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  1. Well, you probably shouldn't have done that, and instead have waited until Obsidian integrated the two systems. If you wanted an extra copy, that was available as an add-on option as well. Good news, you maybe saved $1,- ? Will it cause a conflict? Likely, but probably only on Obsidian's end. Give 'em some time to first to move the Fig stuff over to their own Backer Portal before panicking. If after the move-over your stuff doesn't show up properly, then go ahead and ask again. Worst case scenario? You'll annoy some folks who have to fix this, you'll have to make do with the wrong backer badge on the forums for a while, and pay that extra 1$ for the extra digital copy anyway. Best case scenario, everything goes smoothly, and you only slightly annoyed the folks on this forum with your double post.
  2. Regardless of snark, non-descriptive topic titles are pretty annoying.
  3. Now that there's multiclassing, what will you do with the class derived base stats such as Health, Accuracy and Deflection? How will a Rogue/Fighter not be inferior to a Fighter/Rogue, which has more Health and Deflection? [EDIT] ↓ Ooh, must've missed that. Thanks!
  4. With the improved enemy AI, perhaps they believe the +2 engagement limit to be a lot more useful/powerful now? That would deserve a nerf for the side-benefits. Still sounds a little far ...
  5. Yeah, I did not notice the change until it was pointed out to me, either. I can see it now, though. (I'm red-green colorblind, or anomalous, whatever the term is.) But, there's a non-colored indicator as well. The cursor hand for 'normal' looting is different - it grips a ring between the thumb and index finger. The "stealing" cursor is the regular menu cursor hand, but tinted red. I agree the change should be more obvious, but this might help in the meantime?
  6. Have you tried starting a new game? I think it checks early on during the prologue, and if it was still downloading the extras on your first run it might've borked up somehow.
  7. Not sure who told you it was a typo, but a physical version of the Strategy Guide was never included in any Kickstarter tier. You can still get it through Amazon and the like, though.
  8. It's probably the bonus experience you get from a non-full party. The bonus was upped in the patch from 5% per free slot to 10%, I believe? Would explain the difference.
  9. 43 Accuracy with a Fine Estoc on Edér at 4th level seems right. 33 on a Rogue would be too low, check your debuffs. Fatigue can lower your accuracy. If it's not that, you're probably suffering from that "buff/debuff effects become permanent" bug.
  10. Pretty sure you'll need to download it on your own. There's no built-in updater. Steam can handle it automatically, so no need there. A patch should show up on GOG for download, hopefully not much later than the automatic Steam patch. (Ah, too avoid confusion, no Steam patch is out yet.)
  11. From what I can tell, they never made it to full companion status. They were companion concepts, and some of them made it through, some didn't. Edér is almost unrecognizable, too. Yes, it's a little weird to keep using that image when it's out-of-date, but it's still a pretty cool image, so why not? And with player-made adventurers, the box art isn't even technically inaccurate.
  12. This again? No. Murdering one of your Adventurers opens that slot up. I'm not sure why I bothered to test it, again - developer stated intentions or not, this is how it works.
  13. There's the [AddExperienceToLevel #] command. Everyone'll have their XP set to the minimum required for that level, unless they already are that level or higher. Just tried it myself on an old save: Player Character: ~3158 XP, leveled up to 3 Edér: 2998 XP, level 2 Aloth: 3060 XP, level up to 3 available, but not used yet. Open console, enable cheats, AddExperienceToLevel 3 Player Character: Lvl 3, 3158 XP Edér: 3000 XP, ready to level to 3 Aloth: 3000 XP, ready to level to 3 If I leveled up Aloth first, he too would keep his XP set to 3060. Pretty sure this can do everything you want? Just wait until the next time your main character can level up (assuming he/she has the highest XP pool) and use the command to that level before actually leveling. (Ok, so you lose out on the XP overflow, but that's what the AddExperience one can be used for.)
  14. Ah. But they do? (Most) Cloaks take on the primary (top left) color of the character it's equipped on. (Not all cloaks - the Kickstarter Backer Cloak stays black, for example. The magic cloak you can find in the prologue dungeon does, however. And I think other generic ones as well. This only kicks in after a re-equip or reload, though. I could go in-game and provide screenshots / more detailed steps / output logs or whatever. (Maybe test with different armors and characters, too.) [EDIT] Ok, some confirmations. Not Affected: -Cloak of the Obsidian Order -Edér's Cloak -Aloth's Cape Affected: -Minor Cloak of Protection (from the prologue dungeon) -Cape (regular one. Not sure where I picked it up.) When you equip one of the latter cloaks, it will take on the character's Primary Color (top left). If you then change the primary color, the cape/cloak will not change along with it. Until you re-equip it. (Just picking it up and back down with the mouse will do, no need to place it in inventory) Saving the game and reloading will color it the Primary color, too. Haven't tried Map Transitions.
