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  1. Hey there. Thanks for all your efforts on fixing bugs and getting AD3 ready for release, I can't wait to smash them Orges and drown in the flood Could you advise if the issue of adding Basic cards acquired from chests, will be addressed in the next one or two patches Thanks
  2. Hey there. I was advised during the Beta, that you will only be able to salvage cards that you get from Chests. Thanks
  3. Hey there. I concur with Wakasm. Mixing sets can dilute the thematic feel of the sets. Set specific characters usually have abilities and roles that are beneficial to that set, but lacklustre in other situations. Also, in my opinion, there is some powers creep in characters from different sets. Thanks
  4. Hey there. During the first Stream, I asked if we will be able to combine sets together. I think Nathan Davies said no. I am often wrong and this could be one of those times. If so I am sorry. I would love this to be a feature of Pathfinder Adventures, but the list of planned features/functionality is probably super long already. Devs haven't made any statements regarding whether characters from class decks would or wouldn't be useable not be useable with base sets. I am hopefully that they will be useable. Devs have stated a couple of times, that they are planning/intending to make all the things. I interpreted "all the things" to mean: Each base set, Character add-on and adventure path Each character from the class decks The bonus Goblin characters Iconic character cards There is so much content for PACG already, with more class decks coming every other month as well as a new base set; Mummy's Mask due in October this year. So in conclusion: Patience is a virtue, especially when shown to software developers. Thanks
  5. Hey there. Maybe it's so "We will ride eternal shiny and chrome" on our way to Valhalla? Witness me..... Thanks
  6. Hey there. I think the Crusade ability is great if you are willing to accept the loss of the boons that you run into or if you find yourself in a desperate situation to find a Henchman/Villain. There are many Boons that are garbage, but I think that makes encountering the worthy Boons all the more important. Rise of the Runelords is not especially difficult, but there comes a point where you can no longer improve your characters primary skill and you need other advantages, such as Boons. It should also be noted that I greatly enjoy encountering and acquiring boons and upgrading characters decks, so I don't like missing out on Boons. Thanks
  7. Hey there. So I'm sure we're all busy with all the things, but let's get serious. There's only one important question on the minds of Pathfinder Adventures creators and fans: Would you rather eat Pancakes or Waffles? Thanks #TeamPancake
  8. Hey there. That looks like a Super Versatile party of Divine Power. Shame that there is no Frigid Blast yet Onward to victory! Thanks
  9. Hey there. I received 2 Gold boarded Deck 4 items: Flask of Magic Amulet of Inescapable Location And 1 Gold boarded Deck 6 weapons: Slaying Razor. I assumed that Gold boarded was Legendary, but I could be totally wrong. Thanks
  10. Hey there. I assume that Mersiel is making an Dexterity based combat check? All combat, unless otherwise specified by the monster (Siren-Wisdom, Iesha-Char, Dip,Div) will be a Strength/Melee check, if you haven't revealed/Discarded a ranged weapon the check will not change to Dexterity. If the check is not Dexterity based then you will not be able to use the Agility spell, but if it is a Dexterity based check and Kyra hasn't already played a spell, the Agility spell should be available to uses out of turn just like the Strength or Eloquence spells. Thanks
  11. Hey there. Yes, a new party in a new game could get the loot. You don't need to delete anything. Each time you complete a Scenario/Adventure with characters, if that character has not successfully completed the Scenario/Adventure yet, they are eligible for the reward, whatever that might be. If you remove a loot card, from your characters deck, then character would not be able to encounter it later, as it would be gone from that party in that game. Thanks
  12. Hey there. Which 'real rules, are you referencing? From the latest rule book available on Paizo.com: Set Out the Locations. The back of a scenario card lists the locations the scenario uses; a required number of players is listed next to each location. Use all of the location cards listed up to the number of players you have. For example, if you have 3 players, you'll use all of the location cards listed for 1, 2, and 3 players, but you won't use any of the location cards listed for 4, 5, or 6 players. Put the location cards you're using faceup in the middle of the table. There are some scenarios that have a 1 for 1 ratio of locations to characters, but the majority are number of characters +2. Thanks
  13. Hey there. Yes, you definitely should be able to select the cards in the starting decks of your selected characters. After you have selected your characters at the beginning of a game and you are taken to the map, the button on the right showing a dropping Pathfinder card, should take you to a screen that looks like this: If you cannot access this screen, then unfortunately it sounds like a bug. Thanks
  14. Hey there. It has been my experience, that Playing with a party of 3-4 is balanced and playing with 6 is the most difficult. No matter how many characters you have, you will only have 30 turns, but the more characters you have the less turns each of those characters will have. 2 Characters - 15 urns a character - 40 Cards in locations 3 Characters - 10 turns a character - 50 cards in locations 4 Characters - 8 for 2 & 7 for 2 turns a character - 60 cards in locations 5 characters - 6 turns a character - 70 cards in locations 6 characters - 5 turns a character - 80 cards in locations 4 is a good number of characters as you can create a versatile party where each character has role with the potential for some overlap: Arcane Divine Melee Ranged Thanks
  15. Hey there. Thank you for the response and the clarification. Here are some photos of Fox and Dilettante: As we can see, both of these cards have the Basic trait. Thanks
  16. Hey there. Cool review Interesting group make up. Good to see that various six person parties can make it. Are you planning on playing through again with the remaining 5 characters ? Thanks
  17. Hey There. I have purchased some chests and I received many duplicates (11-13) of some commons and very few or none of other common cards. It is my expectation, that even though it is irritating, it is working as intended. Thanks
  18. Hey there. iPad Air2 iOS 9.3.1 I have purchased some chests. In these chests, I received some B deck cards that are Basic: Fox and Dilettante. I started a new quest and selected 3 characters: Seelah Seoni Mersiel When I went to construct my decks, I expected that the Basic B deck cards I had acquired through chests would be available to use, but they were not. I then checked the Vault and the Basic B deck cards are still there. Please confirm if this a bug or if this is working as intended. Thanks
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