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  1. So I had this problem today and after monkeying around I came to realize that because I did some stuff out of order I got this "bug".. It's actually just a logic issue. If you are asked to select a power and a role, the power reward was for an earlier scenario in the chapter and the role is being unlocked at the same time. You aren't allowed to pick a power that is exclusive to the role as you aren't supposed to have the role just yet. So here's the work around: Make sure your role is still the default class (so fighter or druid, and not the advanced roles), THEN pick your power and hit the advance arrow to the right. After that it will then prompt you for the role you want. If you aren't sure what step you are at... if it says "preview" next to your role selection, then you are not in the role selection step yet, and the game's prompting you for a power/card/skill upgrade (make sure to check every tab as your characters may be out of order in a way that's different than mine were) Hope this helps.
  2. So I'm at the Leng Device and facing Ceoptra. I had a staff in my hand that I discarded to use as a spell on my sorceress, I used the Orb of ice in my hand as a display effect, and the last card in my hand was summon monster. I had my dwarf archer help out with his ability to discard a card to add dice, and also discarded one of his ranged weapons to add more dice. I beat the roll. The game then immediately uses summon monster (I was not prompted to use it) and the summoned monster fails. Then the game stops. I can tap on characters and everything like I'm still playing but there is no prompt to actually do anything. THe only other thing that happened once the monster died was the "current effects" magnifying glass blinked but gave me no indication what that was supposed to mean. Also cycling through all the effects there just does nothing for the majority of them but dismiss the list. The only one that gives text is the assault on the pinnacle which just gives me a text box explaining what it is. SO now what? I REALLY would rather not re-do this mission again. I'm literally on the last fight. I have no idea why the heck the game auto-used the summon monster (my plan was to discard it as a spell again). Crashing the game and continuing just puts me back at the step where the dwarf is helping out and the game just proceeds as such.
  3. Ok so two steps forward, two steps back. So I got it to not do the float off the screen card (didn't realize you meant select a character not getting a reward before proceeding into the screen where they get a reward). Now I have a new bug. After it's done giving my higher level characters all a blessing card, and then letting them pick new powers, it goes back to the underleveled character to let her ad a + to one of her skills, except that's where it stops being functional. Pressing any of the + Icons next to the skills does nothing, selecting other characters and going back to her brings the skills screen back up but it's still not functional, and trying the trick that allowed me to get past the previous bug doesn't work here either. All in all I wonder if these bugs are specific to the Sorc character as (in another posting) The only reason I have a mismatched party is because when I quested the 1st time with a 4 character party, she was never saved.... At this point I almost wish I could delete all these and start over but I can't get past this quest rewards phase.
  4. In addition to getting the mix level reward bug I've noticed a few others. After finishing a quest with 4 characters (bad with names so listing classes), Paladin, Archer, Druid, Sorc... The game only saved the progress for all but the Sorc. When I tried a new quest and looked at my experienced characters the Sorc's leveled up char wasn't there so I started a second quest with a L1 version of her. Also noticed that the delete screen isn't working right. If you delete a character you can't delete a second character. You can't even select another character. You have to quit out of quest mode and then delete another character, which then does the same soft lock bug and you have to quit out and go back into quest mode again, etc... My biggest complaint though is the mixed party bug and the games inability to just allow you to fail out and start over when this happens. Clicking quest just brings you back to the level up screen that you can never progress through due to the bugs. It would be nice if the quest mode worked like the story mode in that it shows you the various parties you have in play. That way if one locks up you aren't boned out of the whole mode entirely. (even more frustrated that I paid $25 for a game that's still not really working properly). /rant
  5. None of that worked for me. Any other suggestions? I got the ally reward for my underleveld character, then the pick a card reward, then when it went to the next reward for one of the higher leveled characters it did the card off the screen thing and I can not proceed at all.
  6. There's zero in game explanation as to how the vault interacts with your game. Right now you open chests and they go into your vault. I had to come on here to even understand where that was located, and now that I'm on that screen it makes very little sense. If I poke around the forum I get vague information about the vault and some of it seems conflicting. SO the first question is, how do you get cards you get via the chests into the game? Are they just now part of the games loot table? There's a salvage option, what does that do exactly? (I don't want to press it as I don't know exactly how that will affect the game and don't want to just stab in the dark and find out either) The Treasure filter at the bottom of the screen says On/Off/Available.... what exactly does that mean? Lastly, I see some of these are listed as basic cards. Is there any way to start with any of them? For that matter, is there a way to edit the character decks? In the paper game you're allowed to make your own deck OR use the suggested ones. I tended to find the ones I made more.... useful.
  7. I also have this same issue (Quest mode hangs on the loading screen after you select the difficulty). I am also on an ipad 4 (16g).
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