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  1. I know it'll never happen - I know it in my soul - but god damn it I would stalk and murder as many hobos as you command if you would use the grid-based combat system of the actual Pathfinder game.
  2. That's awesome. I desperately want this game to A.) incorporate co-op (which is the heart of the original cardboard game) so that my girlfriend and I can play together, and B.) make it to Steam (and then put out S&S, MM, etc). Any recognition or accolade that PACG garners is another step towards never having to shuffle again while still getting to share the game with the girlfriend. Woot!
  3. I'm not sure the OP's question is really being answered. Emphasis mine. From your post, OP, I think you've got one fundamental thing wrong: there very much are elements of randomness (and randomized sets of cards) in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. The cards you encounter are divided into decks, and the kinds of cards that you find in each deck are standardized and unchanging. Whenever you visit the Waterfront location, you will always find four monster cards, two barrier cards, one item card, two ally cards, and one henchman (or villain) card. But which monsters, barriers
  4. Fitting that the username of the first user to "like" this post is... jumpthegun.
  5. Thanks! So I go on vacation out of the country - no Wi-Fi for days - and I come home to a contest victory and the release of Deck 4? How sad is it that I am more excited about this than for the vacation I took?
  6. Tragic? It's a freaking game, for crying out loud. What's tragic is the 5 year old child with no food to eat today and the even younger child that calls a trash heap his bed. What you have is a first world problem, nothing more. Tragedy, like most things in this world, is relative. What's happening, in relation to the way this game has been handled, how the tablet players have been lied to again and again and how AD4 has been delayed for 4 months, is tragic. It's made worse with people like you who come here and act all tolerant with Obsidian's mistreatment of loyal and paying
  7. Here is my first submission for Contest #2, assuming that we can submit two entries per contest. (If the limit is only one per contest, please remove my Yellow Mold from consideration for the first contest.) Valeros Goes Shopping: An Encounter at the General Store (Inspiration for this story comes from this post on the BoardGameGeek forums - specifically, the part about encountering a Bunyip in the General Store.) The twinkle of a bell announces a customer; Vin Vinder - the local shopkeeper - looks up from his want-ads. Strolling through the aisles is that puffed-up warrior th
  8. Assuming that we are posting submissions here, Here are my submissions for Contest #1: The Basidirond (from the first Bestiary), a monster with a uniquely obnoxious "before the encounter" rule: (click to view) The Yellow Mold, a barrier that rewards characters for carrying Fire-trait equipment (a job usually reserved for monsters): (click to view)
  9. This. I desperately want this game to live long enough to give me a Skull & Shackles (and the class-specific decks).
  10. This is exactly my fear, and it's why I created the "Health of the Game?" thread. It is not heartening that none of the devs have responded to it, to-date.
  11. You will never be able to skip the check. You will eventually be able to voluntarily FAIL the check - just like in the physical card game. But you're still stuck with difficult "acquire-or-suffer" situations, as is the case with Local Heroes. Being able to SKIP the check would make scenarios like that one trivially easy.
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