingdoms and visitors interact with it. LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 3 · 28 May at 04:51 Know Direction On a character level, your decisions affect your alignment, and your alignment affects how NPCs interact with you, including your party companions who all have their own agendas. LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 28 May at 04:53 Know Direction Pathfinder: Kingmaker will be funded via Kickstarter, launching soon. The hope is to release Summer 2018. LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 2 · 28 May at 04:54 1 Reply Know Direction Mass combat will only be in the game if the Kickstarter campaign spectacularly over funds. It requires that many original assets. LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 28 May at 04:56 Know Direction Character generation: you can play any Core Rulebook race, and any Core Rulebook class plus the alchemist and inquisitor. LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 3 · 28 May at 04:58 2 Replies Know Direction Re: The OGL They haven't solved all of the OGL issues, but they've found work around for any that would prevent making a video game. The foremost authorities on the OGL all work for Paizo.
  11. Finally! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DA4zX_SUMAIhNV2.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DA4zX_SV0AA0NK_.jpg
  12. Hey there. The last blog post from 14 Feb indicates that Quest mode will cease to exist: https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/8/entry-201-pathfinder-adventures-valentines-special-and-quest-mode-update/
  13. Not a lot of info but it's something: https://mobile.twitter.com/undefined/status/848883204056535042
  14. Nathan Davis has left Obsidian. https://mobile.twitter.com/nathan_J_davis/status/847861761206214656 Thank you for all your efforts and making Pathfinder Adventures possible. All the best at Cold Iron Studios - http://coldironstudios.com/
  15. Hey there. It is my expectation that there are no Villains, Henchmen or Location beyond deck 3, because they have not been implemented. If they had been implemented, then advancing beyond lvl 40 would have unlocked them. Thanks
  16. Hey. It is my expectation, that if you play Quest mode prior to the release of, when is released and Quest mode is removed, you will receive the awards listed above depending on the highest level of character you have in Quest mode. Thanks.
  17. Hey there. I restarted the app and I was able tap purchase the Upgraded Team Harsk bundle. I received the chests and the weapons. Thank you Stormbringer
  18. Hey there. I just purchased the upgraded Team Valeros bundle. After purchasing the bundle I noticed that the Team Harsk bundles were still listed, but the buy button was greyed out and unresponsive. The chests appeared as expected. I then went to check that I had received the swords. I have received 2 of the Ornate and Charming Longswords. I have also received the Ornate Heavy Crossbow and the Heavy Crossbow of Attraction. I would like to purchase the Upgraded Team Harsk bundle. I am using an iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1 User ID: Idlewild 10#4906 PFID: 960381847C7E626E Thank you.
  19. Cool. So the Goblins will be Alt Character kits for each Iconic character? As opposed to Goblin characters, such as Ekkie, Tup or those found in Goblins Burn and Goblins Fight decks
  20. Hey there. Happy Valentine's Day Will we receive the Ornate Longsword and Ornate Heavy Crossbow in the Upgraded Team Harsk and Team Valeros bundles? Also is there any information to share regarding the PC Beta and release of Pathfinder Adventures? Love is all, yes love is all at the Butterfly Ball
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