  15. Yeah, and they each get their own Auto- and Quicksaves. It's pretty well done.
  16. Uh, topic title says most of it, really. I think it'd be really cool if, after a (probably failed) Trial of Iron runthrough, the Biography would still be available for reading. Replace the save game with a read-only Biography screen. Possibly amended with a line about how/when your character died. (But that might be a lot of work?) Perhaps even an export function? What're the chances this'll make it into a patch or the expansion?
  17. Well, you can dismiss Companions and Adventurers from your party with the Party Manager, which you can access with the [P] key in Inns and your Stronghold, I believe. Don't think you can permanently dismiss someone through that interface, though, they'll keep counting towards your max. 8 adventurer limit. But, ah ... murder will. Put 'em in your party, and kill 'em until their Health runs out. (And then again, if you have Maimed status turned on.) You can Force Attack with one of the buttons on the middle interface, or the [A] key. At least in the Backer Beta this'll open the slot again.
  18. Eh, pretty sure it works without the Iroll20s cheat, so your Achievements should be safe. Uh, if it works at all, because I'm not sure I see a difference? (Er, maybe a little ?) Anyway, gameplay changing console commands are locked behind the iroll20s command. Engine related stuff is (or should) not, and will work without enabling cheats.
  19. You could look around your keyboard and try to find the [ ` ] (Backquote) key. Or you could head into the options menu and bind it to another key.
  20. Are you sure your character wasn't Fatigued? That can carry a rather hefty accuracy penalty. (Up to -20, I believe?) Check the icons next to your character portrait. Weapon Focus gives +6, not +10 accuracy. And yeah, a medium shield has a -4 accuracy penalty. That's no lie, just a little unintuitive, because you're missing out on the +12 accuracy from wielding a single one-handed weapon. Compared to dual-wielding or two-handed weapons, it's just -4.
  21. Oh, oh! And don't forget that your main character is the Player Character, who can be accompanied by pre-made Companions with personalities and/or by player created Adventurers without any character. You can also staff your Stronghold with Hirelings. Also, don't mix up Talents and Abilities. And DR is Damage Reduction, not Damage Resistance. Health/Endurance, not Stamina!
  22. There are two 'alternate' portraits based on the Calisca one available in character creation. So not all the other portraits. Actually, Calisca's used to be available for the player, too, but that was taken out in the last Backer Beta. In one of the very first gameplay videos, I believe it was mentioned that her portrait was a temporary one. Well, temporary solutions tend to last the longest, so I guess she owns that portrait now. Might be a little sad - one of my character concepts would've worked with that portrait, but it'll work with others, too, no biggie. It's probably / most assuredly possible to mod this change. Can't say how tricky, though. Might be as easy as naming the file correctly and dropping it in the right place. Or it might need some digging through game files and changing some stuff. About Calisca, though - (Oh, Non-Spoiler forum! It's fairly well 'known' information, but if you avoided all spoilers in the past, I don't want to be the one to ruin it for you.)
  23. For a point of reference, the Backer Beta does run in Windows XP 32 bit. Haven't tested enough to know whether it's unstable or buggy or whatever because of it, though. (I did run into a zoom bug, being able to zoom in much further than normally, but might've been a one time goof.) Have you considered a Linux partition? Would be cumbersome for a single game, but might be an option. Still, holding on to Windows XP is going to cause more and more problems the longer you keep putting off upgrading.
  24. I'm playing on Normal. My only real IE experience was Planescape:Torment, and I didn't really care much for combat then. I haven't plumbed too deep in the depths of the Backer Beta, but I played a bunch, and I still get my arse kicked regularly on Normal. I'm not planning to Min-Max my character, so I'll save Hard for a second playthrough, when I know what I'm doing, and see some new encounters. (I mean, I understand the theory just fine - but practice is hard.) Additionally, I'm not a fan of Real-Time with Pause - It works, sure. I can enjoy it, too. But eh. Swords, Wizards and Dragons? Bleh. ... Sometimes I wonder why I backed at the level I did, or why I'm as excited about this game as I am. Aside from "Obsidian CRPG", there's not a whole lot I should like about it - but I do, anyway. 49 hours!
  25. Uh, no - you'll get an e-mail prompting you to log in on the Backer Portal, where you can generate a Steam key. (Or GOG, but pre-loading may be trickier/not available?)
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